The Power Of Belief

Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy. ~ Brian Tracy

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Funny how most of us take criticism to heart while we barely acknowledge praise. We can have one person disapprove and ten who compliment our efforts. What words do we hang onto and replay? We begin to believe those words. We wear it around our necks until it becomes a part of us.

We are each gifted immeasurably, yet many of us lack the confidence to use these gifts.

There is power in belief. The thing to remember is we also have the power to tear apart those negative self-beliefs. We have a choice in what we believe. We can reinvent ourselves simply by changing our attitude about ourselves.

Don’t dismiss the tiny voice who says you can do it. Listen in the silence. Hear the universe cheering you on. Know God created you with love.

Believe in the beauty of authenticity.

Believe in your purpose.

Believe you are worthy.

Believe you are loved.

Believe in yourself.


24 thoughts on “The Power Of Belief

  1. “Funny how most of us take criticism to heart while we barely acknowledge praise.”

    That is so true, Suzi! I was always taught not to acknowledge praise, in fear that it would cause too much pride. However, I since learned that any gift I possess is not of myself, but rather a gift from God. So when I don’t accept praise, it’s like I’m saying I don’t acknowledge God.


    Wonderful post, my friend. Thank you!

  2. I think most of us are afraid of praise. Afraid it will go to our heads, afraid we won’t live up to it. But you’re so right — we can embrace praise without being considered conceited. Like I’ve always been told, God doesn’t make junk!

  3. I think Ron hit the nail on the head for many people. The belief that accepting praise or compliments would result in pride and thinking one was better than anyone else. Unfortunately, NOT accepting compliments has the complete opposite effect! Where do you find these quotes? Yesterday and today’s are absolutely awesome!!

    • I think Ron answered the question for most of us.
      I google my subject and “quote” and go through my searches until I find the one that says what I’m thinking.

  4. I think so often, who we really need praise from, is ourselves. We would, at least speaking for myself, I would, find so much more peace if I were gentler to myself, kinder in the way I self-talk, and patted myself with praise more often, I’d hang onto it more from others. We are wonderful – just as we are and right where we are. Amen to what you’ve written. Thank you.

  5. Amen. I’d add “Believe you are unique” to your list. I think it helps us understand that know one in the world has the exact same assists to contribute…

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