The Power Of Belief

“We are born believing. A man bears beliefs as a tree bears apples.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Celebration of Life 331

We hang tightly to what we believe. People try to dissuade us; still we grasp the concept like a kite string whipping in the wind. The twine knots and tangles; yet we grip harder, ripping the flesh of our hands.  Nothing can separate us from what has been engraved upon our souls…until something does. What we believe might be wrong, simply theory, nothing more than opinion.

This can be true of religion, politics, societal ideas, relationships as well as monetary concepts. Any issue that stirs us falls into this category.

Who or what we believe in tells us who we are. Our views become our life atlas.

Do you trust in what you do because you have proof of its existence or necessity?

Do you have faith in it because someone else told you it was the right thing?

Do you accept it because you feel it deeply inside you?

Why do you believe the things you do?

What is the one thing without question you are confident in?

I’m going to say love. I choose this because it covers all bases. God is love. Love leads the way in all other situations. If I choose to believe what love does it will lead me in the right direction. If I choose otherwise, I can still turn to love to lead me home.

I’m going to leave you with a profound quote which is worthy of contemplating:

“Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives. “ ~Tony Robbins

30 thoughts on “The Power Of Belief

    • Excellent advice, Becky. Can you imagine where we’d be if people had continued thinking the same way about certain “social norms” of the past. Open mindedness is a great thing.

  1. I’m going to share something with you (and, obviously, everyone else!). When I find myself depressed, down or otherwise in a state of flux, I turn to your words. And, more often than not, I find a post that inspires and helps me through whatever I’m struggling to overcome. This is one of those days. Thank you for these words today. I love the quote.

    • Thank you so much. Lisa. I know if we lived near one another we’d be great friends! I hope you find what you need today, friend. I love the quote as well. I’d never heard it before and it REALLY made me think.

  2. Beautiful quote, Suzi. I’ve heard it said that little children often take on the beliefs they’re “fed,” but as they mature, they test those beliefs, keeping the ones they’ve found most real. It’s my deep belief in a Good God that sustains me, no matter what happens (or doesn’t happen!)

    • Debbie, we grow up being “conditioned” by what we are subjected to. It’s difficult for some people to let those notions go even if they’re wrong. I also believe we are given intuition/gut feelings to know when something is not right. The problem is whether or not we’re open minded enough to see it and courageous enough to challenge it.

  3. Faaaaaaaaabulous quote(s), Suzi!

    In fact, faaaaaaaabulous post!

    “Do you trust in what you do because you have proof of its existence or necessity?”

    Yes, I accept and trust it because I feel it deeply inside. I’ve never been one to ‘think’ I need proof of something before I do it. Proof (for me, anyway) comes from a belief of simply trusting; then having proof.

    “What is the one thing without question you are confident in?”

    There is a God.


    • I’m confident in that,too. I’m hoping to start some interesting conversations about other concept as well. Most of us live our lives by a mantra…I’d call that mantra something we are surely confident in as well.

  4. Suzi, your beautiful words uplift and inspire, and suddenly, for me, they exposed a fascinating paradox: You can’t believe without believing. It’s all circular. Humans cannot not believe. I never realized that before. Even to say we can question and change our beliefs requires the belief that is so. Woo woo! Twilight Zone time for me.

    • Sharon, life is a paradox, and those are the issues I find fascinating to explore. The impetus for this post came from a Facebook discussion I read…not one of those most of us want to participate in but can’t help being drawn to see how people operate. It was someone ranting about the bible forbidding homosexuality. As you can imagine, this caused quite a stir. But what I found so interesting was how a group of people who happen to go to the same church argued back and forth for both sides. Some spouted scripture while others leaned toward Jesus’ nature. I wondered if their views had more to do with what they read and interpreted in the bible or what they’ve grown up with and been taught by family and society. It then led me to the issue of slavery…While the bible does not explicitly condemn slavery it does not condone it either and who in this day could possibly think there was nothing wrong with that? And then I thought about racism. People have strong “opinions” and those usually stem from beliefs from their upbringing. Needless to say, I had all sorts of issues running through my head. I’ve been exploring why I believe or disbelieve things that get a rise out of me, and have decided anything taught needs exploring because those aren’t always rooted in love while the things I feel deep within resonate in love. I like the Twilight Zone…glad I got you thinking!

      • Wow, that does sound like a juicy exchange! I don’t have to believe that beliefs can be changed. I have evidence, personal and otherwise. Added to this mix, the Pennebaker line of research on the health benefits of expressive writing show that health benefits correlate positively with the ability to take multiple points of view in considering situations and ultimately changing beliefs. This is a great pot you are stirring.

        One other thought to toss in the mix is that beliefs are stories we tell ourselves about how things are and how the world works. No wonder it’s threatening to change them. Our whole world might unravel!

      • One other thought to toss in the mix is that beliefs are stories we tell ourselves about how things are and how the world works. No wonder it’s threatening to change them. Our whole world might unravel! -Exactly!

  5. You have explained well how beliefs are complicated and they make us who we are. We look up to people who can live their beliefs and down on those who have such closed beliefs that they can not see beyond themselves. Our beliefs can be rocked and when that happens it changes us. Then there are the people with “wishy-washy” beliefs .. who really don’t believe in anything and therefore are impossible to know. Great “thinking” post.

    • Beary, every belief I have re-evaluated and let go of have made me a better person…not good to remain rigid in our ways if its not something not beneficial to all.

      • I totally agree … re-evaluating and letting go are how we grow as people. Sometimes it is very trying .. but, i would rather experience these changes with my heart than be someone that never really believes anything … those people are missing out on an important part of living, in my opinion.

    • If we didn’t believe in something I suppose that would make us non-thinkers and non-feelers. I don’t care who you are (unless you’re in a vegetative state) you believe and disbelieve concepts of everyday life…otherwise, there would be no need or basis on which to make decisions…and even if you’re relying on scientific proof, you are believing in that.

  6. bearyweather said this was a great thinking post. I think a lot of your posts are thinking posts. This one is no exception. Belief is weird. Especially now-a-days when one can look on the internet to find “proof” of what they believe and learn an entirely opposite belief. Now-a-days it seems as if we just have to believe what we want to believe because there is ALWAYS “proof” to the contrary. And as I type this I am basically thinking of information in regards to diet/nutrition and stuff like that. Things with “reports” and “studies” and “research”. Belief is kind of a personal thing . . . . .

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