What Does Silence Say?

“What do we any of us have but our illusions? And what do we ask of others but that we be allowed to keep them?”  ― W. Somerset Maugham


I am an observer. I am enlightened, educated, and often entertained by people watching. I enjoy seeing what makes others tick.

The thing is a general impression upon observation is not the truth of the matter. You must know your subject or at least a good bit of his story for the pieces to fall into place.

Emotion is the driving force of action. People act or react due to love, anger, guilt, fear, jealousy, greed, and so on. Sentiments leading the deed are indicative of motive…and those of us in the audience often make guesses. I don’t suppose it makes us right or wrong, just human. We are born to reason and thus empowered to opinion. The question arises whether voicing said opinion without firsthand knowledge of the situation is helpful or hurtful.

The amazing thing about people watching is not what I find out about them but what I learn of myself. Do I agree with their position? Do I try to sway their opinions? Am I tolerant of their beliefs or actions? Do I feel myself getting angry or fearful? Am I touched by their attitudes?

Have you ever witnessed people bully, belittle, or boss others to do things their way or agree with them?  We pride ourselves with our uniqueness, how we look and act differently, yet we are appalled when others think differently than ourselves. We fear their beliefs and reduce their opinions. Perhaps this is done in our own need of validation.

I am a sky watcher. I no more tell the clouds how to behave than I direct the shining of the stars. I simply observe, enjoy or annoy as it depends on the weather, and learn what I can. I prefer to do the same with people.

17 thoughts on “What Does Silence Say?

  1. I only fear the people who refuse to respect other people’s beliefs and actions. I actually welcome others ideas and opinions, because I always look at it as a learning opportunity. I love learning opportunities!

    • Yes! We must respect other’s beliefs etc… if we expect them to respect ours. There are learning opportunities everywhere. I am amazed sometimes where I pick up bits and pieces that help me along my way.

  2. What do any of us but our illusions? so true! And I love mine.
    We just need to remember the truth of reality, that we are part of bigger picture, that of LOVE.

    I also love watching the Clouds. 🙂

  3. We can chose not to interject our “contrary opinion” when we don’t agree with someone else and allow them to figure things out for themselves.

    They probably wouldn’t listen to us anyway. 😉

  4. “I no more tell the clouds how to behave than I direct the shining of the stars. I simply observe, enjoy or annoy as it depends on the weather, and learn what I can. I prefer to do the same with people.”

    Suzi, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that analogy because it’s so true! And it is so ironic that you posted a photograph and spoke of clouds because about two nights ago I went out for walk and took pictures of clouds, I kid you not.

    I think it’s reciprocal. If we expect others to respect our own views, then we must respect theirs. We don’t have to always agree, however, we can at least stay open to discussion and exchange.

    FAB post, my friend! Have super weekend!

  5. The Razor’s Edge is one of my favorite books. I loved seeing Somerset Maugham’s quote on your post. I’ve always felt people don’t necessarily want to hear contrary opinions and look for affirmations. Offering advice is always a tenuous endeavor.

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