Inglewood Lavender Farm

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.” ― Alice Walker, The Color Purple


Purple has been my favorite color for most of my life. I had a short love affair with orange once but it was over almost before it started. Every shade of purple inspires me. The scent of lavender comforts me. You can imagine the thrill of visiting a lavender farm would be for me.


A few years back I’d heard a lavender farm had opened up in my hometown stomping grounds. I couldn’t wait to see for myself. I had wanted to visit while the plants were in full bloom. Timing was off. Well, not so much the timing. We were there, but got lost. This visit we tried again even though they had already cultivated the crops.



They have a couple of Maremma dogs who herd the sheep and greet the visitors.


The lavender farm is located on an historic estate. The gift shop is loaded with lavender products. This year they distilled essential oils. I purchased both grosso (purple lavender) and melissa (white lavender) essential oils. I found the oils are stronger than those I’ve purchased from health food stores and online. Perhaps it is a more pure form since it’s coming from the source rather than going through several handlers. I also purchased some lavender and orange tea bags that also contains bergamot…haven’t tried it yet but am sure it’ll be wonderful.


Inglewood Farm is located in beautiful Nelson County (Arrington, Virginia).


If you’re unable to visit the lavender farm but would like to purchase products, they sell them online as well.


31 thoughts on “Inglewood Lavender Farm

  1. Okay Suzi, I would have gone BONKERS there because lavender is my favorite essential oil fragrance!

    That farms looks amazing! And I probably would have bought everything in the General Store!

    Beautiful photos! I can SMELL the lavender in them!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Enjoyed!


    Also, I LOVED that quote!

    • I loved perusing the products in the gift shop, but I kept thinking how I could use my essential oil and make my own. Now that I’m home I realize I won’t make them, so I’ll end up ordering them online from their gift shop or going back by there on my next visit. Tried the tea and love it. Also love both types of essential lavender I bought! Do you know if there’s much of a difference holistically between the melissa and grosso?

  2. I read something over the weekend that lavender essential oil repelled mosquitoes. They are out in full force right now, so I’m definitely going to check out their website. (And I’m going to plant a couple pots of lavender to keep on our patio, too :))

  3. Susan you are so fortunate to live within driving distance of lavender farms, the seashore, rivers, streams, woods, mountains etc etc. I am pea green with envy. But thank you for sharing your adventures with us so we can enjoy them too.
    PS. I visited a gorgeous lavender farm in Hawaii once. They had a restaurant serving lavender infused butter, lavender salt, salads with lavender, well you get the picture. I was a bit purple as we drove away but ecstatic none the less.

    • I realize I am very fortunate to have all of this near me. I don’t take the natural beauty of my surroundings for granted.
      I’ll bet that was a really cool experience. They offer lavender massages at this one, but you have to schedule them in advance. They had two different cook books as well, but it appeared most of the recipes were using lavender blossoms rather than oil. I googled recipes for lavender oil and one of the sites stated the oil is somewhat bitter and should be mixed with (I can’t remember which one) another oil. Anyway, they said the lavender lemonade is fabulous so I”d like to try it some day. I am enjoying the lavender & orange tea (also contains bergamot) I bought there.

  4. Purple is hands down my favorite color. My old Honda Civic was purple, although the dealer said it was grey. Whatever.
    I’ve heard this farm is lovely, but I’ve yet to go. However, I’ve tried making my own lavender infused gin for gin & tonics and it’s lovely. I highly recommend it. Yet another wonderful use for lavender.

    • Seriously? That’s wonderful. I’ve tried growing it in my gardens a few times. It did great the first time until I transplanted it. Last year I planted two plants in one flower bed, two in another, and one in yet another. Two survived in the largest bed and the other three plants died. I’ve read they like well drained soil and not too much water. And maybe location (sunniness) made a difference as well.

  5. Lavender is my absolute favourite! Whenever we go to the farmer’s market I can instantly tell if someone is selling lavender. Love the aroma. Wish I had been with you. 🙂

  6. Oh My!! This would be a fantastic place to spend the day! I bet the aroma when the flowers are in full bloom is intoxicating. Love your shots and the furry, four-legged doorman.

  7. Oh, I bet there essential oil is much “better” than other places. It is probably really pure and FRESH! How fabulous! Have you tried the tea yet? I am reading this a couple of weeks after you posted so maybe you have had a chance to try it. 🙂

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