A Moment Of Hypocrisy

Oriental , NC Day 2 001


I have to give you a little back-story before I admit what I did. My father was a drinker and my mother was a teetotaler. For many years I drank only in social situations. It has only been in the last ten years I developed a taste for wine and only in the past couple I’ve discovered I enjoy craft beer.

You see years ago I hung out with a group of ladies my age at church. We went on lots of women’s retreats and just plain had a good time in one another’s company. There was this one woman who was a riot. She kept us in stitches with her shenanigans. She also managed to stash some liquor in her suitcase. I mean like a half gallon of Southern Comfort. Though I wasn’t much of a drinker I’d have one with the girls when we got back to the hotel room.

On one retreat, we had two beach houses. Most of us from our group were assigned to the “fun house”. Anyway, one of the retreat leaders, a revered lady slightly older than us frowned upon alcohol, or so I was told. Well, this same friend smuggled in her liquor. The others kept warning her to not let the retreat leader lady find out because she wouldn’t be happy about it. I was surprised they felt drinking had to be hidden. I’d never thought there was anything wrong with the partaking of alcohol. Now getting drunk and showing your butt is a different thing entirely, but that wasn’t what was going on.

I am reminded of those days occasionally when I see one of my Methodist friends post on Facebook about drinking wine, going to a bar, or partaking in alcohol for pleasurable purposes. I love that they don’t hide it from the other parishioners.  I like when people own their actions. I dislike when people judge others.

So here’s my confession. The “grocery store” wine I like is Apothic Red. B.Js carries it for two bucks a bottle less than the grocery store, so when I go there I stock up. I was in B.J.s pushing my cart around with four (Yes, I said FOUR – I told you I stock up, so don’t be judging me!) bottles of wine and who should I see. Yes, retreat lady and her hubby. I did a wheel- about mid aisle to avoid them, but too late. They called out to me. I smiled and said hello and continued in the opposite direction. Now, who’s a hypocrite? Yeah, apparently I am. I went home and told my hubby what I’d done and told him I couldn’t believe I didn’t just pull up to them with my FOUR BOTTLES OF WINE and converse. He laughed and said he’d have done the same thing…I mean no one wants to be the topic at the next Sunday’s sermon.

Now, if you’re going to judge me, remember Jesus and his disciples drank wine and the Monks drank only beer…second tidbit is courtesy of my favorite wine and craft beer store. Thing is, I think they did it openly!

Hi, my name is Susan. I don’t want to be a hypocrite so here goes: I like wine. I also enjoy a good craft beer. Ahhh, I feel so much better now!

42 thoughts on “A Moment Of Hypocrisy

  1. Ha – love it! I buy the “Two Buck Chuck” at Trader Joe’s – its 2.99 a bottle and it’s quite tasty. Because it’s far from our house so when we do go, we stock up and I wonder what other people think!

    • My neighbor had that at a Christmas party and it is tasty! I have yet to go to Trader Joes…it’s on my bucket list along with Whole Foods…notice my bucket list is all about food!

  2. Are you sure you tried to avoid her just because of the wine in your buggy? Maybe you just didn’t feel like chatting with a judgmental “church lady.” 😉

    • Haha, now that you mention it the hubby was someone who called me when my oldest was in high school to “enlighten” me as to the whereabouts of my son…he told me the location which was EXACTLY where my son told me he was going and was doing EXACTLY what he said he was doing – helping a friend whose called had stalled on a street which just happened to be where this man’s office was located.

  3. Suzi, this is hilarious! As a Catholic (Irish and Italian), I grew up around liquor. It seemed I had a healthier respect for it than my friends who grew up in tee-totaling homes, who tended to go “hog wild” when they tasted the freedom of college. I love your “confession” about buying in quantity, too — my mom always did that. Wonder what the townspeople thought, haha?!!

  4. I’ve had the same experience. I just try to remember that Jesus was criticized for drinking; John the Baptist was criticized for NOT drinking. (And my fav is Fetzer’s Gewurztraminer)

    • Have not tried Fetzer’s Gewurztraminer but will try to remember it. People will always judge us for one thing or another…I try to remember they are human and we are all guilty of it at one time or another.

