Does A Dish Fairy Live At Your House?

Some of you “empty nesters” may have on occasion had your grown children living back at home with you for short (or perhaps long) periods of time. Such is with us right now. It takes adjustments for all involved.

Fortunately, our sons do their own laundry. Oldest does all of the yard work. All in all, we don’t see much of them. However, we do find remnants of their lives at home…especially, in the kitchen sink!

Before we left on vacation, I mentioned to them that contrary to popular belief the dish fairy really doesn’t live here. Point was I did not want to return home to a sink full of dirty dishes. Seriously, how difficult is it to rinse a dish and place it in the dishwasher? I came home to a spotless house, kitchen included.

Shortly thereafter our return, dishes would again appear in the sink in the mornings. Guess who ended up cleaning them?

I reminded the folks in this household the dish fairy does not live here.

“There are no dishes in the sink. The dish fairy really does live here.”

Later I find more dishes in the sink. I decide to scope out the dish fairy. I stealthily slipped by the kitchen every time I heard a chip bag rustle or a glass clank. I stayed on kitchen guard for hours. Finally, I gave in and rinsed the dishes and placed them in the dishwasher.

“Wow, the dish fairy came again!”

Well, I knew the dish fairy most certainly had to be female. Seriously, how many men do you know willingly wash other people’s dishes?

I set up surveillance again. Tired of waiting, I took care of items left in the sink.

Rumor has it the dish fairy looks much like this…minus the smile; after all she’s doing the dishes!

SuziCate (1)

…And NO, this dish fairy will not be visiting your house!

Seriously, being such a minor complaint to what some of my friends have told me, things look good around here…

33 thoughts on “Does A Dish Fairy Live At Your House?

  1. With Kat here I have a dinner fairy, with an occasional bit of dish fairy thrown in. However, with a dinner fairy, I don’t really mind being the dish fairy. But if you want to talk about when I have no dinner fairy. . . .

  2. I’m trying to figure out how to retire. To do this, I need a dish fairy, a bathroom fairy, a vacuum fairy … and a laundry fairy. The problem is that I’m not ready for the geriatric ambiance of the places where those amenities are most readily obtainable. I’ve heard that the alternative is to obtain a wife. Anyone know of a place where one can pick up a spare wife at a reasonable price? But, wait. I see a gleam in somebody’s eye at that thought. More gleam than I’m happy about. And now I remember — *I* am a wife. I am THEY wife. So much for that. Guess I”m as stuck as you are. Fairy.Wife. Whatever. But aren’t we having fun!

  3. That happens at my office ALL THE TIME. It drives me insane – the dish washer is literally right next to the sink, but day in and day out, I’ll come into the kitchen with an empty dishwasher and tons of dishes in the sink! But, I guess I am the Dish Fairy because I end up cleaning them up!

  4. Super cute picture of you. My husband is pretty good about helping with the dishes. I am ok putting them in the dishwasher as long as they have been soaked. That is so crucial!

  5. You are a super mom. I am currently the dish fairy (or whatever the masculine of that is), and I can see that my talks with young ears are falling on deaf ears. Let me know how you succeed–I’ll be taking notes.

    • Now, I admit if they eat dinner with us they always rinse their dishes and put them in the dishwasher…and my hubby does them after dinner as well…it’s all those times in between, lol!

  6. You KNOW I can relate to this scenario with Peanut and her family back under our roof. I think the Dish Fairy’s cousin lives at my house. 🙂

  7. Oh, you don’t want to get me started on the dishes…if they actually get their cereal bowls in the dishwasher, they don’t bother to rinse their cereal pieces out of the sink.

  8. I’d love for them to get the dishes in the sink – they seem to think that they should be scattered all over the counter instead.
    I will say this – after dinner every night, Pat cleans the kitchen. There are some days where I’ll leave the breakfast (and lunch dishes) and I’ve noticed that for a few days after that, the dish fairy does tend to show up and make breakfast dishes go away before I start cooking dinner.

    • Yes, I do admit my hubby does the dishes after dinner as well, that is unless he cooks (which isn’t that often) then I clean. I do trick him into grilling a lot though. It’s the “after hours” dishes that are the problem!

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