The Strength Of Fragility

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. ~Mahatma Gandhi


We forget how strong we are until we are called to remember. We become as courageous and resilient as we need to be. Ever think you couldn’t bear the pain (physical or emotional) of some event only to find out you could?

Those we expect to crush beneath the confines of life often are those who seem to fair the best. What is it exactly that we deem weak? Is it a physical characteristic we find flawed or broken? Is it a show of emotion or a quiet forbearance? Perhaps we should never expect anything, but just be.

I do not think those who suffer in silence build the strongest defenses nor do I think those who share their burdens weather any better. Some draw on inner strength while others look for outside support. I think we are each equipped with what we need and our personalities determine the path we seek.

The absence of love whether through death or separation demands us to face the question of how we can go on. Though the space of another might not ever be completely filled, the closing of other spaces give us hope, and sometimes new direction.

Fissures of our souls are scars we carry deep within. It’s an inner beauty we must carry like badges of honor. It is a beauty of tender mercy to appreciate life’s lessons.  It is only in the darkness we begin to see the light… and oh, how beautiful is this life of ours…

Do you know of anyone who has suffered a recent loss, heartbreak, or disappointment? Did you reach out with a hug, card, or words or encouragement? It might be exactly what they need.

Have you been though recent trials? Did you find you are stronger than you ever imaged? What gave you the courage to pick yourself up and keep on? Sharing your story might give someone the inspiration they need.

26 thoughts on “The Strength Of Fragility

  1. I agree that you never really realize how strong you can be until you are forced into a situation and have to react to it. I’ll never forget when my husband was having emergency heart surgery several years ago. I called his family and friends and and was strong and explained everything that was going on.

    It wasn’t until an old high school friend called me out of the blue that I just lost it. I didn’t have to be strong for her and it was the perfect stress release I needed to be strong for the people who needed it most!

  2. “I think we are each equipped with what we need and our personalities determine the path we seek.”

    I agree, Suzi! And I also agree that we don’t realize just how strong we are or can be, until something happens that allows us to witness it. For me, it’s both the love and support I receive from those who love and care about me. And also, my faith in a Higher Power that gets me through.

    And yes, I have been through trials. Like when I went through financial bankruptcy and was stripped of everything physical. Yet, that experience taught me a lot because it magnified all the wealth I had in my life, regardless of being financially bankrupt.

    Great post! And I love the photo!

  3. I like the idea of sharing with others as a way to strengthen–in the traditional sense as well as via blogging or other technology. With the latter, I have read many heartwarming stories involving regular people who have overcome enormous odds and triumphed. Offer support and thanking them for sharing has certainly had a positive impact on my life.

  4. I’ve heard that we are tested with difficulties so we can grow stronger and help others when they’re faced with difficulties. Truly no man is an island. We draw strength and comfort from each other as well as from our God. This is beautifully said, Suzi — and so’s your picture!

  5. I love the accompanying picture and quote by Gandhi. I believe that hypotheticals about what if’s are futile. When trials do hit us, we work through it as best we can. And however we do it has to be enough. That’s how we move forward.

  6. This is so thought provoking, suzicate. Just about every line. I don’t know – sometimes I have a strength that surprises me and sometimes I’m so weak, I have to look away.

  7. I think it was in August of 2001 that Alex found out that his unit would be deployed to the Middle East. After the horrific event of 9/11, he had already gone to the region twice before this upcoming deployment. He was told he would be gone for a year and to get his affairs in order. I thought about Anniversaries, Thanksgivings, Christmas, Birthdays we would not be celebrating together and got a bit depressed. As the two weeks passed in a flash, I thought I would not be able to stand this deployment. The night before he left, we lay quietly in bed each deep in our own thoughts. I felt a real soul sickness set in that night. In the morning, as we said our goodbyes, and he took off to join his unit, I realized I had married a soldier. He was always going to answer the call of duty. And I was always going to be strong and wait for his return.

  8. The past few years, I’ve discovered inner strength I never knew I had. On the other hand, I’ve watched others that I thought were fairly resilient, dissolve and have great difficulties in coping with life’s circumstances. That is very hard as I’ve not been able to help them move away from the past and positively look to the future.

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