Music: The Universal Language

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ~Plato


My cousins were here for a girl’s beach weekend. Dirt Man and I met them for dinner. As usual there was live music at the park stage outside the restaurant door. To our delight it was a young local talent. This young man started playing guitar at the age of six and began performing at about eight. I think he might be eighteen now.

We were quickly caught up in the music. He played both rock and country. He performed well, but you could see his spirit soar when he was playing/singing rock.

Besides enjoying the music and company, I did what I often do – people watch. It astounds me how music pulls people together.

People of all ages and ethnic groups were dancing and laughing. Happiness flowed through the atmosphere.

It was interesting to watch those dancing for pure delight and those for attention. Some small children stood in front of the stage swaying and tapping their feet while some teenage girls would throw themselves into some frenzied movements and run off giggling and shrieking. There was one particular couple with a small child. This family put on quite a show. The man and woman were obviously into one another while the little boy strummed his invisible guitar with all the gesticulations of a real rock star. There were a few women who totally threw themselves into the moment, hair and hips swinging with arms wildly waving. Most were women dancing with other women while the men watched. I only saw one other man dancing…he appeared much like he was on a first dating trying to make a good impression. In and out of the crowd was yogurt cup character/mascot who danced with anyone who would oblige. There was an older woman behind me who had her moment of fun. She danced with the yogurt cup and took a picture…and this lady could move! Behind her on the wall were her friends and family who were laughing their butts off and videoing them. That yogurt cup didn’t have a thing on that woman, she could move!

Oh, what fun these people had. And what fun we had as spectators. Times like these are ones I wish I wasn’t quite so reserved. They seemed so free and content. They were truly living in the moment. Perhaps I was as well, just in my own way. I suppose how we react to music (emotionally or physically) is based on our individual personalities and perhaps upbringing.

Everyone connects to one form of music or another. Music draws people in, lifts spirits, and touches souls.



It was with great joy and pride to watch Grant Austin Taylor perform. It is truly a blessing to see someone share his gift with others. His enthusiasm spread throughout the audience. It was one happy outdoor venue!

I hope you get the opportunity to have fun with your family and friends tomorrow…and I hope you mix in a bit of music!

Happy Independence Day!

19 thoughts on “Music: The Universal Language

  1. Suzi, as I was reading this post I had the BIGGEST smile on my face while clearing seeing all this going on!

    OMG…what a great experience that must have been!

    And it’s so true…music IS the Universal language. It’s funny because sometimes I’ll hear a song that has words in another language, but it doesn’t really matter because I can still FEEL the meaning and emotion of the words THROUGH the music. I will sometimes go to the opera and purposely NOT look at the subtitles that appear above the stage because I like to try and understand what the singers are saying, just through listening to the emotion within the music score.

    I’m a music freak and will make a complete FOOL of myself by DANCING to it wherever I am. I even do it at CVS when a good song comes on over the PA system – HA! I can’t help it, music makes me just wanna MOVE.

    LOVE both the photos in this post. WOW!

    Have a wonderful Independence day!


  2. I love live performances of music. When I look around in the crowd, there is a sense of genuine comfort among so many as they sway, dance, and rock to the music. There is a definite power that music provides. I often look to music in the best and saddest times in my life.

  3. I love outdoor concerts and rarely need an invitation to start dancing! Sometimes I even dance in the ice cream aisle at the supermarket while perusing the freezer cases for Blue Bell Pralines and Pecan. 😀

    But last week at a Jimmy Buffett party at a restaurant, people were “trying too hard” to have fun. It felt fake and forced. So I just sipped my Sangria and watched.

  4. Outdoor music festivals are great times to feel alive. As you say, music is a universal language. We took our teenagers to the Jazz Festival. Even though it is not their kind of music, they loved the atmosphere and the sweet sounds coming from the stage as well. Top it off with a perfect summer afternoon and picnic food and everyone was happy.

  5. I am like you – I watch, but don’t let loose myself. People watching is great fun though; what’s bad is when I find myself people listening.

  6. Music is the running theme in my relationship with my husband. It is our common denominator. When all else fails, we can always talk about music.

  7. We may not get up and dance (we – because I am like you) but we are definitely enjoying the music … just in a different way … our way. Watching talented people make music is great fun … I get caught up in the music and hopefully the words …. I am usually more tempted to sing along (in a quiet kind of way) ;-).

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