Fractally Everything Flows

“Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” ~Leonardo da Vinci

This is a new to me (embroidery) art I'm exploring. I call it "fractal threading" though I don't really know if it's a practiced form or not...I can only find fractal in digital, painting, and quilting with fabrics rather than threads. At any rate, I'm loving it!

This is a new to me (embroidery) art I’m exploring. I call it “fractal threading” though I don’t really know if it’s a practiced form or not…I can only find fractal in digital, painting, and quilting with fabrics rather than threads. At any rate, I’m loving it!

Patterns. Design.  Sequence. Links in the chain. Pieces of the puzzle. Signs…they’re all around us. In fact, we exist in patterns and sequence from our body parts down to our DNA. Life consists of seasons. We live in cycles of birth and death.  The ebb and flow of the tides are cyclic. As night drifts into day and day back into night, we experience times of creative activity and periods of rest and rejuvenation just to begin another creation.

Like phases of the moon we are not always fully seen. We don’t cease to exist…we merely don’t choose to use all that we are. In fact, many don’t tap into their source because they have never experienced a connection.

Have you ever noticed a crack in the sidewalk? In that tiny space life emerges. We are much like that…possibility lingers in the void.

We are each born with a deep desire to create. To create what? Something from nothing? Anything from everything? The choice is yours…what is calling you? Have you ever felt that churn of creating in your stomach? The pulse of birth in your fingertips? Awareness arises when one is sensitive to energy and in tune with the physical body. Creation from this yearning is the claiming of spirit.

Anyone can learn a skill set whether it is writing, painting, photography, sewing, etc. What stirs the creator deep within and drives him forward shows in the result. The moving experience to the viewer is the difference between a product and a piece of art. For example I will use my favorite artist and painting. I’ve seen many imitations of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. While I find the reproductions beautiful, none excite and fulfill me quite like that of Van Gogh. Have you ever felt this way about a painting or a song?

Have you ever felt that sensation that travels from your abdomen to your throat, like a yearning for escape? Perhaps that is your spirit in search of voice. Let yourself be heard.

34 thoughts on “Fractally Everything Flows

  1. Oh my yes, I have felt that sensation. When I let myself be heard, it has resulted in expressing itself in many forms over the years. For now, it is photography and writing my blog posts. That is where you really see me. Your posts are always beautiful, Suzicate, always thoughtful.

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  2. Suzi, you always share SO MUCH within your posts – layers of insight, all interconnected.

    And I thinks it’s incredible how this post (along with your lovely embroidery) both reflect the theme…

    “We live in cycles of birth and death. The ebb and flow of the tides are cyclic.

    we experience times of creative activity and periods of rest and rejuvenation just to begin another creation.”

    And yes, I have experienced/felt that sensation. And it’s ironic you mentioned the “throat” because both symbolically and energetically, the throat represents creative expression and voice.

    FAB post, my friend. And thank you for sharing it…X

  3. I think it’s “inspiration” and it’s not always there, is it? I do have music that gives me a physical thrill and art that touches my soul. Sometimes I see the beauty all around me and sometimes I’m sluggish and blind.

  4. Wow. what a fascinating piece of art. It simply glows with light and meaning. And that phases of the moon metaphor sizzles! I feel new (invisible) right now. New signals beginnings. Apt for January. I’m especially happy to see this post today.

  5. In the beginning, God created… and so we’re destined to be creatures who create as well! The embroidery is Awesome!! I love the circles. Never-ending, but interconnected and overlapping with each other. Much like life.

    • Yes, Christine. I took various round objects around the house and traced them onto my fabric. I’m working on another piece on muslin that I’m now filling in the circles to look sort of like stained glass and then I’ll bead it.

  6. Yep, I feel that way when I cook food – the whole process is so welcoming to me – it’s what I think of when I sit at my boring desk all day. I always say my day doesn’t really begin until I get home and start cooking dinner!

  7. i was just thinking how pretty your art work looked when i realised you had sewn it and it’s lovely. What you write is always a delight. Recently i learnt the word ‘statio’ meaning that point in the middle of a pause and isn’t that what life all about? I mean we rush here and there but the pauses in between is where we feel those connections to each other and to all life.

  8. I love that new embroidery — colors and designs simply fascinate me (must be the web designer coming out!). And I truly empathize with your thoughts on creativity — thanks for the encouragement to keep pushing forward!

  9. I had forgotten about Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Imagine that. You’ve given me reason to ponder,
    Enjoy your new art form of embroidery as “you” ponder and share more discoveries about life and how we fit in.
    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  10. Susan,

    I love the nuances of this post. The fractal art interest me. Your post brought to mind one of my favorite quotes, “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” I cannot wait to see your future fractal art.

    • This isn’t the piece you saw. I did this one after. I’ve gone back to the other one and started filling it in. It’s looking like stained glass! When I finish I’ll bead it.

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