The Courage To Continue

On the eve of the 45th anniversary of Camille, I remember as many of my Nelson County friends and relatives.

The Water Witch's Daughter

It was the night of August 19, 1969 and the early morning of August 20th that death and destruction intruded the land and lives of Nelson County, Virginia. Hurricane Camille came quickly, and it’s strength and greed took everything within it’s path. An excess of twenty-five inches of rain in a five hour period of time pounded the land and the hearts of it’s people. These are my people. The people I love and respect. These are people of courage. People of love. People of hope.

They clung to life through the night in tree branches and on rooftops swept into an uncontrollable surge of water . They called to family members separated by swift rapids until the only sounds left were one’s own heartbeat and the roar of the water. Daylight brought annihilation of life and land they had never encountered or envisioned in their lifetimes. The morning sun brought with…

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6 thoughts on “The Courage To Continue

  1. Wow!A wonderful as what nature is we need to be respectful and keep in mind that things can turn very quickly. Anniversaries are often difficult yet allow us time to reflect.

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