Peace Of The Lotus In The Midst Of A Storm

Say not, “I have found the truth,” but rather, ”I have found a truth.” Say not, “I have found the path of the soul.”  Say rather, “I have met the soul walking upon my path.” For the soul walks upon all paths…The soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals. ~Kahlil Gibran


DirtMan and I were itching to get into nature, so we took the canoe out on Saturday. We let out here at Lotus Pond. I had hoped to get there earlier in the summer while it was in full bloom, but as it goes we missed what must have been a spectacular water scene.


The water was thick with lotus pads and root systems. We maneuvered our way through, careful not to disturb the plant systems.


Even the pods are lovely.


A few golden treasures remained in bloom. These are American Lotus, Nelumbo Lutea, not the same lotus variety we saw at Alligator River.


Soon we were past the lotus and in open water headed toward Back Bay.


Just as the lotus faded out, the Cypress trees and knees came into view.


I thought the clouds looked a bit ominous, But DirtMan assured me the forecast was not calling for storms in our area. At most, though not called for, we might get a light shower. I wasn’t concerned about getting wet…I didn’t want to be in water in a canoe with lightening!


We stopped several times and checked the weather via cell phone. Storms were to the south of us, so all was well. If it turned instead of going around us we had an hour and a half to get back, so we continued rowing and enjoying the view, just us and nature.


The sky blackened quicker than a pot of percolating coffee. DirtMan checked the GPS to see how far we were out and the weather again. He said the storm shouldn’t hit for at least thirty minutes…this was only maybe ten minutes from the last time we checked!


Then we saw lightening flash in the distance. DirtMan said it appeared to be at the Oceanfront, about ten miles away, estimating we did indeed have about thirty minutes to get back. The sky started to rumble, grumble, and roar baring its bright teeth now and then. It was enough to set me in panic mode…DirtMan had no idea I could paddle so fast. I became an Energizer bunny on steroids.

As I placed my foot on dry ground, the sky exploded. I’d love to say were calm and cool and danced in the rain, but in actuality we frantically loaded our canoe on the truck while a parade of cars from the beach whizzed by us. One jeep honked and excitedly waved at us, almost like a high five…and yes, we each pulled a hand off the canoe to wave back. Did that give us admittance to a special canoe club?

I can’t begin to tell you how my muscles ached and cramped later…but oh so worth the beauty of the trip!


On another note, remember how I told you Alligator River was named for the shape of the river and there are no alligators? Well, DirtMan was looking at Google Earth and saw several photos of alligators, right at the bridge we let in and out at, twice…the bridge we went beneath four times! Yeah, I’m glad we didn’t see any. He’s disappointed we didn’t see any. I mean I might would have liked to have gotten a picture…from a far distance zooming in. How about you, would you canoe waters known to have alligators?

25 thoughts on “Peace Of The Lotus In The Midst Of A Storm

  1. Great post! I like reading about your canoe adventures. Lightning is so dangerous, glad you made it back safe! I would never canoe in known gator waters, no way. Sam I am but I would not eat green eggs and ham… 😉

  2. Sounds like the storm added a bit of adventure to your relaxing afternoon! Would I canoe waters known to have alligators? No! Absolutely not! My most recent trip in a canoe included overturning and taking a bit of a swim in very cold river waters – that was fine, but in waters with alligators? Not so fine.

  3. I love lotus flowers and water lilies. They always make me think of fairies for some reason! This looks like such a peaceful place. You’re so fortunate to have access to this beautiful place.

  4. It sounds so peaceful and looks so lovely — thanks for the reminder that dangers like alligators lurk beneath the surface! Glad you had a safe trip — isn’t it great to have cell phones to alert us of bad weather’s approach?!

  5. You made it! Glad the Jeep folks acknowledged your accomplishment … it seems like one of those moments when, if life were fair, you’d suddenly be handed a trophy.

  6. Suzi, LOVED that quote by Kahlil Gibran!

    And what gorgeous photos! I especially love the one of the BIG pad and the one of the stormy sky!

    “I became an Energizer bunny on steroids.”

    CRACKED ME UP!!!!!!

    Yes, I have not canoed in alligator waters, but have WATER SKIED. Can you believe that? On the St John’s River in Orlando, Florida. YIKES!


  7. I thought you said about the storm…”baring its bright teeth” – I fell in love with it. I reread it to make sure I had it right…and it said “blaring its bright teeth…” Tell me that last is a typo 😛 The Energizer bunny commented also cracked me up.

    Would I do ANYTHING in water with known alligators around? Uh uh, not me, boy, no way Jose, absolutely definitely positively unquestionably emphatically NO! See, I don’t like alligators. That’s why I live in Canada, some 2,000 miles away from creepy crawlies with large teeth and made for purses bodies. You are brave. Sometimes I think Dirt Man needs a bop on the head lol

    • Ha, thanks I don’t always catch some of my typos! And yes, DirtMan is lucky I haven’t bopped in the head yet with some of the things he gets me into, lol!

  8. Nope, I would NOT go adventuring with gators because I value all my body parts. However, I can relate to your weather panic on the water as I too have been caught in a thunderstorm while boating several times and it is a scary experience. Weather reports help, but Mother Nature has a mind of her own and can whip up a doozie of a storm before you realize what’s happening!

  9. “The sky started to rumble, grumble, and roar baring its bright teeth now and then. It was enough to set me in panic mode…DirtMan had no idea I could paddle so fast. I became an Energizer bunny on steroids.”

    Mother Nature is full of surprises. Glad you made it back to shore safe and sound.

    And, no, I’m not interested in canoeing around gators. I prefer to steer clear of their turf.

  10. I’d definitely skip canoeing around gators…I’d rather be on a lake during lightning 🙂 That’s one way to get in a great workout! I’m glad you made it out safely and got so many pretty photos.

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