Fun With The Sexy Voice Command

Today I’m not posting inspiration or photos, but something to lighten you day and perhaps give you a chuckle.

“Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.” ~Mark Twain

In the evenings DirtMan and I sometimes hang together and other times we each disappear into our various hobbies. When we hang we have moments of serious conversation and other times quite light. Though we are both cancers which make us sensitive homebodies, we still have other varying personality traits which balance each other. We have been known to absorb into serious levels of thought which takes the humor of the other person to pull us back to reality! The following is one of our lighthearted exchanges from the other night.

We both recently updated our cell phones. I’m not quite as savvy with mine as DirtMan. He’s playing with the voice command.

DirtMan: Oh, she has a sexy voice.

Me: Seriously, you think her voice is sexy? She’s the same voice on everything.  (But then again NOW she belongs to HIM!)

DirtMan: Come on, listen to her: Call. Susan Payne.

Sexy Voice  Command: Did you say Message. Craig (last name in audible)?

DirtMan: No, I said call Susan Payne

Sexy Voice  Command: Did you say Call. Craig (last name in audible)?

DirtMan:  No, I said CALL Susan Payne (I’m laughing my butt off at this point. Obviously Sexy Voice is either dumb or she has a hearing problem!)

Sexy Voice  Command: Message Susan Payne.


Sexy Voice Command: Call A$$hole

Me: Did Sexy Lady just call me an a$$hole?

DirtMan: (Laughing like crazy) No, she’s talking about a contact.

Me: What? Who has a contact named A$$hole?(Meantime Voice Command is calling A$$hole and DirtMan is struggling to shut it off before he answers.)

DirtMan: I do.

Me: No way!

DirtMan: Yes, it’s someone I don’t like but must deal with. Then to Voice Command he says Call Susan Payne

Voice Command: Call Susan Payne…my phone starts ringing…

Then DirtMan programs his phone to a special ringtone for A$$hole: A$$hole calling! A$$hole calling!

Me: I can’t believe you just did that. You better hope you’re alone when your phone starts ringing like that!

DirtMan is a trip…he keeps me laughing for sure. Perhaps Sexy Voice Command has a sense of humor as well.

34 thoughts on “Fun With The Sexy Voice Command

  1. “Sexy Voice Command: Call A$$hole

    Me: Did Sexy Lady just call me an a$$hole?”

    Bwhahahahahahaha! HILARIOUS, Suzi!!!

    FUN post, my friend!!!!


    • After this he continued to tell her he needed help, and she continued trying to message or call different contacts…I think the hubby will forget Voice Command and use the touch mode, lol!

  2. OMG, I got halfway through this and almost spit my lunch all over the screen! Too funny and you’re retelling of the story is fantastic. I wonder what hair color she has? (I’m naturally blonde, so I can make that joke.) 😉

  3. Thanks for the chuckles, Suzi! BFF and I often get to laughing like that and we can’t stop. I don’t always share those moments on SLTW. Sometimes, you just have to be there.

    Glad you could share sexy voice command with us. 😀

  4. Ugh. Useless. My husband has my name MISSPELLED in his phone because his phone does not recognize it (voice-commandwise) when it is spelled correctly. I always laugh at the voice command stuff because by the time it does what you want you could probably have hand dialed and been done talking to the person.

    This was really funny.

  5. When I first started dating my sweetie, my BFF asked “does he make you laugh?”. She was wise and knows that makes all the difference and yep he does make me laugh. Silliness is seriously underrated I say!

  6. Just forwarded your post along to my husband…can’t wait to hear his response. He says Siri, the voice command on his phone, doesn’t sound very sexy…guess he’ll be checking out the voice options soon!…hmmmm…

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