Live and in person.

Chicken Wire & Paper Flowers

IMG_1951I first discovered Suzicate’s blog, The Water Witch’s Daughter, while in the midst of getting sucked down one of those rabbit holes the interwebs are famous for.  Her writing struck a chord with me as her Virginia is for Lovers page gave away she was from the same state. I discovered she lived in Virginia Beach on the coast, but was from Nelson County, just south of here.  The more I got to know her, I realized we were creative kindred spirits and then some.  We picked at the same orchards. I was pretty sure we knew some of the same people and that our husbands would hit it off.

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6 thoughts on “Live and in person.

  1. You are at your best when you write about people,places and life experiences. Like your Daddy, you are at your best,when you are around people! Your Daddy could keep people entertained for hours with his love of history and storytelling ability. He had a gift of keeping family history alive! You are the one to carry on in his memory! Love dwight

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