Hanging With Chicken Wire And Paper Flowers

I’m out visiting again. I’m over at Becky’s talking about success. If you don’t know Becky, she is over at Chicken Wire and Paper Flowers. Now, who doesn’t just love the name of this blog? Becky is always cooking up something yummy, stitching something together, or out around Charlottesville trying new adventures. She’s quite the daredevil…I’ve even seen her don a beekeeper suit. Come over and have a glass of wine with us…we’ll pretend it’s after five!

18 thoughts on “Hanging With Chicken Wire And Paper Flowers

  1. apologies I have been quiet but keeping up with your adventures… small worl. we are in the tribe together ! I read your words but couldn’t comment…. congrats on the book! btw… I adore your name water witcher’s daughter! xxx

      • I’m not a face book fan but am coyote moon studio if you want to find me, tho I’m rarely there. I’m slowly fading off it for its invasion of our privacy rights is too much for me, tho clearly I’m in the minority on that one! 🙂

        are you suzicate there? I will when I spy on my kids! 😉

      • Ah, I thought you were talking about the FB Tribal page, but you’re just speaking of the Creativity Tribe in general. I love the support of the FB page, but haven’t done the phone call hook up. My FB is under my real name but I also have a SuziCate page.
        I will ceck out Coyote Moon Studio. Is that your art studio or a creative group?

      • it’s just the name of my studio…. no page. 🙂 I think I am a member of “the tribe”, if being in her last group put me there. I didn’t care for the “management” however nor the cost for nothing! tho meeting dear joss was worth it’s weight in gold!!! I don’t remember which group it was but it was (I thought ) about art making, etc. mostly it was about the moon as I recall. I dont have much to say about her loveliness each day soooo… you get the idea.

        I’ll visit. horrified by a phone call hook up if that means using your phone number! but leave it to FB aka google… xxx

      • I thought about doing the moon class but couldn’t fit it in my schedule at the time. I haven’t taken any of the classes as they are art oriented…I can’t really draw or paint…weird though since I can form art with fabric and thread. Yes, Joss is an absolute gem. Rachel has been quite an inspiration for me through her blog and the tribal FB page. I understand and respect your feelings though…I’ve taken classes that weren’t a good fit for me or I just didn’t take away what I expected.
        The phone call thing is a party line session where everyone gives input about the topic; a place for sharing. Lots of people are doing them though I’ve never participated in them…not sure what my fear is or if the timing is just never right for me.

  2. Yes. It is an intriguing title. I stopped over there today, but must have gotten there too early for the wine.
    Good luck with your book. I’ll have to get one once I get my life back in order.

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