Together We Can Heal The World, Or At Least We Can Try

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This week has been a week of watching lives fall apart, both on Facebook and in person. My heart is aching. Marriages are hurting. Families are in peril. The work place is downsizing. The economy sucks. People are in pain.

I want to curl into my own little world and relish the peace, bask in the love, and forget the agony so close by I can almost reach out and touch it. My heart won’t allow me to do that. I carry their pain in my heart. I shed tears for those I love, and even those I don’t know as well. What can I do other than offer kind words and dish out hugs?

I know to never take for granted the smiles on faces around me. We never know what the other guy is going through. We never know the real struggles they are facing. Even when they publicly acknowledge struggle there is still much personal heartache held inside.

When we speak, act, or react, we must remember how many others are affected by our words or actions. It not only affects those around us, but the ripple extends to those we don’t even know. Lives are altered. One single word can make all the difference either way.

Today I choose to think beyond myself. I choose to consider the other person’s feelings. I choose to think before I speak. I pray my words will help not hinder others. I pray I will not rush to decisions. I pray to give myself time to act rather than react. I pray for grace in all situations. I pray for healing. I pray for peace. I pray for love to lead the way. I choose to have faith.

15 thoughts on “Together We Can Heal The World, Or At Least We Can Try

  1. Beautifully expressed post, Suzi!

    And I so identify with your words and feelings because I too have been experiencing the same thing with many people around me (downsizing, economy, pain). There seems to be so much upheaval, uncertainty, fear, anger and just an overall heaviness. I witness it all day in the eyes of the people I come in contact with.

    Whenever I meditate, I send Reiki out to the world with the intention of supporting and helping those in need.

    “I know to never take for granted the smiles on faces around me.”

    You are so right, my friend.

    Thank you for sharing this post. Thank you.

    (((((( You ))))))


  2. Hi Suzi. Like Nancy, I am sorry to hear that so many of your friends and loved ones are faci8ng a bad time. They are lucky to have you to iisten to them and offer support.

  3. I was taught, If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Those are still wise words to live by, I think. You’ve expressed it beautifully — with so much suffering in our world, the last thing anybody needs is others adding to the pain. Thanks, Suzi!

  4. You could be in our neighborhood, which seems to be having a difficult year in many ways, but a good year in some others. I would like to join with you in those prayers – we could all use them.

  5. There is so much pain in the world. We have it in the lives of those we love as well. And, it does hurt to watch them, knowing we don’t have a magic pill to really fix anything. All we can do is pray, and be there as a support for them. And, you’re so right in that we never know the burdens someone else may be carrying so we need to pick our words and actions carefully.

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