Here’s A Piece For Inquiring Minds

Today I am sharing a selection of my book Stepping into the Wilderness as I thought you might be interested in the premise of the book. I’ve written this in a devotional/affirmation form. Hopefully the words offer encouragement or the desire to reflect upon one’s life. “Walking Along the Edge of the Woods provides questions for pondering or for journal writing. “Stepping into the Wilderness” portion gives five prompts/ exercises for enriching the writing experience. This book is basically designed for self-exploration and discovery.

I’m offering a free book this week. If interested, leave a message on this post. I will number the comments by order in which received and randomly draw a number from a bowl on Wednesday. I will announce the winner on Wednesday and contact by your blog or email at that time. Please make sure your blog or email links back to you.


On Standing Alone


You gain nothing when you risk integrity.


There are times when you will stand alone in your convictions.

People won’t always agree with you, nor will they even understand you.

We each live our own belief systems. Our attitudes and behaviors tell the story.

It’s important to stand up for what you believe in, but know sometimes compromises must be made. When that happens you must make sure your integrity is not diminished for someone else’s gain. Don’t let others take advantage of you. They have no more power over you than you allow.

Be aware of the difference between your beliefs and your opinions. Know the difference between what you believe to be true and reality. It’s much easier to stand on solid ground than shifting sand.

Never assume anything. Don’t make decisions based on ambiguous information. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The answers might just provide the clarity you need.

Be true to your heart. If you deal from a place of love, it will not lead you astray.

Remain constant. Be the stability you want in life.

Be curious enough to want to know what is going on around you.

Be brave enough to shake things up and see them for what they are.

Be humble enough to admit when you are wrong and wise enough to learn from your mistakes.

Do what’s best for all rather than only yourself.

Keep your promises and always do the right thing, even at a personal cost.

Be responsible and accountable. Be someone others can depend on.

Authenticity is a solid foundation. Be who you are. Live your values.

Be willing to make tough decisions. Take the risk of being unpopular.

Don’t be afraid to be different…what you do might just make THE difference.

If you must stand alone, shine with all your might.


Walking Along the Edge of the Woods:

Do you go with the majority or stand up for what you believe?

Are your opinions based on the beliefs of others?

Do you go back and forth with your opinions or are you steadfast?

When has your curiosity overridden your common sense?

Is it more important for you to feel popular or original?


Stepping into the Wilderness:

Write an essay about standing up in the face of opposition.

Write a scene of a death promise.

Write a short story about a broken promise.

Write a personal narrative/memoir about learning from a mistake.

Write any type of poem about opinions.

40 thoughts on “Here’s A Piece For Inquiring Minds

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  2. Thanks for sharing….I always like books that encourage us to respond to the text and interact with it on our own, though of course my journals are a bit dusty at this period in my life. I am excited you’ve gotten this published and excited to see where it will go 🙂

  3. You’ve encapsulated so many things I believe but would probably never have succinctly expressed. Yet again I find myself – as a *spiritual* rather than a religious person – wondering how much we *need* organised religion to teach us all this because it just makes so much common sense to me. The conclusion that I’ve come to is that people generally don’t seem to ‘get’ it without an organised structure forever echoing the message. I don’t know why that is, but there we are. ….Sorry, didn’t mean to make this about religion ….

    • I also am more spiritual. I’ve gone the organized religion route, and it served a purpose at the time. It also helped me stay accountable, but I’ve discovered I can make myself accountable and I need to find answers within myself rather than just believing something because I am told so by someone else.

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    • Thanks, Linda. I can only hope to encourage or help someone along the journey. Problem is I think I might have chosen the wrong category when I published and I’m not sure it can be changed…oh well, tis life, we live and learn!

  5. Posts such as this one have always reminded me of the Desiderata on steroids. Your questions and prompts are powerful pluses. Congratulations on getting this baby out into the daylight. I know it will touch hearts and lives around the world.

    • Sharon, you have no idea how much these words mean to me. I’d never heard of Desiderata until a few years ago on a hike I ran across a verse carved on a bench. I memorized the words (actually I took a photo to be more accurate) and came home and googled them to find it was a portion of Desiderata which deeply touched me. Thank you, for all your encouragement and help to my questions.

  6. LUV this post, Suzi Cate, & congratulations on your book. The thought behind your questions & activities does remind me of Desiderata — a whole book along these lines is very thought-provoking & hopefully action-provoking. Thanks for an exciting giveaway.

  7. LOVE the selection you shared with us in this post Suzi! What a great read!

    Especially these two lines…

    “Be willing to make tough decisions. Take the risk of being unpopular.

    Don’t be afraid to be different…what you do might just make THE difference.”

    I also took a peek at your book on Amazon and loved what I read. I have a great feeling about his book!

    The best you, my friend!

  8. Ah, Suzi, what a powerful post! Reminds me of those Hallmark cards specially designed for graduates — a Rules to Live By sort of thing. And yes, kind of like a spiritual devotional, too. All wrapped up together! I’m glad you decided to pursue this task — we all need to be reminded to be ourselves and do the right thing!

    • Yes, kind of like a spiritual devotional but not religious…was trying to avoid that but still wanted to give people something to think about, reflect on, and try to accountable.

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  10. (oops, I commented on the wrong post!) I honestly can’t think of a better gift! You have such a talent when it comes to thoughtful, introspective writing. Whoever wins your book is very fortunate!

    • A devotional is just something that delivers an encouraging message but usually within a religious context. I wanted to encourage but not in a relgious format but my main goal was the thinking/writing prompts.

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