…And The Winner Is……..

I wrote each commenter’s name on a slip of paper, folded them, and placed them in a cup. Then I had DirtMan blindly draw one slip. The winner of my book, Stepping into the Wilderness, is Ron at Vent. If you don’t know Ron, you need to go over and introduce yourself. He is one of the nicest and funniest people in the blogosphere. He usually has me spitting my coffee at the computer screen! Congrats, Ron. Please email me your address!

11 thoughts on “…And The Winner Is……..

  1. Suzi, can I just tell ya how excited I was to read this?

    *doing the happy dance*

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you… to you and DirtMan!

    Can’t WAIT to get your book, my friend!

    ((((((( You )))))))


    • I said a little prayer as I was writing the names on slips of paper before handing it over to DirtMan to draw. It looks like God picked you…He aligned the universe for your name to be drawn!

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