Refusing To Slip Into Disaray



While I’ve learned stepping outside the box is stimulating and educational for me, it is daily routine which offers me security and keeps me physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit.

More than a matter of comfort, my daily routine is necessary for my wellbeing. Without tending to the daily practices of life, my house would quickly slip into disrepair. While this is true with home maintenance, I am speaking of my body in all aspects.

I depend on my alone time to start and end my day. I enjoy a time of quiet reflection and gratitude. My prayer life centers and energizes me. Communing with nature allows me to see things in a different perspective and encourages me to be aware of the now in all its simplicity and complexity.

I have writing practices I don’t always employ but which I come back to. It’s the same with exercise and house cleaning. What I’m saying is I don’t have a check list with days of chores, but I generally get to those things…eventually!

Lately, I’ve felt my body slipping into disrepair. Nothing major, just extreme fatigue. I decided since I turned a half a century, it was time for some regular medical checkups. I’ve aced all of my tests! My family doctor ran through my symptoms with me.

Doctor: You’re asking ME if these symptoms are muscular or neurological? Ummm, I’m just a family doctor. I wouldn’t know. You need to see a neurologist or rheumatologist, but I can give you a prescription. Are you opposed to medication?

Me: Yes, I am opposed to taking a prescription if I can get the same results holistically.

You see, I’ve taken the RX he was suggesting years ago, and it made me foggy, like I need more of that! He was surprised I minded feeling groggy and foggy. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as he was so quick to send me to someone else. My former, now retired, family doctor used to get angry when I went to my rheumatologist or neurologist. He claimed he could do the very same thing, but at a much lower cost. I guess these two doctors are the difference between old school and new school. Since then I’ve attempted to take my health in my own hands. I’ve felt much better med-free…until recently. Most likely my fatigue is due to menopause jumping in with the fibromyalgia.  I’m finding relief with essential oils.

Anyway, my point other than rambling is I know I must continue my routines… or my physical, emotional, and spiritual health will suffer.

For now, I’m moving slowly and trying to figure out where I’m lacking so I can play catch up.

Do you believe in holistic healthcare? Do you use essential oils or nutritional supplements? Do you follow an exercise routine? Do you follow a daily/weekly spiritual practice? I’m curious how you keep yourselves balanced and fit.

27 thoughts on “Refusing To Slip Into Disaray

  1. Good words. I dated a gal with Fibromyalgia some years ago, it was most difficult for her some days. My wife and I try to go without medications as much as possible but sometimes there are no alternatives. Be well my friend. 🙂

    • I have more pain without the meds, but otherwise my health is better without them. I am able to get relief using an essential oil mix as a massage. If I really need it I will take Motrin, but only if I’m in extreme pain.

  2. As much as I love being spontaneous and travel…I crave and love my routine at home even more. I am leaning toward healing myself holistically the older I get. I hope you find the relief you are seeking.

  3. Suzi, I hope you easily fall into healthy routines that make you feel better. Sleepiness is a challenge of mine, too.
    A few weeks ago, I was given 3 months to get my cholesterol levels down … trying to change habits and make new routines is more difficult then it used to be. Once school starts in 3 weeks, all routines I developed over the summer are gone. School stuff takes over my life .. I don’t like the way my life is balanced. Instead of daily or weekly routines, I have 9 months of school routines and 3 months of summer routines and they are totally different.

    • Fortunately my cholesterol and glucose are both good. Even exhausted I have a difficult time falling and staying asleep. I’m hoping to incorporate some new practices to make a healthier me.
      I imagine that is difficult to swing between school and vacation routines.

  4. Menopause! Or, more accurately, Peri-menopause. Because menopause is the destination, not the journey. It kicked my butt for about 3 years. But I got through it without hormone replacement therapy and feel much better now. I also drastically reduced my intake of food made with white flour and white sugar. And you’d be amazed at everything that uses those two ingredients! In the process, I upped the exercise by walking 2-3 miles a day and lost 30 pounds. I don’t like taking meds unless they are absolutely necessary. I take vitamins and supplements when I remember…which is sketchy at best. Most importantly for me, I try to feed my faith regularly, reduce my stress (which go hand-in-hand) and drink a lot of wine. 🙂 Hope you find what works best for you!

    • Aha…peri it is then! I don’t want to do HRT. I’ve cut back on the sugar. I generally eat healthy foods…even changed my chocolate to dark organic, 72 percent cocoa and cut back on the wine…perhaps, this is my problem, lol!

  5. Diet is important. Recently husband has been advised to pay close attention to his diet. Interestingly, rather than feeling overwhelmed, I have welcomed changing up things and it has even energized me and him delighting in “new” dishes. Yes, fresh is better. Spices are tastier than salt and fat. Butter is greasy. We are having fun discovering “new” recipes to us. For fatigue, start out your day with OJ, apricots, or grapefruit. For lunch something as delightful as chicken salad sandwiches…include half grapes, minced scallions and fresh parsley. For dinner fowl or fish + yummy vegetables.

    • We eat fairly healthy. We have friends who “clean eat” and have lost lots of weight. I admit I do love my bread and pasta! I’m cutting back though! I’ve always loved fresh vegetables and fruit and am not one to fry food. However, I do not use margarine, only olive oil and real butter. i don’t use sugar substitutes either. I use real sugar when I cook or bake, but things like tea or coffee I take black.

