When We Gather Together

But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. ~Khalil Gibran


Birds of a feather flock together.

As we begin our social lives we start in play groups and as we age we evolve into groups of the same intellectual standards, social issues, sports interests, and hobbies. We even group ourselves by political affiliation, financial status, occupations, and faith.

We depend on one another for company and support. We draw strength, inspiration, and knowledge from one another. We must never forget or underestimate the value of embracing the differences among us as well.

I have people I enjoy relating with about fiber projects, and others I bounce writing ideas and critiques with. Then I have those I can always depend on for a laugh and lift of spirit. And there are those who deeply know me and accept me just as I am. What a beautiful thing it is to have more than one flock in which to belong.

I enjoy my times of solitude, but I greatly enjoy my time with those whom I connect on many levels. Some, I feel are extensions of myself. If we must weather storms, who better to do it with than those of our own choosing.

Do you have a flock, several flocks, or do you prefer to always fly alone?

Here’s hoping you have a blessed weekend of love, connection, and familiarity.

29 thoughts on “When We Gather Together

  1. “What a beautiful thing it is to have more than one flock in which to belong.”

    I agree, Suzi! I have an eclectic group I mix with, people from various walks of life and backgrounds. Some like me, others so completely different, but I love that!

    Like you, I cherish my solitude, but also enjoy time socializing.

    Love your photo of the birds in the tree. Great capture!

    Have a super weekend, my friend….X

  2. I have a friend who is a biker woman. I have friends who are ex-cons. I also have a Catholic Arch Bishop as a friend and a Navy Admiral. I guess I have no real “flock”, or I have a really big flock! I tend not to hang around with people who are just like me. I love variety and diversity too much for that. I have no fear and maybe that’s stupid, but it’s worked for me all my life. I think I can learn something from everybody out there so I really don’t have limits on the people I call “friends”. My family is very diverse as well. My husband is Navajo, my daughter is Muslim, my niece is Asian and my nephew is African American. We are a pretty tolerant crew!

  3. Suzi, I love your statement, “What a beautiful thing it is to have more than one flock in which to belong.” I so agree! No one person can be the be-all and end-all of another. Some people make us think; others challenge us to better ourselves; with others, we can simply relax and BE. All satisfy different needs and aspects of our personality. I cherish my alone times (writing, of course, isn’t a communal activity!), but I can’t see myself holed up alone all the time — others help jump-start my creativity!

  4. I have several flocks, but the one I probably treasure most is my mom flock. Our children brought us together, but we have found all sorts of wonderful things we share in common that we might not have known if it weren’t for them.

    • yes some of my favorite people now are ones I was introduced to through PTA, Scouts, or sport teams while my children were growing up. Funny how we are pulled in with certain people and find out how much more we have in common than just our children.

  5. Beautiful photo! I have flocks, but sometimes enjoy my alone time as well. In the end, whether I’m in a group surround by those I treasure, or whether I’m alone, I don’t long for it to be any other way 🙂

  6. I have lots of flocks, however I am my husband’s only flock. He likes it to be just me and him, which makes it difficult when I want to do stuff with family because he doesn’t want to partake. But, I’ve learned not to feel guilty leaving him behind anymore – I just tell myself it’s his choice to stay behind, not mine!

  7. I crave solitude, but also love mingling with those whose company I enjoy. When I do not get enough quiet time, I tend to get irritable and it makes social obligations tiring. I definitely need a healthy balance of both.

  8. Yeah – your photo is breathtaking.
    I never thought of the different people I hang with in quite this way – but you’re so right. Some are writing friends, some are quilting friends, some are sisters, some are friends from long ago, some are new, some are friends we’ve met on the road, some are reading friends and some are play friends.. hmmmm. Love seeing things in a new way, with just the slightest tweak.

    • Yes, we all fill different needs. I hang with different folks for different activities and some of us hang together just to have fun or chill. But honestly, I mostly hang with the hubby…seems we like to do much of the same things.

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