From Here To There



While sitting on my swing yesterday enjoying the breeze and listening to the birdsong, a neighbor dropped by to tell me she was moving. I watched her coming out of the house with bed linens rolled in a ball with tail of sheet dragging behind her. She tossed the ball onto the back of a truck and tucked the wayward sheet on top. I laughed to myself thinking it was much like my younger son had packed when he moved. Now if I was moving I would fold my linens and pack them in a box.

This difference in packing and moving doesn’t make either of us right or wrong. What’s works for me doesn’t necessarily work for another. We are each unique. That’s the beauty of life.

My problem is I would have obsessed about those sheets flying into the air and obstructing someone’s windshield and causing an accident.

The point is she arrived as safely and timely with her belongings strewn upon the back of a pickup as she would have if she’d carefully boxed and tied them down…and she probably saved a lot of time as well.

We each travel in our own distinct ways.

Some stretch out their arms and ride the wind.

Others crawl, clawing the ground along the way.

We each take one step at a time into the vast unknown.

Regardless the preparation or manner of travel on the journey, we will someday wind up at the same place. It matters little how we get there. It’s all about what we experience along the way.

28 thoughts on “From Here To There

  1. I hope your new neighbors are good folk. Have you ever wondered while people watching at say, an airport, who these folks are and what their story is? We all have a story. Where they’ve been and where they may end up? What will be that person’s final fate… Or maybe I am just weird… 😉

    • She was just someone staying with a neighbor for a while, but this neighbor did just put her house up for sale. I hope we get nice neighbors as well. I’ve really enjoyed being neighbors with this one. And yes, I think we all people watch a bit and wonder what their stories are.

  2. I would like to be one of the ones that “stretches out their arms and rides the wind”, but I would neatly fold and put into boxes, then tape them shut.

  3. I’m with you on this one, Suzi — I’d fold, pack carefully, and label each box. That doesn’t make it right or wrong; it’s just how I like to do things. We all should be tolerant of others doing things differently, though, don’t you agree?

  4. Suzi, I always love how you notice the most simplest of things and then find deep meaning (an analogy) in them.

    Like you, I pack carefully as well.

    “Regardless the preparation or manner of travel on the journey, we will someday wind up at the same place. It matters little how we get there. It’s all about what we experience along the way.”

    You said it, my friend! It’s all about what we experience along the way.

    Have a super Monday!


  5. In college, I was moving around the corner and thought we could just carry my bed up the street – and the drawers from my dresser still full of clothes. My boyfriend at the time did not think so. Needless to say, he was not my boyfriend by the end of that move.

  6. I used to call my packing to and from college as “Hefty Luggage” I just threw everything in a Hefty bag and called it a day. My Mom would just shake her head whenever I came home to visit. 😀

  7. Moving is such an emotional turmoil for me. Even when I want to make a change, it upsets me to do so. So I stall in the preparation, wait until the last possible moment, and try my hardest to make thing go smoothly. (Moving with movers coming in to pack me up and move is the easiest, but most traumatic for me. I like control and relinquishing it bothers me.) I’m just not going to move for a long long time.

  8. I am the most organized traveler that there ever was. If I am flying, everything I am taking has to be neatly shoved into one suitcase (the one I will check) and one computer case (the one I will take on board with me). If I am driving, everything has to be nealty thrown in the back of the vehicle. And why is it that when I get ready to come back my luggage is like one of those tents or sleeping bags that will never quite go back in the case it came in?

    Good stuff.


  9. From there to here and here to there, funny things are everywhere. ~ Dr. Seuss. LOL! I remember an old neighbor asking me to help her pack up her house to move. When I got there, stuff was just thrown in black trash bags!

  10. I pack like your neighbor and the Mrs. packs like you so we are a good balance. I like your message here though–we all have different experiences along the way that shape us.

  11. I would’ve folded and boxed (and labeled) my things as well. Great observation that we all travel differently. Our experiences may be different, but if we’re happy with them then it really doesn’t matter how others would make the journey 🙂

  12. Ha. For me that would not save time at all because after I drove with my sheets just thrown in the back of my truck I would have had to wash them. But maybe they were dirty to begin with. So she didn’t want to fold them and put them in a box. They went directly from ball in the back of the truck to ball in the washing machine. 🙂

    For me, I would also pack differently depending on where I was moving. If I am not going far then I pack a little less carefully.

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