Windows Of The Soul

lighthouse window

“The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.” – John Vance Cheney


Who was it that said eyes are the windows to the soul? Shakespeare? There is also a passage in the bible (Matthew) that says much the same.

You can tell a lot about people by their eyes. Are they shifty? Will they look you in the eye? Then again, some behaviors aren’t natural but trained. There’s something much deeper than the outward appearance of eyes. It’s a personal truth which speaks through one’s eyes. I’ve seen the light or wisdom in some eyes, and I’ve also seen emptiness and grief. I’ve seen smiling eyes and angry eyes. So yes, eyes do talk before a person speaks. Seriously, have you ever had a conversation with your eyes? When you know someone well enough you can. And sometimes, it’s that very connection which unites two people.


That said, I can tell much more about people by what their eyes see. Upon first glance you see a person’s eyes. Give them time to spill their guts and you’ll see how they view life. You’ll hear whether they seek the good or the bad in life and people. Perhaps, you can see positivity or negativity in the eyes themselves, but the heart is revealed when the mouth opens.


Most of my instincts about people and their eyes have been on target. Notice I said “most” because honestly, I’ve been known to be wrong. (Don’t tell the hubby that though!) How about you? Can you size a person up by his/her eyes?  I know we are prejudging, and we’re all guilty of it to one degree or another.


So, how much of the soul is revealed through the eyes? Watch where one spends his time or money…you’ve got a visible soul.


Where do your eyes take you? Do you search for beauty on the outside or the inside of people? Do you look at the beauty nature provides or do you scan the pages of celebrity magazines?


Do you search high and low for things and people to make you happy?


Look around you. Is this a comfortable environment for you?


Look inside. Are you content with what you find?


If someone were to take a deep look into your eyes, what would they see? What do you hope they’d see?


24 thoughts on “Windows Of The Soul

  1. Some people are easier for me to read than others. Of course, I can tell by my older son’s eyes when he’s lying about whether he has homework or did his chores…he looks to the side every time. If I keep staring, he’ll laugh 🙂

  2. Good questions, Suzi. Most people peering into my eyes would see “mirth” and “merriment” ~ a barely contained sense of humor.

    And they definitely would NOT see me peering into Celeb Rags!

    • “mirth and merriment” – very nice to peer into!
      I always get a kick out of celebrity mags as my mother who has never really been into stardom has always purchased them as exiting the grocery store. Recently I picked one up off her coffee table and thumbed through it. The funny thing was I didn’t recognize any of them except for Sandra Bullock and the Royalty (baptism photos) Family. I asked my mother if she was familiar with these people. (She doesn’t watch tv or go to the theater.) She told me no, but it tickled her to read the absurd stories and look at what’s considered fashionable! I suppose it’s a source of entertainment for her, lol!

  3. The image is stunning, framed by the window and rough walls.
    The eyes are usually a reliable indicator. Only the most practised of con-persons will have:
    ‘The light that lies in a woman’s eyes,
    And lies, and lies, and lies …’

  4. ” There’s something much deeper than the outward appearance of eyes. It’s a personal truth which speaks through one’s eyes.”

    Outstanding observations, Suzi, and I agree whole-heartedly! The eyes never lie.

    And it’s ironic because I will posting something a bit similar to this post topic on Friday.

    Fabulous post! And please tell Dirtman….STELLAR photo….WOW!



  5. I often comment, to myself, how rarely we look into one another’s eyes… perhaps we are afraid to see the truth of another, or afraid for our own truth to be seen. There is a powerful connection to be made, or not, of course, depending on the person.

  6. I think they world makes us see people differently than we actually do, but first impressions stay with us unless someone does something that changes our minds about them. For instance i live not far from a group of housing for the elderly. One day as i was walking past a young man i would have cross the road to avoid slouched towards me, i had nowhere to go. There was no eye contact he didn’t lift his head off the floor. He slouched his way towards the drivers door of a small but neat car and there open the door and held out his hand for an elderly lady who must have been his grandma. His face changed to a smile, the only words i caught were ‘I’ve been feeding the cat’. There is beauty even where we are not looking for it.

    • That is a beautiful story, Beverly. Thank you for sharing it. I’ve often found some of the gruffest characters to smooth into gentle giants when it comes to their mothers or grandmothers.

  7. It’s hard to look someone in the eye and lie. I know some people can, but there’s something about making a connection with the eyes that reveals the truth about a person. If one were to look into mine right now, they’d see a combination of exhaustion, anxiety and worry! Things that really can’t be hidden.

  8. Wow. So many things to think about. Off the top of my head, I don’t think I read eyes all the time . . . but sometimes I see the glaringly obvious. Ya know what I mean? I don’t get a read from everyone, but sometimes I look and – WHOA! – can’t help but see that (happy, sad, pain, anger. etc.).

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