Living From The Inside Out

Grief does not change you. It reveals you. ~John Green (The Fault in Our Stars)



Every moment is special. It is ripe with opportunity.

Something extraordinary rests in every ordinary moment. These are the lessons in life that aren’t planned, but orchestrated by powers beyond us.

Life (and death for that matter) is action, and our reaction to the given situation comes from the core. It tells who we are, what we’re made of. Like it or not, both pleasure and stress divulge our inner character. You never know what moment will be the one that springs back in memory as one of great importance, whether it is of joy or regret.

Sometimes the moment is about you, and sometimes it is not. It’s important to learn to step outside and look back in. We can’t relive the moment, but we can change perspective…and that alone can save relationships.

Living life from the inside out may not always be the safest way to live, but it is surely the truest way. If you are walking through your days without feeling you are not living. No one has ever said loving and losing is easy, but it empowers us to live fully.

Life is fragile. People are precious. This is your chance to make the most of all you have. Love yourself, love others, and accept the love offered to you.

Live this day by your heart. Don’t let it slip by unnoticed. See what is in front of you. Listen not only to what is said but what is felt. Be aware of this moment, not just for yourself but those who live this time with you.

May you live well and be blessed beyond measure every single second. And really, it’s all up to you…only you have the power to make your life what it is.

38 thoughts on “Living From The Inside Out

  1. So very true dear friend. I’ll never forget those moments I got with both of my Dads right before they unexpectedly died. Neither was in danger of dying. How I manged to see them both days before they suddenly died? Well, I know it was life living fully through me. That I heard the call and felt the urge inside. Those moments are precious to me. I know yours are too.

  2. Suzi, this post is something we should all read every morning before starting our day.

    These are words to truly LIVE by, but often forget. Thank you for the reminder.

    Sharing love and energy with you and your family.

    Glad you’re back because I MISSED you!

    ((((((((( You ))))))

    X ya, my friend!

  3. You were on my mind the entire time you were away from the blogosphere. Good to see you back and we all hope you and your family are healing. Your words are priceless and absolutely true. We all need to get past the petty differences we have with each other and focus on what’s truly important before it’s too late. xoxox

  4. I agree, these words should be put in a frame, near a place you’ll see every day to remind you how precious life really is on a daily basis. Sending big hugs your way and hope your pappa found my pappa – they’d be great buddies if they met! 😀

  5. Suzi, I’ve been thinking about you and your family and saying prayers that you’ll find comfort and strength in each other. What a beautiful post — I’ve missed your wise words! You’re so right in saying, Life is fragile and People are precious. Good things to remember as we travel time today.

  6. I don’t know what happened and will try to catch up, but it looks like perhaps we are again going through loss together. The first time was your brother and my sister. This was a beautiful post, Susan. If you are grieving, as I still am, I hope you remember to read this from time to time.

  7. This is so beautiful, Suzicate. I’m so sorry. I lost my Daddy to cancer in 1987, and I still remember it like it was yesterday. The grief never goes away, but eventually, you get used to it. And amazingly, I still know that he’s with me every day.

  8. Welcome back … my thoughts and prayers have been with you. Your post today is very meaningful to me as I have been sitting in a hospital room with my mother who is suffering in pain (spinal issues) for over a week with more to come (very dangerous surgery coming later this week). I have been searching for the words to express how the pains of love hurt deeply, but is the price we pay for love … and without love we are not living … Events from the past coming to life .. things that seemed meaningless then, but important now. Regrets, laughs, relationships, loss … etc. Maybe all those thoughts will come together for me soon, like your grief has done for you.

    • Love hurts, but I’d surely rather live this way than to never have know the love and shared the lives of those who so freely gave it. My thoughts are with you and your mom.

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