An Odd Bird Indeed!

This photo I took of a green egret never fails to crack me up. He seems to be saying, "Take me as I am, goofiness and all!"

This photo I took of a green egret never fails to crack me up. He seems to be saying, “Take me as I am, goofiness and all!”

It seems like the people from my childhood I thought to be strange are now the ones whose stories fascinate me. I probably never knew their full stories and how I wish I did.

“Jesus loves me this I know…” a high pitched squeak woke me up most Sunday mornings as she reached the hill above my house.  “…for the bible tells me so” as she waddled her way down the hill to my drive way. And the song continued around the bend.  Perhaps Amazing Grace or some other hymn belted from her pasty lips as she crossed the bridge over the river and up the next hill. Her voice would linger in the air long after her frizzy hair and long, flowing skirts escaped the view from my bedroom window.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine”…these words did not emerge from anyone’s throat but was the tune to the old man pushing his gas pedal as he drove through the little town. He’d tip his hand at his hat, smile, and keep on his way.

Then there was the man who lived in a school bus and often caught a ride through town on our school bus. And the man who wore a rainbow wig. And another man who walked the roads all day long. Another who hunted treasure with a geiger counter. There were countless indiviuals who were authentic to the core. Each of them had an interesting story. I knew bits and pieces of their lives as my parents had known them forever, but I’m sure none of us knew the whole story. They were hometown folk; their quirkiness now etched in the memory of a small child now grown. As strange as these people might sound they were nice people, and I’m sure quite normal. They were people unafraid to be who they felt called to be. Each of them was destined to sing a different song, perhaps even off key. Still they venture forth.

Birds are not born singing though they are born with the desire and ability deep within. How many chirps does it take before a song is created? If a song is never attained are they considered odd to their bird friends?

We are each born with a song. It might not be the same song as your sibling or your neighbor, but it’s YOUR song. Do you hear it? It is the rhythm stirring deep within you. What is it saying? Where is it leading? Your first step is to acknowledge the song.

Remember we can’t always fly to our destinations. Take the steps you need to get where you’re going. Sing the song of your soul. It’s there…waiting to be released to the world.

After an episode yesterday I fear (actually I’m laughing about it!) I may have earned the reputation as the odd bird in the neighborhood. I live on a cul de sac with one side of my yard visible from the street. As you all know I run a home day care…yesterday we were playing in the back yard, pretending to be various animals by imitating its walk and talk. I was running through the yard flapping my arms and screaming “tweet, tweet”! I looked up to see a man turn around and stand in the street staring at me. I looked behind me and not a single one of the children were behind me…they were out of sight on the other side of the yard! I waited all day for the paddy wagon to show up and haul me off. Perhaps everyone will just avoid me now!

36 thoughts on “An Odd Bird Indeed!

  1. I think every small town has its share of odd birds, and they seem to stand out more than those in big cities. But what interesting characters they make for a writer! I can almost see that poor man’s face as he watched you flap around the yard — glad they didn’t haul you off, ha!

  2. Thank you for the morning smile … I can picture you flapping and tweeting. Your bird picture is priceless … it looks like he can move his eyes around his face. I took a picture of an alien bird this Spring, too (it is here).
    Suzi … we are all a little odd, because we are all different .. and that is what makes it interesting. I agree with you … it is the differences that are interesting and tell a story. Your writing is very descriptive and interesting in this post … I can picture the people you are talking about.

    When I think about small town tv shows or movies … only the ones with “strange” characters seem like they could be real places … don’t you think?

  3. ” I looked behind me and not a single one of the children were behind me…they were out of sight on the other side of the yard! I waited all day for the paddy wagon to show up and haul me off. Perhaps everyone will just avoid me now!”

    Bwhahahahahahahaha! OMG, Suzi…how FUNNY!!!! That CRACKED ME UP!

    What a wonderful post, my friend. And it’s so true….

    “We are each born with a song. It might not be the same song as your sibling or your neighbor, but it’s YOUR song.”

    Reminds me of the Frank Sinatra song, I did it, “My Way.”

    Oh and btw, when I was a kid, we had a guy in our neighborhood who also hunted treasure with a geiger counter. I kid you not!

    Have a fab day…..X

    • Love that song…Frank was something else!My dad had a geiger counter too as did many of the people around there, but for most it was just a fun little thing they did sometimes.

  4. I am with you, I wish I appreciated the story telling when I was younger and now its too late. Recently I was at my Mom’s house with my daughter and she was curious about my Dad’s side of the family. My Mom went into the basement and brought up a family tree my Dad did many many years ago. My grandma, his mom, who lived with us for 5 years? Had 4 siblings and I never even heard her speak of any of them!

  5. When walking with my grandmother as a kid, I would cross my eyes, let my tongue hang out the side of my mouth, all while whimpering “Where we goin’, Ma?” and it embarrassed the life out of her. Oh I loved doing that!

  6. I’m laughing too, and have also wondered about the stories behind the characters. I’ve begun exercising at the Senior Citizen Center, and what a lot of stories are in there. What a lot of youngsters staring into mirrors wondering what happened to their bodies.

    • What a thrill to hear their stories! Think about all the love stories and heartaches combined from all of those people…a writer’s library of resources.

  7. Oh, that must have been a hilarious sight! I would love to have read that man’s thoughts.
    Reminds me of demonstrating skipping in a shopping mall – and suddenly finding the four-year-old was no longer following me! Even with her, I got strange looks, mind you … Anyway, she is now a successful skipper.
    That bird is truly wacky.

  8. Really enjoyed this. None of us ever really knows the whole story of another. It’s best to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

    • Thanks, Denise. We really don’t know anyone else’s story. I try my best to give others the benefit of the doubt, but of course, I’ve been known to slip at times.

  9. At least he didn’t make a video and post it for the world to see. 🙂 Love the bird, the angle and the eyes do make it look like an odd character.

  10. Once upon a time two grown women, and 8 children of various ages dressed up as native american Indians with head dresses and war paint and went into the woods to play. It was fine until they were met by a scout troupe including leaders coming the other way. BUT today we still smile when the photos of that day are taken out and passed around.

  11. thanks for making me laugh this morning, suzicate. I never answered any of your posts although they are always inspiring, but thinking of you ‘tweeting’ around the yard put me in a good mood.

    Have a great day.


  12. Love it!
    We live on a street full of characters – not that we aren’t ones ourselves, but really, we can seem downright ‘normal’ compared to some of the neighbors. My aunt & uncle recently came to visit. We sat in the front yard and literally just watched the neighborhood as it bopped in & out of our yard. They both commented on how we really didn’t have to go anywhere for entertainment, all we had to do was sit outside and entertainment came to us. A good time was had by all.

  13. I loved this bird shot the first time I saw it and even more now! As one who CANNOT sing, I would be able totally empathize with the bird who never found their song. And what is that saying……dance like no one is watching…..or in your case, running and tweeting! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend. xoxox

  14. That bird is strange looking, but that makes him/her interesting. As for your bird imitation – too funny! Of course that moment is when the children aren’t in sight 🙂

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