  5. Too funny! I love Apothic Red and recently discovered Apothic White as well. Four bottles in the cart? What’s your point? I buy it by the case at Sams. JC was criticized for so many things by the “proper people.” I’d feel fortunate to be grouped in the same category. 🙂

  6. ROFL! I wish we could buy wine in the grocery story in PA. Hopefully soon. I don’t recall seeing Apothic wine, but that name, Apothic, sounds sort of biblical. Apostle, apocalypse … That couple you mention live everywhere. Who doesn’t know them? And who doesn’t stand a bit straighter around them? Spare the switch and all that stuff. I’ve been known to peer cautiously around the end of the aisle before entering, or even leave the store early to avoid talking to that woman’s sister when I spotted her back in the store, and I didn’t have wine in my cart. I don’t hang around with those people anymore, and life is much nicer.

    • I love being able to buy it at the grocery store, but I still like my neighborhood wine store, too. Too funny….there are people I avoid at the grocery store. Sometimes it seems like I see way too many people I know when I go there.

  7. i usually buy wine in the box now – so much easier than having to dispose of bottles. Although my very favorite is Yellowtail Malbec, or Malbec of several other brands because Yellowtail Malbec is very hard to find here, and it definitely doesn’t come in boxes. So when I find it, I stock up. And I would avoid judgmental people, no matter what’s in my cart.

  8. That’s just too funny. Probably I,and most of us, would have reacted the same way! Growing up in France, I started drinking wine (mixed with water – ugh) as a very young child and was stunned, in high school, to hear girls talking about getting drunk on wine. I didn’t know you could do that. Silly me. A house without wine is just no fun, I say!

  9. Honey, life is too short to not enjoy good beer and wines! We buy it by the TWELVE bottle case, so don’t feel bad at all! Drinking wine is not a sin. Not drinking wine might be.

  10. This made me laugh. It reminds me of how my grandma kept it a secret that she went to the casino once in a while. (Apparently Baptists aren’t supposed to gamble?) I guess you could consider it hypocrisy, but it could also be seen as self-preservation.

  11. Oh Suzi….what a GREAT post!!!

    And I LOVED your last line….

    “Hi, my name is Susan. I don’t want to be a hypocrite so here goes: I like wine. I also enjoy a good craft beer. Ahhh, I feel so much better now!”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Cracked me up!

    And another thing….

    “So here’s my confession. The “grocery store” wine I like is Apothic Red.”

    Okay, that is just too weird because I just recently discovered ApothicRed wine while I was visiting my brother in Florida back in November and fell in LOVE with it. It is truly the best red wine I’ve ever tasted. In fact, I will be doing a review on it on my blog sometime this month.

    See…we have yet, another thing in common!


  12. I discovered a few parents at school read my blog when one of them walked up to me at school one day, introduced herself and asked what was the large metal bottle I kept taking swigs of. Water, really. It seems she’d read a post where I admitted to pregaming certain events at school….I let her know I only did that for evening events.

  13. I lost for a while Suzi but after a bit of searching i found you again. I was having the same conversation with someone from the church where i go. Now as a church we are commanded not to drink alcohol but i don’t do it because with addictive personality i would probably be an alcoholic. I have never been one to point a finger but i would whisper a little. I didn’t drink coffee until my daughter got me into it a few years, again we are asked as a church not to do so, but it took me some time to let it go and when i am really stressed i think a nice coffee from my favourite place 🙂

  14. Yes, one doesn’t want to offend …
    We went to a New Year party once at the home of an old (naughty-and-fun) school buddy. Buddy and spouse had gone an extreme Born Again route, and we found to our horror that the evening was dry. Nuts to that; at midnight we produced the champers we had brought and everyone there tucked in – except them. They DID look sour!

  15. Should you see me in any establishment and should you have Apothic Red in your cart, please do not deny me the pleasure of my warm greeting that I have become so accustomed to. Now that would be hypocrisy!!!.

    • I would never ignore you, dear Merle. I’d even offer you a glass of my wine and wouldn’t be offended whether you accepted or not because I know you as the real deal!

  16. A grocery store around here gives you a 10% discount when you buy SIX bottles . . . . so that is often what my hubby does. Gotta get that savings!

    Glad you feel better now that you posted to the world! 🙂 Cheers!

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