Sock It To Me!

A person who can wear mismatched socks in public without a second thought is someone comfortable in their own skin. ~An original quote by yours truly!

mix match socks 006


I’ve always been dumbfounded by those who can’t find matching socks. Doesn’t everyone sort their socks upon escape from the dryer? Now, we all know that little monster eats a few from time to time.

Though I taught him better, my youngest son throws his socks about . Sounds like the hokey pokey, doesn’t it? Anyway, he used to complain about losing socks all the time. Now, it’s not unusual to see him about in a mismatched pair.

A sock’s purpose is to keep one’s feet warm and protected. Somehow socks have fallen into a fashion statement. I have fallen prey to it.

I adore character socks. It nearly kills me when one of my beloveds becomes threadbare and is victimized with holes. To me, it means the death of a pair. You see, I just can’t fathom wearing mismatched socks! Even in the privacy of my home, I just can’t do it….it just seems so wrong, on so many levels!

I think I should blame my mother for this one. When I was small my socks had to match my clothes…that was until those crazy, colorful, character socks entered my life. My mother insisted my clothes match as well. You know, I couldn’t wear stripes with flowers or plaids with polka dots. Every pattern print needed to be offset with a solid color. And there were colors you couldn’t wear together like pink and red. White and black could be paired with anything, but those weren’t staple clothing in our household like they are today.

mix match socks 001

My mother’s fashion advice served me well…until it didn’t anymore. I discovered quilting where almost anything goes and can be tied in together. And now all sorts of patterns are strewn about in clothing. I am at a total loss as to whether I dress fashionably these days. And more so, I don’t really care anymore.  Maybe I’ve just reached that AGE…and yes, I do love purple!

Back to sock fashion…I know people who buy countless pairs of the same socks so they all have matching socks. What’s the adventure in that? Socks are made not only to be useful, but to be fun in today’s society.  And so it is with socks like many other things in life, I’ve changed my view.

One thing I’ve learned in life is one must be comfortable in their own skin…and you certainly can’t do that if you’re worried about wearing mismatched socks!

I feel daring today. I think I’ll wear mismatched socks. Yes, life is an adventure at my house, how exciting! 

32 thoughts on “Sock It To Me!

  1. Socks with holes are history! Being color blind, matching anything can be tricky too. Have you ever worn your shirt inside out into a restaurant by accident? 😉

    • I sure have worn a shirt inside out in public! Worse, I’ve walked around half a day with broccoli in my teeth only to find out the hubby and both sons knew it and didn’t say a word…Yeah, I was ready to kick some butt that time!

  2. I strongly disagree. A person who can go out in public with NO socks is a person who is comfortable in their own skin. The other person was clearly more comfortable in mismatched socks. 😉

  3. Suzi, I LOVE that quote!!!

    And like so much of how you are about things, I am the same. I could never image wearing mismatched socks. But it’s funny because several times it’s happened that I accidentally put on two different socks (one black and one blue) only to discover it later in the day. It was like a message….”Don’t get so rigid, Ron, even mismatched is good!”

    Great post, my friend! With a great message!


  4. Peanut is notorious for mismatching socks….and shoes! Her reply when brought to her attention is, “It’s okay.” Comfortable in her own skin at age 4. Awesome!

  5. So funny to read this Suzicate – as I just bought some really brightly colored, crazy patch patterned, neon ankle socks to wear with my colorful new walking shoes. I could mix them, mis-match them and be even more on the edge. Woo-hoot!! Who needs gray and black and navy blue? Feet deserve some color too!

  6. Have you seen the large packages of brightly patterned socks that are not matched??? I was intrigued. I never wore character socks until recently. I’m “of a certain age” when I have better things to worry about. My socks are way down on my list of priorities. Good for you! Way to go!

  7. heh heh, glad to see we are breaking out in a whole variety of ways. See, wearing mismatched socks could fall under the “waste not, want not” silliness. Because, throwing out one sock just because the other got lost or worn out, well, that could be wasteful right? Wear ’em i say!

  8. This past winter I wore mismatched socks. Okay I confess – only a couple of times when I was staying home and didn’t expect to see anyone. Baby steps.

  9. I rarely wear socks down here. I did today . . . to go to court for Jury Duty. Two blue socks . . . with black slacks and gray running shoes with neon green and turquoise trim.

    And while I waiting NOT to be called to sit on a jury, I walked and logged 4.09 miles on my pedometer!

    Fun post.

  10. I too love character socks. I think we have the same fashion quirks.
    My offspring however, loves to mix pattern with pattern. And she somehow is able to pull it off. It’s all the rage these days for the kids to not wear matching socks – they do it on purpose. They even sell socks that are mismatched that come in sets of three!
    Go on with your mismatched self!

  11. President Bush #41 is known for wearing loud, patterned socks. It shows his sense of humor. At Barbara Bush’s recent Celebration of Reading event in Houston they gave socks to all the guests…3 socks in a package..all mis matched..from a company called ” Little Mis- Matched”. Very cute!!

  12. What an odd thing we are taught about socks growing up, but I am sure most of us were … Like you, I was taught the mismatched thing was bad, too. … and a sock with a hole had to go. What if the match does not have a hole? If you keep it you can’t wear it because you don’t have a match …. the sock dilemma!
    Question …. how worn out do your favorite socks have to be before you toss them? Do you sew up those small holes to make them last longer?

    • If a toe pokes out or the back of my heel, it’s trashed, with much heartache I must add….sometimes I save them for kids to use to make sock puppets. I’m too lazy to repair them to keep wearing them.

  13. I will only wear mismatched socks that are similar in color (in other words, not frogs and stripes :)) Most of my socks are gray with a colored stripe around them. I can mismatch those without too much grief (because the shoes cover the stripe.) Give me a few more years and I may not care at all!

  14. Well, I must confess I don’t wear mismatched socks (probably because I’m a Virgo, and we feel that everything HAS to match!). You’ve given me something to think about, though I’m not entirely sure I could pull it off!!

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