My Happy Place

prayer beads 002

My happy place is one of love.

It is made of people and memories,

of water and woods,

turquoise and sandalwood.

It is a candle in the darkness

and a quilt on a bitter night.

It contains the moon, the stars, and the sun,

and the washing of the controlling tides.

It feeds hot soup and homemade bread,

and of course, chocolate and wine.

My happy place is artistic expression

in fabric and threads.

It listens to Motown and rock and roll

and reads favorite books over and over.

It is calm but cries easily yet accepts what is.

My happy place contains words of peace,

gentle touches, and lots of hugs.

My happy place is a warm breath

in the cold wind, and but a pulse

in the heart of this world.

Spin Cycle: My Happy Place

24 thoughts on “My Happy Place

  1. So beautiful, Suzi! And I love the photograph you used because it so perfectly reflected your words. Did you make that? It’s gorgeous. They look like mala prayer beads.

    Many of the things you shared here are my own happy places…

    “It feeds hot soup and homemade bread, and of course, chocolate and wine.”


    Thanks for sharing my friend. Happy weekend to you!

  2. Your happy place sounds a LOT like mine, Suzi. I’d only add the sound of running water, something like the rolling of waves, and the warmth of sunshine on my shoulders!

    Love Love Love your healing beads, too. So many of those stones are my favorites, especially the turquoise disc at the end. How did you tie off the top of the strand??

  3. Oh I just love this Suzi. You’ve given your happy place a soul and written of it as a companion and I’m quite sure I’d be happy in that happy place too – over and over and over!

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