Rumor Has It

Stepping into the Wilderness cover to cover (593x429)

Did you guys come to Barnes and Noble in Charlottesville for my book signing? No? Well, me either. See, there was no book signing. However, rumor had it otherwise. This is how things go down in my family:

I arrive back home at my parent’s house on Friday night. My mother tells me her sister called and asked why she didn’t tell her I’d written a book. Anyway, here is how the conversation proceeds.

Aunt: Well, you didn’t tell me Susan has a book signing.

Mom: What are you talking about?

Aunt: She has a book signing tomorrow at Barnes and Noble.

Mom: No, she doesn’t.

Aunt: Yes, she does at the Barnes and Noble in Charlottesville.

Mom: No, she would have told me if she did.

Aunt: Well, she has one tomorrow at 11:00.

Mom: Where did you hear this?

Aunt: Such and such (insert a cousin’s name here) told me it was on Facebook.

Mom: Well, it must have been a misunderstanding.

Aunt: No, she’s going to be at Barnes and Noble tomorrow at 11:00 for a book signing.

Sorry, I was a no show, but I think my cousins should inform me of where I’m supposed to be…

Now this is my actual Facebook post, “Ok, I didn’t know Barnes and Noble has my book listed…wonder if it’s in my local bookstore…ok, I’m pushing it on that one, but I can dream!” Now, how it got translated to a book signing I’ll never know.

And to think I always thought rumors were bad….this is one I wish was true! And again, apologies to all of you who showed up and missed me, lol!

26 thoughts on “Rumor Has It

  1. Too funny! Hopefully future bookstores will let you in on the secret beforehand. I would have come, for sure! Your recent endeavor is such an inspiration. You have me thinking………

  2. OMG…how FUNNY, Suzi!

    Isn’t is something how things can get misconstrued by how we read them?

    You had me so excited when I first started reading this post on my reader before I came over to comment.

    You better believe that if you HAD had a book signing….I would have been there!

    But hey….maybe this mix up is actually a “sign” that there WILL be a book signing at Barnes and Noble 🙂

    Have a super Monday, my friend…..X

  3. LOL! That could so easily be MY family. If it’s on the Internet (especially Facebook!) — or some said it was — it HAS to be true! Good luck on setting up that book signing! May all your dreams come true.

  4. When you do that book signing let us know. I’m not asking your aunt for the information though. This sounds like something Alex would tell me. (He pretends he listens, but he never really does.)

  5. I’m always amazed how people process information. We hear what we want to hear, read what we’d like it to say. Congratulations on the publication of your book, Susan. Wishing you all the best. 🙂

  6. Maybe that cousin could come in handy as a dispenser of information. Now, if the word gets spread that the book is about to become a best seller and double in price, so copies need to be bought yesterday, or preferably even sooner than that … ? 🙂

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