  6. My nurse practitioner thinks that my low energy issues are related to my low sodium, iron & vitamin D – so I’m supposed to eat more salt and take supplements. Most of my girlfriends think that if this is low energy, they should be so lucky.
    I do try to work our regularly (3-4 times a week), although with summer, that’s sort of out the window. I’ll get back into the swing of it when school starts back up. I do yoga once a week and I’m very much into holistic healing. I eat a good bit of butter & cream, which is balanced out with all the red wine & whole wheat bread I put my butter on. The main motivation behind all my canning is that I want to know where my food comes from, how it was grown and exactly what’s in that jar. I still have a fondness for certain junk foods, but I don’t keep them around the house on a regular basis. We tend to eat seasonally, mostly vegetarian, as neither Pat nor I care much for meat.
    Honestly, I’ve been super hyper about eating right and exercising regularly since I was in my 20’s. Everything in moderation, including moderation.

  7. Bizarre that your doctor was amazed that you were asking her/him about your symptoms. Sad — to me that s/he was so quick to want to prescribe a drug especially when s/he doesn’t even know the cause. A drug to mask the symptoms, I guess.

    How are you using the essential oils to help? What essential oils are you using?

    I believe in holistic healthcare. I use essential oils, but I am using them mostly aromatherapy style. Once I put one on a burn. I used to take calcium, but now that I am not working and my routine is a bit different I forget. I don’t really have an exercise routine because I am either teaching Nia or Yoga or practicing a routine of Nia or Yoga. I do not have a daily/weekly spiritual practice, but I pray often, even if it is just a, “Thank you, God for . . . . ”

    I feel there is always room for improvement in the balanced and fit area, but that is a journey. 🙂

    • I use some for aroma therapy. Topically, I use peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary for pain. Clary Sage is good for menopausal symptoms. Peppermint for headaches. I put grapefruit in my water or lemon or orange. I use lavender or peppermint for burns. Lemon and lavender blend is a good antihistamine for allergies, topically. Peppermint in a water spray keeps spiders or bugs away. Tea tree is good for cleaning as are bergamot and lemon. I could go on and on. All you have to do is google an oil or a condition and essential oil together and the answers appear!
      It really is all about the journey, isn’t it?

      • It is amazing all the things ONE essential oil is good for. Oh, and I was incorrect, I used Eucalyptus on a bug bite, not a burn. I always think, “Oh, one of my oils is good for that, then I pick up a bottle to read the label and try to find the one I was thinking of and usually before I get to it I have found another one that works for whatever I was grabbing an oil for.” But at this point I usually just inhale it.

        Do you have a particular brand you are purchasing and are fond of?

        It is fun to discover.

      • I bought a few book, but they didn’t give me as much info as the internet. I started compiling the info and made myself a notebook, labeled by oil and then by uses (needs) with oils that work and included recipes for the blends.
        It is fun learning about them. I almost feel like a shaman at times when I’m whipping up a potion for a bath, massage oil, or pain remedy,lol! I really like what they’re doing for me.
        I’ve tried a few different brands. Appears the ones at the health food stores aren’t as potent as some of the other names floating around. I just ordered a bunch from Birch Hill Happenings and Edens Garden. The Birch Hill Happenings appear stronger than the Edens though the Edens is cheaper and is still more potent than the ones at the health store. I hear a lot about doTerra and Young Living, but haven’t tried them yet. I’m hoping to get by a Lavender Farm this weekend while I’m out of town…they distilled their lavender a few weeks ago and are selling the essential oil there. I’m excited to see the difference between what I’ve ordered and what comes directly from the source.

      • Meant to add that Rosemary and Grapefruit are good detox oils…use in bath or as a massage oil with carrier. I’ve also experimented with carrier oils. I prefer grapeseed with sweet almond as a close second. I like coconut ok but a bit too oily, and I haven’t tried jojoba yet.

      • Oh, I forgot. I have put essential oils into sugar scrubs. I made a batch with Lavender and Peppermint and lemon zest. Then my next batch had a lot more, including Ylang, Ylang. I just added an essential oil category to my blog.

      • Yes, I love Ylang Ylang. I’ve made body scrubs and lotions…along with shampoo, bath wash, and hand soap! Going to try make up wipes and wipes for cleaning later. Also got recipes for all sort of household uses and cleaners…going there a bit more slowly. I don’t know that it saves all that much money, but it helps take the chemicals out of our every day use.
        Yay, for the essential oil category! I subscribe to some essential oil blogs…good info on them!

      • I think I was typing as you were typing. I have not heard of Birch or Eden. I know a few doTerra reps. I received a couple of samples from one. Love their Elevation. Their products are currently out of my price range. I also know a Young Living rep. I am not certain about their prices. I have purchased Plant Therapy. I like them. I have not tried any others.

        I like the idea of a book. I should do that. Just yesterday I did make note of one oils uses, but I just find myself looking at the bottles. I think as I empty the bottles, I will peel off the labels and put them in a note book.

        Oooo! Let me know about the lavender from the farm. I bet it will be exquisite!

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