Before And After

Where do we fit into change? Willing or not we evolve with social conversions. Personally, we are each in constant motion of change, small or large. Experience places its mark on us internally while time molds us as the sea does driftwood.

Out life eras are often described as “before” or “after” the fact. We each have significant life events that alter our very being. Before the illness/after the illness. Before the death of a loved one/after the death of a loved one. Before the stock market crash/after the stock market crash. Before the tornado or hurricane/ after the tornado or hurricane. Before the fire/after the fire. Before the divorce/after the divorce. Before the weight loss (gain)/ after the weight loss (gain). Before religion or spiritual awakening/after religion or spiritual awakening. Before your significant other/after your significant other.

No matter the nature of the life event, we change. Sometimes the changes are minor and other times profound. We might look the same but we are different people inside. We see things from a new perspective. People respond to us in various ways.  While some have a new understanding toward us, others may no longer trust us.

Then there are physical changes we go through. We might lose a lot of weight (or gain), have plastic surgery, get a haircut or dye our hair, or even get a complete makeover. Do these things make us different inside? I suppose it could if it boosts our confidence enough to allow the hidden parts of us come to light. Mostly, we are the same people we’ve always been deep within. Jealousy can often rear its ugly head, and people might judge by appearance rather than by actions.

Change happens willingly and also through situations in which we have no control. We learn in our own way how to allow faith to guide us. I admire those people strong enough to rise above circumstances that can pull one down. We have each been a victim of sorts at one time or another. It is truly a gift to become a victor. It helps to have outside support, but it starts with attitude. No matter what we think, we are not totally in control of life.

When our lives have shifted from the “before” to the “after”, we have the power of choice by the ability to act or react to circumstances. That alone can make all the difference. And may grace pave the rest of the way for us.

Gee, I’m not sure where all this came from…it started out I simply wanted to show you the before and after photos of Wylie. She got a haircut. Wylie had no control in the matter, but she always enjoys a spa day! My point is she looks entirely different.  With her long hair there were people who were frightened of her size. Beneath all that hair was a fit and trim girl. (Wish I could get a haircut and suddenly look fit and trim!) Her eyes are much more noticeable which leads to the guilt trips like when we went out of town without her.  Regardless of how Wylie looks, she is still the sweet loving dog she always was…

Picnic table


Portrait table


Window seat

34 thoughts on “Before And After

  1. A nice change! Looking good there Wylie! As I have aged, it seems we go through seasons or ‘eras’ of our life. The natural progression of things.

  2. Isn’t it funny how we’ll do one thing (like grooming a dog) and then suddenly it will spark something inside us of deeper meaning? AWESOME post, Chrissy!

    And you and I have been on the same wave-length because I’ve been reflecting the process of change as well.

    “Change happens willingly and also through situations in which we have no control.
    No matter what we think, we are not totally in control of life.”

    You said it, my friend. Change is gonna happen regardless of whether we want it to or not. And we are not in total control of life. Only the control of how we experience it and what lessons we derive.

    Great before and after photos of Wylie. She looks like such a lovable and huggable dog!


  3. I asore Wylie’s looks either way. She’s gorgeous! I look in the mirror every day and thank goodness I don’t wear glasses. I look great to me! I don’t see my flaws! I don’t see wrinkles around my eyes! Too bad for people who look at me with glasses on. I’m fatter, wrinklier, and less smart than I used to be. But I’m good with that!

  4. She must have lost 50 pounds of hair! Doesn’t even look like the same dog. I imagine her new ‘do feels pretty good in this heat. I’m with you on getting a hair cut that makes me look trim all over!

  5. Tanner just got shaved as well. The other two dogs didn’t recognize him and didn’t respond very friendly-like! Lots of growling and barking when he came home! Guess humans aren’t the only ones who judge before and after! I think you just sparked a blog post in my mind too!! 🙂

  6. Bella is about to get a little “lightening up” of her fur too… they always look so different afterward! Your sweetie looks like a love… I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your quotes and photos up above the post. I haven’t visited in a bit so didn’t recall them. They are brilliant, profound and moving. Thank you for that gift for today. XO

  7. My golly, but Wylie is a darling! I can see what you mean, though, about some people being afraid of her “bigger” self. Sometimes all it takes for a new perspective is messing with our hair, ha!

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