As We Live And Die

Cancer. Oh, how I hate that word.

Terminal. I hate that one even more.

Nothing short of a thief that comes in the night and lingers through the days until the ones you love are gone. I’ve been down this road before with my brother. Somehow it’s more difficult watching this robust man of my childhood wither. My heart is breaking.

My parent’s sixty-third wedding anniversary came while we were there. Dirt Man drove my parents up to the base of the mountain at the old home stead to take a photo of them in front of the holly tree where they had taken their wedding photo. It was a bittersweet day for all. It’s one thing to hit a milestone, but quite another to know it’s your last one.

Daddy and Mama, wedding 1950 and 63rd anniversary 2013

I got back home last night and will be leaving again on Wednesday for an undetermined length of time. Hold your loved ones close. Speak the words of your heart. Make memories and cherish them…we never know when we will not have another chance to do it.

27 thoughts on “As We Live And Die

  1. Ah, Suzi, this brings tears to my eyes. My dad passed away from cancer, too. Going on five years ago. I still miss him. Every single day. And you’re right — hold your loved ones close. No, that won’t prevent their leaving, but it will give you both comfort in the days ahead. I’m so glad you got your parents together for a “then-and-now” photo — what a great idea! Take all the time you need, my friend, and know we’ll be holding your family up in prayer.

  2. “Speak the words of your heart. Make memories and cherish them…we never know when we will not have another chance to do it.”

    You are so spot on about that, Suzi.

    Know that I am sharing MUCH love and energy with you, your father, and family.

    ((((((((((((((((((( You )))))))))))))))))))

    Love the photos.

    You take care, my friend.

    X ya!

  3. Sending big hugs your way. My Dad had cancer too, and when you know that’s how he will die and about when he will, it doesn’t make it any easier. Although I was happy to tell him I loved him! 😀

  4. My heart aches for you all. Sending my prayers up to your beautiful family. May you hug tight and never let go of the beauty inside. Cancer can’t take that away. Dirtman did an incredible job on the photo.

    • BTW: You might do some research into “spontaneous remissions.” There are plenty of stories of people with terminal illnesses, including cancer, who did NOT die on the doctor’s timetable. Instead, of dying, they survived and thrived. Most claimed to have used Creative Visualization to imagine their way back to health.

  5. Oh Suzicate, I have tears in my eyes for you and your family. Tears and the hope that these last days will be full of love and the joys will outweigh the sadness. I would not wish this journey on anyone one time – twice, as you have travelled it, is terrible.

  6. It was hard to hit “Like” on your post today … I don’t like cancer and I don’t like suffering and I really hate “last” anything.
    But, I love that you were able to get that anniversary photo … that is precious. ((hugs))

  7. Know that we’re lifting you and yours up with prayers of support and comfort. Your words are forever true. What a wonderful, precious memory you have with this anniversary photo. May God hold you close and see you through what the future holds. xoxox

  8. My mother will have been gone now one year this Tuesday 17th. Half hour after she died a tear formed and fell from her left eye. It was twelve days before parent’s 67th wedding anniversary. There seems a connection to the other side as she speaks to father and I almost nightly in our dreams. My prayers….

  9. Suzi I know you will treasure the sweet memories you will make with your Dad and Mom and family in the coming days. When I was growing up I often heard my Irish Catholic grandparents pray for the special intention of a “happy death”. Being young, I had no clue why they would pray for that! Now I have seen not only my grandparents, but also my parents, die a “happy death” free of pain and suffering, surrounded by loving family. Yes they had cancer, or heart disease or some other terminal diagnosis. Yes, I was terribly sad and distraught. We all know that we must go someday, but we wish for a peaceful and loving and painfree passage. I pray that your Dad experiences a joyful passing when it is time, with all who love him by his side. I have found great comfort in that and hope you will too.

  10. I see now what’s happened. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. Although we know that if life takes its natural course we will have to lose our parents in time, it doesn’t make the parting any easier. Although we know that most others have suffered or will suffer the same, it doesn’t lessen the pain of our own loss.

    Ride the waves of grief. As you probably already know, they lessen in frequency and duration with time.

    Thinking of you.

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