The Wonder Of It All

illuminated tree

We often ignore the most ordinary of circumstances. They slip by our radar unless illuminated.

Sometimes it is the setting which brings the beauty to life. Have you ever been acquainted with someone but never given them much thought, then you get to know them and you see them in an entirely different light?

Down the street from me there is a lot surrounded by scraggly bushes. It looks kind of creepy, like something is hidden beyond the mass of twigs and leaves. But oh, when the roses bloom it becomes a paradise.

Maybe we live in a world that jumps between disregarding and judging , or perhaps we simply walk through this world blind to the miracles all around us.

I might never have seen the beauty of the sunset over the ocean had my husband not insisted I rise early on the morn of my fiftieth birthday. Groggy eyed and complaining I climbed from bed.Β  The rest of the world seemed to be asleep as we crossed the silent road. We trudged through the sand. A few souls were combing the beach for shells. A few others were on balconies with coffee taking in the morning miracle. The yellows, pinks, and oranges swirled like cotton candy against the blue sky. Clouds illuminated as the sun slowly burst through. Waves lapped and crashed against the shore. Brown pelicans swooped for breakfast. My feet were grounded in the cool, damp sand while my soul soared with the morning miracle unfolding before me, what a gift!


May you experience the beauty and miracles of ordinary life.

May you watch the miracles of life unfold around you today.

May you know yourself as the miracle you are.

May you truly see the beauty of life.

May you see your own beauty.

36 thoughts on “The Wonder Of It All

  1. Suzi, this post is STUNNING – both in words and photos!

    It’s funny how we sometimes don’t see what’s before us a first. However, when we look, and mean really look (with our soul) we SEE.

    Please tell Dirtman that first photo took my breath away. Gorgeous image. WOW!

    Happy Monday, my friend!

  2. Some of my dearest friends are people that the first time I met them thought they were nice, but I could never see myself being more than acquaintances with them. Boy am I glad I was wrong! To this day, I keep that mind whenever I meet someone new.

  3. What a perfect post for a Monday – I agree that we can get so absorbed in the day to day routine, you sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses – gorgeous picture! That first one is now my screen saver – tell Dirtman thanks!

  4. This ties nicely into my post for tomorrow! I love the first shot! Okay, I love the sea shot too…but the first one is very striking even without any Fall “color.” And we’re all so busy, we often forget to really look around at the beauty God is giving us.

  5. Good for Dirt Man, getting you out for such a gorgeous sunset! I think it’s pretty easy to see the miraculous in Nature — finding it in ourselves sometimes take a bit more doing, but it’s so worthwhile when we make the effort. Thank you for a lovely post, Suzi.

  6. That first photo is a ‘wow’ photo! I can totally relate to all of a sudden noticing something/someone that I’ve seen many times before. Illumination is a good way to describe it πŸ™‚

  7. Dirt Man is so talented! I ADORE the image of the tree. Remarkable. And I am glad he dragged you out of bed. I feel the same way about sunrises. I abhor waking, but the beautiful gift is worth every second. Wonderful!

  8. Beautiful photos. I work to notice the beauty, sometimes with the rush of life it is difficult. But . . . people . . . yes, I have at times not had the opportunity to get to know people and then enjoy it so much when we have a moment to get acquainted. Today two of my students were talking and one was giving the other sympathy for the long drive she endured over Thanksgiving. And the comment was, “Oh it was fine. In fact I enjoyed it. I was in the car with my nieces and nephews who I usually only see at holidays. So it was great to be able to visit with them and get to know them. They are great kids.” When I read your question that popped into my head. Cool for her, huh?

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