When Play And Pleasure Join Hands

“Why not seize the pleasure at once? — How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparation!”  ― Jane Austen, Emma


Dirt Man and I tend to plan our adventures, not the actual occurrences but the places we wish to hike or canoe. However, it seems the days we throw caution to the wind and just take off are the times we experience bliss and beauty.


Sometimes we take the long way home.


Other times we take the road less traveled.


Then, there are times we stumble on unexpected treasures.

Mill Creek and AT 008

One morning on a whim we decided instead of returning home from a trip to explore the back roads of the county we grew up in.


Another time our plan to visit a wildlife refuge was detoured due to hunting season.


Spontaneity often leads to serendipity. For us the excitement of adventure coupled with freedom and a lively spirit result in pure bliss.IMG_4444

Take some time and leave agenda behind. See where your path takes you. Soak in the scenery. Use all of your senses to enjoy your day. Most likely you will return to life refreshed.

Celebration of Life 331

When is the last time you did something spontaneous? When is the last time you experienced the feeling of serendipity? What did you do? What happened? Did you receive a burst of energy, a shift in attitude, a lift of spirit, a feeling of freedom, or an unexplained peace? Tell me about your experience.

32 thoughts on “When Play And Pleasure Join Hands

  1. “However, it seems the days we throw caution to the wind and just take off are the times we experience bliss and beauty.”

    Isn’t that the most awesome experience, Suzie? The times when we just through caution to the wind and do something completely unplanned and spontaneous.

    I experienced this over the summer when I took my 2 trips into NYC with my friend, Val. We planned nothing. We just went wherever our instinct called us. And it was super!

    Fabulous photographs! Love the one of the waterfall. WOW!


    • Those are the best times. So glad you and Val had lots of fun. Dirt Man and I planned our trip out west…he blew his shins out on the first hike so we had to wing it…it was fabulous!

  2. A couple of years ago, Alex and I spent two full days exploring the Navajo Rez. He was looking for an aunt and uncle who live there. We met a ton of the funniest people including two tiny Navajo brothers who spied on us the entire time. We had our friend Nelson with us, and he thought we were crazy.

      • He got in Monday evening, worked 14 hours yesterday, was supposed to work an 11 PM tonight, but they called him to come in at noon instead. He is planning to hook up, Suzicate, and it is the only thing he is looking forward to on this dang trip!

  3. It’s just great to take off and go, stop where you feel like it, walk a newly discovered path or stop somewhere you’ve always just driven right by! Love the pictures here, each one had its own story to tell.

  4. Gorgeous photos! It’s always a wonderful feeling to happen upon a beautiful place that you never planned to go. Sadly, we aren’t that spontaneous… between work schedules, pets and kids, we pretty much have to have a plan (and enough snacks for the journey or the kiddos get cranky :))

  5. Visiting your site confirms to me my love of nature. With a busy husband and 3 teens, I am not yet able to experience as much as you do; however, the lakes,ponds, and wetlands in my neighborhood give me a little dose of joy here and there. And I venture further when on vacations, etc. I am happy for you – that you can soak up what this vast world has to offer. Thanks for sharing it with me. Love all the pics, especially the horses. 🙂

    • We did many outdoor things with our kids, but as they became teens it was less often. Now that they’re grown, it has become a time for us to explore the great outdoors!

    • Some do, don’t know if they’re wildlife refuges or have other names…but it’s designated areas and times and it is posted as such for both the hunters and the hikers.

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