Following My Joy

“With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.” – Dr. Wayne W Dyer


The attitudes of those we most often associate with rub off on us. I’m sure you’ve heard that laughter is contagious. Well, so is a positive outlook. It took me a long time to realize I was strongly influenced by the mindsets of those around me. Negativity had seeped into my being. My emotional, spiritual, and physical health suffered as a result. Knowing I held the power to reverse this process was the knowledge I needed to motivate me to make changes. In the past few years I’ve altered my thinking and my actions which has resulted in getting in touch with myself.

I surround myself with positive like-minded people. Ok, I’m really not all that social, but I do avoid people who drain and strain me. I read uplifting material. I take time for a prayer/meditation practice. I soothe my soul with quiet solitude and feed it with creative endeavors. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of a situation, I approach it as a life lesson. I find I grow in some way, whether it is in wisdom, strength, or acceptance. I learned happiness is a choice. These practices resulted in an ongoing inner peace I’d never experienced.

So, where am I going with all this? I suppose my point is I’m not making a New Year resolution. I’ve introduced many new practices to my daily life such as awareness and intention.  I choose to no longer call them New Year resolutions as they are now part of everyday living. I choose to follow my joy.  Instead of making specific goals pertaining to my arts, I am focusing on the art of discipline in practicing these creative endeavors. I’m in tune with my spirit, and I trust it to lead me on this journey.

36 thoughts on “Following My Joy

  1. What a lovely message for the first day of a new year, Suzi. Indeed, you are a fount of positivity. The wonderful thing about maintaining a positive approach to life is not only what it does for you (most important), but also what it does for the people around you. I’m coming back to myself as well, and reading your blog is a strong help in my own journey 🙂

  2. Sometimes I really get irritated with that smiley “this is a growth opportunity”. There are somethings from which we can never recover. On the other hand when knocked down I refuse to stay on the floor.

    • Perhaps, that is your lesson. True, there are things from which one never completely recovers; but how one handles the situation is a lesson in growth. Your refusing “to stay on the floor” proves this in my opinion. Life is truly filled with tragedies and I’ve had my share but, I’ve had much more good than bad…that is where my life focus. One must experience darkness to appreciate the light. Sometimes paying attention to what irritates us is the start of exploration.

  3. Sage advice Suzicate. It is sad how letting some negativity into our acceptable daily living, seems to open the floodgates after awhile. I should follow your example and banish negative thoughts and influences while I have a chance.

  4. Yes!!!!! Yesterday, BFF and I went through our Gratitude Jar for 2013 and felt FANTASTIC and POSITIVE as we looked back on all the good that permeates life ~ nature, music, food, sunlight, friends, etc.

    We get to choose our focus and perspective. Doing so makes all the difference.

    • Yes, it does! A gratitude jar is a wonderful idea! The hubby and I spent the entire day on a creative endeavor. Actually, it’s a six piece project of mine that he’s started helping me on. It was wonderful being creative together!

  5. Oh, Suzi, I so love this! An attitude adjustment is so much better than a New Year’s resolution. The former carries permanence; the latter seems doomed to fail. And you’re so right — creative people, especially, can only be dragged down by negativity.

  6. BRAVA, Suzi, and TOTALLY agree with you on everything you said! And I loved your sum up in that past paragraph!

    Also this…

    “Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of a situation, I approach it as a life lesson. I find I grow in some way, whether it is in wisdom, strength, or acceptance. I learned happiness is a choice.”

    You’re right, happiness IS a choice. And I find that when I focus on all the ‘good’ in my life, it alters my perception of what might be challenging me.

    Glad to see ya back blogging, my friend. You were very missed! Happy New Year!


    P.S. loved your response to Carl’s comment 🙂

    • “And I find that when I focus on all the ‘good’ in my life, it alters my perception of what might be challenging me.”-exactly! I missed visiting you all, but I really enjoyed my downtime…a time of renewal in a sense.

  7. Looking for my gifts; there are many, hidden under these present challenges. I have already discovered some. Today is a hard day; my first back in Utah. Thank you for the reminders. I may need a day to wallow in this mess my spirit it in today, and then I will move on, gather my courage, and set about living a life of intention, seeking joy and peace daily.

  8. Please allow me to tag along and share your joy! Hubby has SAD so winter is a difficult time, attitude-wise, for everyone! 2014 began with a broken water heater so the year’s already testing my positive outlook. But, I’m trying to remain calm….and go shopping!

  9. Negativity is contagious…I got sucked into that downward spiral at a job many years ago. Having a positive outlook is much better than a resolution any day. I hope you experience much joy in 2014!

  10. I often do not make resolutions because, like you, I am trying to adopt an overall philosophy to living. I also pick a word of the year that I like to focus on. In 2012, I picked compassion. In 2013, gratitude. I am still trying to settle on a word of the year for 2014. Happy New Year!

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