Loud And Clear

The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The meaning of life is to give it away. ~David Viscott

I often find quotes that touch me personally. I love when someone else says what I feel in a way I can’t quite say. This is one of those quotes that impresses upon my heart and soul this week.

As most people I know I have little free time and am torn in how I want to spend it. Of course, time with those I love comes first, but what do I truly want to do with my “ME” time? It comes down to two things, art quilting or writing. I want to do both, but switching back and forth doesn’t get me far, though it often soothes my soul. My ADD creative personality enjoys the flightiness of many works in progress, but  I realize I must devote myself to one project at a time and see it through to completion. But which to choose? I’m too embarrassed to tell you how many WIP, both writing and sewing, that clutter my house.

Anyway, I have a main art panel and a major writing project I’m intermittingly working on. The other night I prayed for guidance. I told God that I wanted to know what He wanted me to do. I could have purpose in both mediums, but I wanted to know where to focus my time and energy right now. I told God I know He probably speaks to me much more than I hear. I told Him I wanted to look, listen, and follow.

The next day I started writing and tossed it aside. I moved on to a sewing project. A few days before my machine hung up when embroidering and the thread tangled in some inner workings. This was the first time sewing on it since it had been serviced. First, my automatic threader would not work. I became agitated. I fiddled about and finally called my service guy. He told me not to be afraid to bang it around a bit. Finally I got it to work. Then SPLAT….black oil (from where it was oiled when serviced) splattered all over the white project I was working on. I was no longer agitated but totally ticked off at this point.  I tried to remove the spots with stain remover…no luck. I wiped the machine down and ran it on test fabric to make sure there would not be any more drips. I moved on to another project and the sensor button to rethread started going off. I kept rethreading (though it was threaded properly) and sewing and it continued to beep. I lifted my work to find the bobbin threads were loose and looped beneath my work. I tried adjusting my thread several times and the machine alarm continued to go off. Then the light bulb in my head went off, and I said, “Ok, God. I hear you this time. Three strikes on sewing, so I guess you’re telling me I should be writing.” My aggravation melted when I realized I had gotten exactly what I asked for. I reminded myself God does things His way, not mine.

I’ve since had my sewing machine reserviced. The original problem had not been solved and the consequent problems were results. Have I sewed on it yet? No…I was called to write…at least, for now.

Do you try to find lessons in things that happen? Do you find God speaking to you and guiding you in ways you don’t expect?

I've placed this aside for now but here's a sneak preview of "The Tree Madam".

I’ve placed this aside for now but here’s a sneak preview of “The Tree Madam”.

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30 thoughts on “Loud And Clear

  1. Wow, what a great post, Suzi! And so timely for me because for the past couple of days, I’ve been going through a very similar experience (something that has to do with a change I would like to make), and like you, I finally got to a point where I said, “Okay, God…was is it the YOU want me to do. And what is for the highest good?”

    “I told God I know He probably speaks to me much more than I hear. I told Him I wanted to look, listen, and follow.”

    Exactly! So, I asked that He give me consciousness and awareness to hear HIS voice, because often my mind is filled with so much chatter from my own thoughts, that I block the guidance.

    Thanks for sharing this post, my friend!


    P.S. love the quilt!

    • Exactly, it’s my own chatter that keep me from hearing at times.
      I hope you get the guidance you’re looking for, Ron. It makes us feel so much better about what we’re doing when we feel we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing.

  2. Oh! I wish I could get a sign from God that was that clear! But I have a feeling that you are right, that I’m getting signs all the time, and choosing to ignore them. I must watch more carefully! And that’s a brilliant quote.

    You are linked!

  3. Your Tree Madam is beautiful!! My daughter is the sewer in our family – it skipped me and went right from my Mom to my daughter. I’ve heard more than a few curse words from her when the machine doesn’t work properly! Glad you listened to the signs!

    • Thank you. Awe, I’ll bet it delights your mom that Hannah sews! Maybe I’ll have granddaughters to teach some day…though I must admit my own sons are not afraid to give the machine a whirl on rare occasions!

    • Thank you…I’m quite fond of her myself. I have lots of critters hanging about her, loads of symbolism. I still have some finishing touches to do before I quilt it together, but it’s currently on HOLD, lol! Hoping to get back to it soon…trying to make a dent in writing in the meantime…

  4. The opposite happened to me the other day, Suzi. I tried to write, but the words wouldn’t come. Skies darkened and storm clouds threatened, so I turned off my laptop and spent the afternoon beading jewelry. It was so restful and completely took my mind off the frustrations of not being able to string words together! If we listen to God’s direction, we’ll be exactly where we’re supposed to be.

  5. From my experience, if I don’t learn from my mistakes and life experiences, I am wasting time. I can always learn something valuable about myself if I just take the time to regroup my experiences and figure out what I am learning. From that I can often see where I need to be and what I need to be doing. When I look back, I see so many areas that I thought were tragedies in my life that turned out to be blessings, or at the very least guideposts. Makes more sense looking at it that way 🙂

  6. A malfunctioning sewing machine can be so frustrating. I need to use your approach next time. My strange brain is wondering if you write on a computer or with paper & pen. Your beautiful Tree Madam looked similar to some atr we saw in New Orleans.

    • I generally write on computer, however, I jot notes on paper all the time and often start with pen ans paper and once I start flowing I move to the keyboard. Something about a pen in my hand helps unstick me if I’m blocked.

  7. This is great! I’m like you – I think God tells me much more than I hear. I’m slow to come around and get the hint I’m going in the wrong direction. We’re brought up to persevere – not to be quitters, so of course it made sense to me that you would continue fighting with the sewing project rather than see it as God’s answer to your prayer.

  8. You asked: “Do you try to find lessons in things that happen? Do you find God speaking to you and guiding you in ways you don’t expect?”

    And YES. I try to find the lesson because sometimes the things that happen are just to odd to understand without there being some sort of lesson attached to it. Sometimes I feel there MUST be a reason. And, in my opinion, God is kinda a trickster . . . I NEVER expect what or how He communicates.

    “The Tree Madam” – She is gorgeous. Your talent always amazes me!

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