Trusting Spirit

Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see. ~Carl Jung


There are days, even weeks, things flow effortlessly. Synchronicities appear more often. Then I become focused on doing instead of being. When I remind myself to just be, the thing I was focused on occurs naturally. I wonder why I am sometimes so intent on pushing things along. Perhaps, it is human nature. Maybe it is my own stubbornness. Regardless of the reason, I know the solution…follow my joy. That joy is here right in this moment.


I trust I am where I am supposed to be. What will be done will be done in proper timing which might not be mine; nor will it necessarily be what was the focus of my original intention. Sometimes I tend to forget when things aren’t panning out and I’m guided elsewhere, that is synchronicity as well. You see, there are times I get the connection immediately and other times I see it after the fact. And there are times I see no signs at all…those are the times I need to look inside rather than outside.


Though things were not falling in place exactly as I wished, they are slowly coming together. There are times I need to learn another skill before proceeding. Or a better idea occurs. Ever had this happen to you? I’m finding the more patient I am, the more content I am with the results.


Today I am…


quietly listening


right where I need to be


trusting the voice within


following my spirit…


What are you doing today?


44 thoughts on “Trusting Spirit

  1. This post is so “you”! Patience with oneself is a wonderful thing to master. This kind of reminds me to slow down and enjoy the simple things that I don’t have to impact or control! Lovely!

  2. I agree … sometimes things do not go as desired, but it still turns out to be a synchronicity and you end up in a better place. Today is a day of prayer and patience as I wait on medical healing for my mom who is seriously sick (and my back – which is just a pain ;-))

  3. Suzi, this post is AWESOME!

    Love the quote. Love the photo (faaaaaabulous) And I love your words.

    Especially these…

    “Sometimes I tend to forget when things aren’t panning out and I’m guided elsewhere, that is synchronicity as well. You see, there are times I get the connection immediately and other times I see it after the fact. And there are times I see no signs at all…those are the times I need to look inside rather than outside.”


    And also…

    “trusting the voice within.”

    Thank you for sharing this reminder, my friend!

    • I agree. My problem is that I sometimes push to be where I’m not quite ready to be; I try to skip steps. Then I get frustrated and it happens on its own. I’m learning every day.

  4. Thank you very much, I’am really glad that I’m following you. I’m still figuring out. Just wanted to say that you are an awesome blogger, Inspiring and May you inspire more readers essentially perfectly ok. greetings from Gede Prama 😉

    • That is very kind of you to say. We’re all on this journey together. We are each able to help inspire one another. Together we will all get where we are going.

  5. Crashing about in my house, trying to stay focused on just the kitchen has it is decorated and restocked with things i want to keep and things that need replacing, my new fridge/freezer came today and it looks so small, but just the right size for one person and a couple of cats 🙂

    • Enjoy your day of kitchen projects. I started my year out with six projects for my family. I enlisted the hubby’s help and we’ve worked and played (these are creative endeavors)…now we are almost finished, oh, the reward of accomplishment is wonderful. I hope you feel great satisfaction when finished.

  6. I am listening for that still, small voice. I welcomed your tender reminder to be quiet, and listen. I am open to the infinite possibilities, and making myself aware that I need to not feel trapped by “either/or” thinking, but in dwelling in the myriad of outcomes that could be mine for the asking. I want to ask the right thing; I want to hear the right thing, but more importantly, I want to do the right thing. I love you.

  7. Oh sweet Denise, in this quiet time your soul will be guided. You will know in your heart without question when the answer arrives. It will be between you and God, and all will be right. If you spend too much time “searching” you may hear more ego than spirit. If you’re in quiet prayer or meditation you will hear truth. I know deep down you know the answer…it is a matter of confronting and accepting it. I love you. I know whatever you choose on this journey will lead you where you need to be.

  8. What am I doing today? Wrestling with recent developments that have me questioning turn of events as well. This was a great post for me to read. Thank you!

  9. Insightful realization, Suzicate!

    I have seen this before. Right now, my first novel comes to mind. I finished the novel and queried agents, and in the process, I kept seeing that ‘online presence’ was highly recommended. That’s when I started my blog. Through my blog, I think my writing has improved, and I realized that I can make that novel better. I also discovered the unexpected benefit of ‘meeting’ so many wonderful people. I still can’t say I have an online presence, but I like my current path, even if it’s not on the timeline I’d wanted! (Patience isn’t my “thing” and I’m not sure it ever will be 🙂 )

  10. Listening! Now that is time well spent. I am wrestling with a good plan for several projects that I have in the works. Maybe I should release the headlock and spend more time reflecting as you suggest.

  11. Yes, yes, yes! My husband says he can’t keep up with what my latest idea is, because I have so many and I am always switching up what I’m working on!

  12. Loved this post – unfortunately I am the kind of person who always needs to be doing something – these last few days of just sitting in the hospital with my husband have been a major test to me – but I survived because I knew I had to be there for him!

  13. When life flows and everything is just perfectly ready for me I know that IAM living in trust in each moment, enjoying… and when I allow my doubts to come in… bump… bump… life lets me know pretty quickly now… thank goodness that I need to take a break and consciously breathe for a while… lovely post thanks Barbara

  14. Perhaps my comment left just now on the post above is more fitting to this post. who knows? not i and i am content with that. i have found as life unfolds, often the answers fall out in front of me. but we have to open our inner eyes to see them…. a trick it seems as sometimes we have to close our eyes to see. if that made any sense!! xox

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