Living Water

“The objects I chose were designed to hold something, but I didn’t fill them up. They remained empty. They were little symbolic shrines to thirst.” ― Margaret Atwood, Moral Disorder: and Other Stories


We thirst for life. For love. For excitement. For more of whatever we have.

We sit waiting for someone to bring us a drink of water. We look to the sky for signs of rain.

When we drink, we are quenched. For a while, at least. Then we want more.

Those are the times we must dig our own wells to water the flowers within.

We really do know what we must do to quench the thirst deep inside.

Perhaps, we’re afraid of drowning. But weren’t we petrified of drying out? Of not fulfilling the call of our souls?

When the drought hits, we must go forth in search of water. When thirsty, we must drink.

23 thoughts on “Living Water

  1. Wise and inspiring words, Suzi!

    “When the drought hits, we must go forth in search of water. When thirsty, we must drink.”

    Loved that!

    Awesome post, my friend. And what a beautiful photo!

    Have a lovely weekend……X

  2. I am speechless here, because what can you say in the face of an obvious truth? Except maybe, “Yes, I am dehydrated, and not from lack of water either.” I guess it’s time to get out the old water witching rod.

    • My daddy’s favorite rod was a forked wild cherry branch, but he did just as well with a bent coat hanger, lol! My point is we can fill up with different resources. I was feeling quenched myself, but better today. Why? Not sure…just one of those things.

    • I’m reading an interesting book right now about that, and one thing I read truly stuck out for me. Those of us who have zigzagged so to speak must remember there is no clear straight line from here to there. There are few people who get their soul calling at first try, or more specifically, our calls vary throughout life…we are called to do different things at different times before we reach that final call.

  3. I could go so many places with this topic! But the first thing that popped into my head is the quote, God gives every bird its food, but he does not throw it into the nest When we have a thirst, it’s a sign we need fulfillment of something…and we need to go get it!

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