A Stroll Through Stumpy Lake

Since DirtMan and I neglected Wylie (our labradoodle) by leaving her with Oldest instead of taking her with us canoeing on Saturday, we followed through with our promise to take her out on Sunday. Yes, we talk to our dog like she’s a person, and yes she understands us. If you have a pet, you know what I mean. Anyway, we took her for a short hike on Sunday. We had never been to Stumpy Lake Park, but it has a few short trails which were what we were looking for. The parking is quite limited considering it’s a city park with a golf course. It also has a nice kayak/canoe launch which we plan to try out another day. With wagging tail and nose to the ground Wylie led the way.


While admiring the various shades of green fungi I noticed this huge eyed bug. It didn’t move, so I assumed the specks on it were fungus and it was dead. WRONG! I about had a heart attack as it scurried across the log as I was crouching over it for a photo. apparently, those specks were bits of dry wood from where it had been boring through the tree.


Quite a work of art, isn’t it? Nature can surely paint a canvas or build a statue out of thin air!


This little guy hopped out of nowhere! Ok, he was actually beneath the log. DirtMan commented to me how we think we’re looking at nothing and then we look closer and see all sorts of things.

IMG_4638And wherever there’s swampland, there are Cypress trees and knees!

IMG_4639I love the way the sun filters through the branches and casts reflections across the black water. It takes a gloomy setting and transforms it into a bright and beautiful scene.

IMG_4641Check out these knees…looks like a woodland fairy to me. See two knees and an elbow emerging from the muck? Ok, I have an overactive imagination!

IMG_4645DirtMan pointed this out to me for a photo. I asked why, and he replied, “It’s a single shaded flower with sunlight filtering in highlighting it.” He further explained it looked like the sort of thing I usually photograph due to some philosophy about it rolling through my head. Eh, maybe he’s right so I snapped a shot.

IMG_4653Who knew toadstools were even lovelier photographed from beneath?

31 thoughts on “A Stroll Through Stumpy Lake

  1. Great photos! The ‘knee’ photo is really creepy, it really does look like a human leg protruding. The toad stool photo is amazing, such intricate design! 🙂

  2. ” Yes, we talk to our dog like she’s a person, and yes she understands us. ”

    Oh, and I TOTALLY believe that, Suzi! I used to have a cat (Jerry) whom I would also talk to like a person, and I KNOW he understood me.

    AMAZING shots!

    ” See two knees and an elbow emerging from the muck? Ok, I have an overactive imagination!”

    HA! That’s EXACTLY what it looks like!!!!!

    That last shot of the toadstool is stunning!

    Thanks for sharing your walk, my friend. Muchly enjoyed! Have a super weekend!


  3. A well-documented adventure. So many interesting little things that I enjoyed your nature walk with you. And, yes, we do know about our canine – and feline – friends and their understanding.

  4. Stumpy Lake, what a fabulous name. Looks like Wylie had a grand walk! My hubby taught me to photograph toadstools from underneath. They are pretty amazing, aren’t they, and even more amazing is the contortions we go through to get underneath shots. heh heh.

  5. That is a weird bug! Only trouble about the stool from underneath is you missed the toad – oh, you have another pic for that! Actually, a pic of a toad on a toadstool would be fun if it could be persuaded to stay there long enough to get it! 🙂

  6. That bug is amazingly creepy – I reckon those are false eye spots meant to confuse a predator, or at least scare the crap out of a predator anyway. I can just see the story of those knees coming out of the ground beginning to unfold in my mind. Thanks for sharing your unique vision with us.

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