A Tangled Mess


In the midst of a beading project I lost my head. Oops, I mean my thread. I soon became a tangled mess. Thus began a life lesson knotted within the colored fibers and beads. And how many times did I misplace my needle? A beading needle is fine, just a sliver of steel which easily blends into whatever is beneath. Misplaced, it can lead to the pain of being pricked and left bleeding…that’s what happens when we lose ourselves in the midst of living.

Itโ€™s so easy to lose ourselves within the tangled mess of our lives, but this tangled mess is life. And it is this life that holds meaning and love. It is inside the chaos we find clarity. Messages arrive in the cluster of clutter. Whether we head the words we hear or discard them makes all the difference in the world. Perhaps those messages have the power to make our world.

Sometimes we must dive deeper into the twists that hold us together to find what ripped us apart. Sometimes we are a tangled mess. It is within this tangled mess we find ourselves. This is the place we wear our brave. This is the opportunity to exercise freedom, to challenge ourselves to step up our game. The act of surrendering is where we face our truths. We find ourselves in this place between what was and what will be. This tangled mess is a place of discovery. ย And the discovery is just the beginningโ€ฆfor life can become as beautiful as we allow it to be.

43 thoughts on “A Tangled Mess

  1. How funny that my first thought upon seeing this picture was to imagine the satisfaction of spending … half a day? Six days? … untangling that mess, then seeing it all laid neatly in a basket, color by color. Bizarre as it may sound, I love untangling things. But moving into your life metaphor, life seems hopeless by comparison. I can untangle thread, but life? No way. But hey. Neatly ordered bundles of thread are easy to work with and satisfying to see, and lack the richness and complexity of this gorgeous photo. So guess I’ll restrain myself from offering to tackle your thread box.

    • You like untangling things-can I call you when we put up Christmas decorations next year? Actually, the hubby keeps the lights neat…if it was up to me they’d just be a tangled mess thrown in a box!
      For the record, those aren’t the embroidery threads I use. I have mine in a sectioned box (like a tackle box). These were a mass of threads I found at a rummage sale. I grabbed them thinking I’d untangle them some day and use them in projects. I have untangled parts at a time, but I manage to stuff them right back into the box…maybe I’ll get to them some day, the idea of it just doesn’t appeal to me!

  2. I love the colors in the photo – sadly I can do the same thing to my cross stitch floss….I try to take the time to wind bobbins before I start a project but it doesn’t always happen. Kind of like the tangled messes of my life I guess;) Great post!

    • I do get my out of order at times, but this photo is not the threads I was working with! The “lost thread” was blended with the threads on the back of project and the end slipped between the layers of fabric.

  3. I hope you found your needle, Suzi. And might I timidly suggest purchasing an organization box? You can find one at any craft store, and, being the Virgo I am, I know I couldn’t live with tangled chaos! (Though some people, I understand, consider chaos interesting and challenging!!)

    • I did find my needle.I just kept misplacing it. I do have my threads in an organization box…this photo is another mass I got at a rummage sale. The thread I’d lost had slipped between the layers of fabric on the piece I was working on!

  4. ” It is inside the chaos we find clarity. It is within this tangled mess we find ourselves. This tangled mess is a place of discovery.”

    No truer words have been spoken, Suzi, because when I look back on the times in my life when things were messy, chaotic and tangled, those were the times of my greatest discoveries. And I actually look back at them with gratitude.

    FAB post, my friend! Have a grrrrreat week!

  5. I think this really is … sorry, I lost the thread of what I was going to say and got in a tangle …
    ‘… life can become as beautiful as we allow it to be.’ Now, that is really worth remembering!

  6. Funny, I’ve been contemplating a post similar to this one about tangled messes in our lives! Additionally, I found an abandoned, tangles mess of a necklace in the parking and had the most amazing satisfaction when I finally untangled it! I know there is a blog post in there somewhere.

  7. Ha, ha, ha. I’ve never thought of my life as a tangled mess . . . my house, my closets, my drawers — yes! I should listen to my closets, they say, “Help, I bursting at the seems!”

    I love the way you always tie things (like threads) together!

  8. My box of embroidery thread (inherited from my Great Aunt) looks just like this! I love opening the lid and finding the unfinished tapestry. ๐Ÿ˜€

    But I don’t like it when life emulates that box. I want a happy and peaceful like, not a cluster of chaotic threads.

    • Me either, but when I feel myself pulled in different directions I feel like that mess and have to find my clarity within (the voice). This applies to me even when I’m called between projects, not knowing whether to stop and come back or keep pushing before going to the next one…often a bit of quiet time offers the clarity I need.

  9. Thanks, Suzi. Finding inner calm on calm days is beginner’s work . . . finding inner calm in the midst of chaos and confusion lets us see how much progress we’ve made on the tangled tapestry of our life. ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. What an inspiring post, thank you for sharing it with us. It is beautifully written and subtly reminds us that we are all responsible for our own destiny. Love it. from Jenna

  11. what a great metaphor,Suzicate. and your picture makes me think that even the tangle and the mess have beauty, don’t they? You’ve reminded me of the importance and wisdom of embracing the chaos and clutter that is sometimes, life.

  12. Being a needle woman myself i know how frustrating it can be when either the thread or the needle goes missing. I was bought a x-stitch for Christmas and with it came a bundle of threads, which have left me wondering how many browns can they possibly be? Or how many things looks like the real deal but are not?

  13. Very good Suzicate! Sometimes my life is like those threads. And just like the times when I’ve had to literally untangle yarn or jewelry, stopping to take a breath or to relax or to leave it a while and come back, I’ve had to do that with my actual life, and somehow it all works out.

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