Shipwreck Or Ship Rest?

Ever feel like a shipwreck, like things just aren’t going the way you want? Determine if the pressure you feel is coming from you or outside sources. If you have set unrealistic expectations readjust them. If someone else anticipates results you’re unable or willing to provide, ignore them and stick to your agenda.

Do you feel down on your luck? Just plain unmotivated? Pinpoint where these emotions originate. If there is an obstacle on your path, remove it. If it’s a person who gives you negative feedback, you need to disengage from conversation about the subject. Decide if you are doing everything you can to accomplish the task. Have confidence in your abilities.

Do you feel depressed, like you’re slowly sinking into the sea? Perhaps you can blame it on poor navigation, faulty equipment, location, or even the weather. If you look long and hard enough you can blame most anything on someone else rather than take responsibility for our own contribution to the situation. Practicing gratitude and positivity go hand in hand with attitude and perseverance.

There are times you merely need a new assessment, a fresh perspective. The water might be shallow enough to wade to shore and navigate the journey a different way. When you approach the situation from the outside the scenario isn’t the same as from the inside.

We are often told a certain way to perform a task. We are not all wired alike. What works for you might not work for me…however, we can still reach the same destination. Some people plan things while others wing it and they are both successful in their endeavors. When we rely on our inner GPS rather than someone else’s we have a better chance of navigating the course set before us.

Just because you sink the boat doesn’t mean you can’t swim. Take another look at whatever is holding you back. Be grateful for the opportunity. Employ your talents. Trust your instincts. Sail, swim, soar, or use whatever means you have to get where you need to go. Safe travels to you.

25 thoughts on “Shipwreck Or Ship Rest?

  1. SuziCate, you have no idea how valuable your advice in this post is at the moment. My daughter is in a great deal of stress and I am sure that you don’t mind that I have copied and pasted this into an email to her. Thank you xxx

  2. Our vision is limited, grounded as it is in the present. When something seems negative, we want it to go away. We don’t want to deal with suffering or hardship. We recoil from pain and resist the “what is.”

    But things are not always as they first appear. The lessons we learn from life’s less pleasant moments often pave the way for a better future for ourselves and those we love.

    Barn’s burnt down ~ now I can see the moon. Masahide (1657-1723)

  3. Awesome post, Suzi!

    ” If you have set unrealistic expectations readjust them.
    There are times you merely need a new assessment, a fresh perspective.
    Trust your instincts.”

    Great advice! For me, it often takes just noticing what’s in front of me at the moment and going with what I’m given, rather than sticking to a set plan or preconceived idea. So many times life will give me clues as to where I need to go for my highest good. And it’s all a matter of letting go and trusting.

    Have super day, my friend….X

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