As We Live And Die

Cancer. Oh, how I hate that word.

Terminal. I hate that one even more.

Nothing short of a thief that comes in the night and lingers through the days until the ones you love are gone. I’ve been down this road before with my brother. Somehow it’s more difficult watching this robust man of my childhood wither. My heart is breaking.

My parent’s sixty-third wedding anniversary came while we were there. Dirt Man drove my parents up to the base of the mountain at the old home stead to take a photo of them in front of the holly tree where they had taken their wedding photo. It was a bittersweet day for all. It’s one thing to hit a milestone, but quite another to know it’s your last one.

Daddy and Mama, wedding 1950 and 63rd anniversary 2013

I got back home last night and will be leaving again on Wednesday for an undetermined length of time. Hold your loved ones close. Speak the words of your heart. Make memories and cherish them…we never know when we will not have another chance to do it.