Sucked In and Snowed In

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.” ~ Steve Jobs


Fractal Threading piece in progress.


As long as I can remember I’ve lived in my own small world of creative impulses. I can hardly start one project before I am pulled to begin another. And begin it I must before I forget the thread in which called me there. Then I will return to the past project and such the cycle continues. Currently in various stages of progress, I have two fractal threading pieces four fiber art pieces (not including the designs I’ve sketched for several more), four quilts, two crochet felted hats, and four manuscripts. If I scrounge around I will probably find many started projects I’ve completely forgotten.

The last few days have found us in a vortex of snow and ice. Each time we dig ourselves out, it melts enough to re-ice our stoop and sidewalk. The roads have not yet been cleared. I am snowbound. What a perfect opportunity to tackle some of my projects, and yet my soul calls for me to read. How ironic is that? I have the uninterrupted time to create, yet I’m called to withdraw. Perhaps once I follow my bliss I will read what I need and then I’ll grab a pen, thread, yarn, fabric…whatever tickles my fancy! For now, I suppose I will delve into a vortex of words until the next creative cyclone sucks me in.

Where did the Vinca go"

Where did the Vinca go”

No swinging outside today!

No swinging outside today!

A bit too cold and wet to sit on the bench!

A bit too cold and wet to sit on the bench!

No water play today!

No water play today!

Guess the birds won't be bathing either!

Guess the birds won’t be bathing either!

Wylie is ready to play!

Wylie is ready to play!

No need to "whine" about it!

No need to “whine” about it!

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32 thoughts on “Sucked In and Snowed In

  1. I have a flag with the same words – different graphic! I would guess this kind of winter is a bit unusual for you, just as our snowless, above-freezing daytime temps winter is unusual for us. Good weather for hunkering, be it with creative project or reading.

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    • It’s a great flag, isn’t it? I like being out and about. I didn’t mind being out and shoveling, but I agree it’s a wonderful time to hunker down. I usually do a lot of sewing and art in the winter. Today I didn’t feel like doing any of that. I chose to watch a movie and read. I like being able to do things at my leisure rather than only having a limited amount of free time.

  2. Suzi, I love that quote from Steve Jobs! I read it three times. And how true it is!

    “…they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. ”

    Love it!

    “For now, I suppose I will delve into a vortex of words until the next creative cyclone sucks me in.”

    Exactly. And that’s where your at right now, creatively…submerging yourself in words.

    I’ve been feeling creative myself, but with doing more with my photography. Winter for me, is actually when I feel the most creative. And perhaps it’s because winter is more reflective and quiet, so I feel more connected to creativity.

    Great photos! And wow…you got a lot of snow! Love the photo of Wiley! And that last photo of the wine made me giggle because I do drink more wine in the winter. And btw, I just tried my first Merlot last night and loved it! And I was surprised because I’ve always been apprehensive about trying a Merlot; thinking it would be excessively dry.

    Have a super Thursday, Suzi! X

  3. I know that you may find this statement strange, given your polar vortex, but I find the snow beautiful. We don’t really have seasons in AZ, so experiencing this winter white in your pictures is calming for me.
    I hope it passes quickly, but in the meantime, find solace in your creative pursuits.

  4. Lovely snow photos and so true your words. I seem never to plan any of my countless ongoing projects, having given up long ago. Each is a petulant child with a mind all it’s own! Gorgeous piece of handwork too.


  5. I know how it feels to have a plethora of projects that need to be finished, but I completely envy you your snowed in reading time!! That’s a vortex I’d love to get sucked into!

    Thanks for linking with The Spin Cycle!

  6. That fractal threading is so pretty! Sometimes creativity pulls us in different directions. It is interesting that you are called to read right now. It just figures that would happen when you have time to create 🙂

    • We got the shoveling done as soon as the snow stopped falling, didn’t want to leave it and chance another layer because that ice layer is the dickens to get up! Next time send the muscular kids before we get started!

  7. Ah, so sorry you’re snowed in, Suzi, but yes, we creative types certainly know how to handle that, don’t we? A snow day is just the perfect opportunity to hole up, put our creative gifts to use, and enjoy being productive. Stay warm and safe — this, too, shall pass, and I want to see the Vinca coming up again, the birds bathing, and you swinging on that bench!

    • Yes, spring will be here before we know it, I hope! Well not really as I don’t like to rush time; I’m just not as big of a fan of winter as I am the other seasons. However, I’m much better now that I’ve learned to dress in layers and fleece!

  8. I love this kind of creative, ping-ponging mind, Suzicate. I tend to bounce around with projects and ideas too so I get it. Have fun with whatever creative pursuits you decide on or play with as the snow has you burrowed inside.

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