Loving Is Living


Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving. – Kahlil Gibran

While we try to manage our lives, we have no control on the process of life. We will live only the number of days we are granted, regardless of health. This is a difficult concept to accept when it pertains to someone you love. Worse is seeing someone you love in pain and decline in vitality. Still, it is much the cycle of life.

While we live our lives externally, we are also living internally. Perhaps much of our external lives are tests to our inner characteristics. Our faith, acceptance, ability to forgive, capacity to love and trust, strength to endure, and tenacity to seek are the qualities that shape us throughout our lifetimes.

I’ve learned a few things in this lifetime:

Be quick to forgive because what you are holding onto will hold you back.

Don’t wait for people to “earn” your respect. Everyone deserves it unless they give you sufficient reason to withdraw it.

Accept people for who they are. It is not our job to judge or change them. This doesn’t mean you’re condoning corrupt behavior. It means you’re allowing control of the situation to rest where it should…within that person.

Never give up hope. Miracles happen all the time. The miracle might not be what we expect. It might come in the process or after the unwanted result.

Find the good in every person you meet and a lesson in every experience. We are put here to love and to learn.

Always be grateful. Often the largest blessings come in disguise. Gratitude determines attitude.

Most of all, love to your fullest and you will live without regret.

Where I come from we place our utmost value on our people. It is the connection of community in which we thrive. This doesn’t happen without faith, love, respect, and compassion.

The best I can do is rest in the assurance of faith, for I cannot see the whole picture.  We tend to focus on “what” things are and want to know “why”. After the fact, we are often blessed with the grace to see things “why they were” as opposed to “what they were”.  It is what we do during the course that defines us.

Don’t take love for granted. Verbalize it. Show your affection in the ways you can.

****If I am not visiting and commenting on your blogs or posting on mine as you’d like, I offer my sincere apologies and hope you will forgive me. My father is seriously ill. Currently my family needs me as much as I need them. I will be traveling back and forth from my home to my parents during surgeries and treatments. I will not have a constant source of internet. At this point, I do not have a specific travel agenda, but I’m just putting this out here so you might understand my possible absence from here. Today, tell someone who needs to hear it how much they mean to you…love and live to the depths of your soul.

32 thoughts on “Loving Is Living

  1. Sending you MUCH love and a HUGE cyber hug, dear friend.

    (((((((((((((((((( YOU )))))))))))))))))

    Beautiful post, Suzi!

    X to you, your father, and family

  2. Thinking about you and praying for you and your family. May your wisdom and words be a source of comfort for you all as you face these challenges. xoxox

  3. These are very wise lessons. One I would like to share is .. “listen to your emotions” … Suzi, don’t feel guilty … not visiting our blogs during this tough time with your dad is you listening to your thoughts and emotions .. your list of wisdom in this post shows that, too. I hope this bad health event works out the best it can … Sending you prayers!

  4. Suzi…the most important thing in the world that you can do right now is be there for your father during this health crisis. Hug him and cherish each moment with him. All the rest will be waiting for you. Sending you prayers. Janny

  5. LOVE THAT QUOTE! I am late reading this, but I knew it was about your father. I don’t know where things are right now. I am trying to catch up/ I know whatever is going on hugs are always needed —- HUGS!

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