Blog Hop Around The World: Get On Your Creative Genius!

Writing means sharing. It’s part of the human condition to want to share things – thoughts, ideas, opinions. ~Paulo Coelho

I was asked to do this blog hop by my longtime friend, Patti. Patti is a nature lover, especially birds. She can identify them like no one else I know. And the fabulous pics she gets from her kitchen window, you just have to go to her blog and check them out. Now, if I was taking photos from my front window they’d be filled with window smudge not beautiful birds and squirrels…perhaps, I can talk Patti into coming over and cleaning my windows!

What am I working on? I am working on a novel, currently titled “Chasing Shadows”. I’ve only restarted it five million times, and it has evolved into an entirely (well, almost entirely) different story than when I started. Same main character, same first line, somewhat same backstory, but is finally coming to life. My main character is talking to me and leading me…YAY!  I also have two other novels started and placed on the backburner. I am still slowly working on some memoir as well as another nonfiction book.

I am also a fiber artist, and always have several projects on hand. I don’t devote as much time to this during the summer months as there is so much to see and do. I’ve just started the beading process on a fractal threading project I was working on this past winter. (Photos attached at end of post.)

How does my work differ from others of its genre? As far as my WIP novel, I really haven’t placed it in a genre as it is both character and plot driven at this point…perhaps, that is how it’s different, huh?

As far as my nonfiction, most is inspired by nature photography. I will take a photograph and then the words start swirling in my head…so maybe one could say the words are written by an offbeat lady with a connection to the natural life around her.

As far as fiber art goes I am self-taught. Most of my projects are mixed media, containing quilting techniques, crochet, painting, beading, etc… I especially enjoy using semiprecious stones and natural objects in my work as it gives me a sense of grounding.

Why do I create what I do? I feel called from within to write the words I write. I don’t write to say something; I write when I have something to say. This goes for fiction as well as nonfiction.

Also, I am a storyteller at heart. I consider it a gift from my father who could spin a tale and have everyone within earshot spellbound. While, I can’t do that verbally as he did, I hope to someday do that through written word.

With sewing and crafting, it comes naturally. I’ve had a needle in my hand since I was four years old. My babysitter taught me to sew and make things, and it’s brought me great joy all of my life.

How does your creating process work? My muse tends to visit in the middle of the night. We are currently fighting with his timing. I’d like my process be whenever I get the opportunity to write, but apparently I need to become more disciplined for that to happen.  I keep a notebook and often when I am reading a book on the craft of writing, scenes of my book will arrive in snippets which I jot in my notebook or on a computer file. Whenever bits and pieces come to me, I write them on whatever I can find handy if my notebook is not nearby. I am much more prolific if I start writing by hand and then transfer to computer. I’ve found my organization works better by hand as well. I use index cards to record scenes to place in order later. I also use a writer’s program called WriteWay which keeps me organized. Yeah, I realize I do most of these things twice by doing them this way, but it helps me know when it’s time to “kill my darlings”!

With fiber art, a vision of a completed project appears in my head often while hiking. When I get home I sketch it out and proceed from there. Many times, my projects end up taking a left turn and wind up nothing like I originally anticipated.

I have two creative blog friends I’d like for you to meet. They will post their blog hops on June 30. Please check them out.

Kenzie is a fabulous writer. I have no doubt some day her name will grace the spine of many books. She recently took up photography and has soared with it and opened up her own business. Once you take a look at her awesome portraits you will see why. Her photography blog is here with a link to her writing blog.

Becky is my ever talented friend. I mean she can do ANYTHING! Give her an object and she will remake it to reuse in no time. She can write, cook, sew, and can. She teaches cooking and canning classes. You name it she can pickle it. Seriously, who knew you can pickle strawberries? I didn’t until I met Becky. She is my go to person for recipes and tips. Make sure you visit, Becky, at Chicken Wire & Paper Flowers.


22 thoughts on “Blog Hop Around The World: Get On Your Creative Genius!

  1. Your new piece with the beads – amazing. So colorful, so free spirited! I love it.
    I did a batch of quick pickled green strawberries recently that I have neglected to blog about. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Love how reading this gives me a clearer picture of you and your creative outlets, Suzi! You’ve really had a needle in your hand since you were 4?? That’s simply amazing. My mom HATED to sew, and she didn’t feel we girls needed to learn. Thus, any “sewing” I’ve done (needlepoint, crochet, embroidery, etc.), I’ve basically taught myself.

    • Yes, I have, making doll clothes at that age. My mom was not a sewer, but always said she wanted to learn. She was determined each of her four daughters would learn and bought us a machine when we were young. My babysitter taught me the sewing basics and I veered on m own from there.

  3. I’m envious of your variety of talents and projects! Love the photos of the fiber art. And, congrats on the novel you’re working on that seems to be flowing. Maybe the five millionth start is the charm? 🙂

    • That was a fun but tedious project. I guess I’m not as disciplined with writing because I don’t get instant results like I do with fiber art, though I must say the satisfaction from finishing writing projects is even better!

  4. Suzi, are a TRUE artist because you follow your inner voice and natural instincts, which is where I feel creativity comes from.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your fiber art work, it’s so totally unique! I like that it has a lot of texture. Love the colors too!

    Ooooo…and your new novel sounds great, just from the title alone!

    Thanks for sharing your creative process, my friend! Enjoyed!

    Have a super-duper week…X

  5. I love your colorful needlework, so bright and cheerful. And all those stitches! Thanks for taking part in the blog hop. I’m glad your novel is coming along well. I’ve never heard of pickled strawberries, will have to visit your creative friends.

    • You’re welcome. Eventually I will finish sewing on those beads and be done with it! Don’t know if I”ll attempt another fractal threading piece of not.

  6. It seems you also tend to discover what is going to happen while you write it? Many of my stories have started from a character, who then dictates the setting, and the character starts doing something in that setting, and then everything happens from there …

  7. I love the quote you chose for this post. And I have no idea how you get anything done with so many things going on in your life! I absolutely love the close ups of the colored yarns. Very creative photography!! 🙂

  8. Thanks for the glimpse into your creative mind. I think of myself as a traditionalist, and will make notes as well before typing into the computer. Off to peak at Kenzie and Becky now.

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