Pounding The Pavement

This photo I took of a green egret never fails to crack me up. He seems to be saying, "Take me as I am, goofiness and all!"

This photo I took of a green egret never fails to crack me up. He seems to be saying, “Take me as I am, goofiness and all!”

I suck at marketing.  Perhaps, I don’t so much suck at it as I simply dislike it. I’m not good at selling myself. I worry people will think me narcissistic when trying to sell my book. I try not to inundate the world with constant Facebook posts, and even though I’m a twit I refuse to tweet.

That said, I know in marketing a book, one must sell themselves. I got up Saturday morning and decided to pitch my book locally. My goal was to get a book signing. I decided to start small by going to my local Barnes & Noble, and two other places I had in mind.

First I went to Barnes & Noble. Of course, the manager who handles events was not in on weekends. I did leave my book and contact information, and she gave me the manager’s info. If I don’t hear back in a few days, I will force myself to make that call.

I made a short stop at a local center for performing arts. I was really unsure but decided to give it a shot. They jumped through hoops to find someone to help me. A manager on duty gave me a card with the name and number of someone who schedules their events. Though the people there were kind, I wasn’t as hopeful. I think it is most likely only a venue for paid events.

Next I hit The Daily Grind, a coffee shop. The manager was not in, but the guy working there met with open arms and tremendous enthusiasm. He said they were looking for local talent because they want to do more book signings and art events. I left my book and we exchanged information as well. I felt really good about this place since he all but booked the event.

I then went to The Royal Chocolate, and was overwhelmed with the generosity of the owner there. She wants me to pick the date and time I want to come. She’s even throwing in a hot cocoa for anyone who buys a book from me. We talked at length, and will meet up again before the event. I have to settle on a date first. I’m was really excited about this meeting.

I headed over to my local library to donate a book for circulation. The girl there said she thought they’d be delighted for me to do a signing and took my information. I felt optimistic about my chat with her.

My last stop was my favorite neighborhood spot, Grape and Gourmet. I’m a regular there, but the owner was floored when I asked her about a signing….she didn’t know I was a writer. (How do you like that? I finally called myself a writer!) Anyway, she said absolutely she’d do it for me since I was a friend. Not only did she offer me a signing date but she gave me two dates. I’m scheduled for Friday night, April 12, during wine tasting and then again the next day for their Cheap and Cheery event. She wanted me to have optimum exposure. See, all my wine drinking has paid off, lol!

I didn’t even make it out of my own neighborhood…next time, (Did I really say next time?) I’ll venture a bit farther…

Anyway, trying to sell yourself is a scary thing. Wonder if prostitutes feel that way? Ok, ok, I know selling books is a totally different scenario…

38 thoughts on “Pounding The Pavement

  1. Oh my goodness, how I identify! I’ve always said that writers — real writers — are a bit schizophrenic. They must be half-extrovert and half-introvert. And it’s hard. I am SOOOO timid in talking about my work, yet deep down I really think I’m pretty good. Bravo for your confidence and success so far!

  2. Your penultimate line cracked me up! When I read your first paragraph, my thoughts flew to the Fokkens, those 70 year old prostitutes who just retired in Amsterdam, and thought “if they can put their wares on display, day after day, for 50 years, writers/authors should feel free to market their words!” 😀

    And it sounds like you did just that, Suzi!

    Do you have a page (here or elsewhere) on which you can list upcoming dates and booksignings? If not, you might want to set one up . . . and tweet it everytime you schedule a new event.

    Way to go, girl!

    • I need to make my author page for Amazon still. I did get my headshot done, but that’s it. I’m wondering if I need a separate author page or not. I guess most people have one, so perhaps I should look into that.

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  4. lol, love the picture, and the last two lines of your post! It must be difficult and scary to promote your book, but I know it has to be done. Good for you for getting out there!

    I have been reading a few pages of your book each night before I fall asleep. I am really enjoying it! When I am done I will write a review on Amazon. I will also mention it and how I enjoyed it on my Facebook page. 🙂

  5. I saw your Facebook post on the scheduled signings and thought “You go girl!” Then I thought how it would be so very hard for me to try to do that, if I had something to offer. Marketing and my thinking just don’t go together – you, however, are doing great and deserve tons of plaudits!

  6. *thunderous applause*

    You GO, Suzi! Wow…you have accomplished A LOT in the ‘book marketing’ department of your book this weekend. And that’s just in ONE day!

    “Anyway, trying to sell yourself is a scary thing. Wonder if prostitutes feel that way? Ok, ok, I know selling books is a totally different scenario…”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Love that!!!! Yes, I can only imagine how scary it is. It was sorta the same thing with me when I became a Reflexologist and was trying to promote my services to people who didn’t even know what it was – so I had to do A LOT of explaining first.

    Do you have any health food stores where you live? Because that might also be a place to market your book as well, because sometimes they have a book section in their store on topics such as yours (books on natural healing, positive thinking, and such). I used to go into Whole Foods and do guest speaking events on Reflexology and Reiki, and got several new clients from it.

    Anyway, that was just a thought.

    I admire you, my friend!

    ((((( You )))))


    • Thanks, Ron. We just got a Whole Foods here. We have a place near the beach that deals exclusively with natural foods/healing etc. They are somehow associated with A.R.E. (the Edgar Cayce foundation) – not sure if what I’m offering is up there alley or not. I sort of think it might be. Guess I won’t know if I don’t make a trip out there!

  7. Suzi, I’m so proud of you! I know it’s hard to walk up to people and ask them do “do something” for you. But it really is the only way to get your book a wider circulation. And, all in all, you got very good responses to your request.

  8. You go girl! Isn’t self-promotion the worst thing in the world! I would be much further along in my acting career if I had any ability in this way. I think you should be proud of how hard you’re working!

    • It’s crazy hard to put ourselves out there! I think you have much to be proud of in your career. Like you, I’d rather be a person who has a life first and career second, rather than one of those who is all career and let’s “real life” pass them by.

  9. Hi Suzicate, I’m so happy for you. It’s your words you’re selling and with your lovely smile and jolly personality you will sign and sell loads. Wished I lived near you and I’d come along. Hugs to you.xx

  10. Way to GO, Suzi! I’m so proud of you for putting yourself out there. I think the marketing and promotion needs are what stop many a writer dead in their tracks. After all, creative people tend to be introverts, people who watch and observe what happens around them — not people out there hawking their wares! Sounds like you tentatively put a toe in the water, though, and found it to be receptive. Keep us posted on your successes!

  11. Wow, you did an amazing job of getting out of your comfort zone! After our HRW interview last week (it will be in the April newsletter coming out April1), I can’t wait to get your book.

  12. Yes, you are most certainly a writer! And I don’t ever want to hear the comparison of yourself with the ladies of the evening again! This is so exciting! I wish I was closer to attend one of your signings (Notice I reference it in the plural)! I just may have to tweet for you!

  13. It is so scary!!!! But wow, sounds like you did great. I am so happy for you. I think I saw you post on FB that you were on the way to the gig at the Chocolate place. How did that go?

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