Sink Or Swim

Stepping into the Wilderness cover to cover (593x429)

So, I’ve been sitting on two manuscripts for eight months. I didn’t research any publishers. I just sat on them in fear…you know the sink or swim theory? Well, I came to the conclusion (I’m a slow learner at times!) that I can’t possibly swim if I don’t jump in the water.

I often tell my own children to do their best and one asked me why I hadn’t published yet… When the words I tell others smacked me in the face I decided to get with it. I formatted the manuscripts for Kindle and print. And then, I actually pushed the publish button on the first one. The second one will come along in a few weeks.

I found there’s a big difference between book formatting and kindle formatting…and even bigger issues when using a significant amount of photographs. Due to the expense of color printing, my paperback version will be in black and white. I would have to price my book too high to even break even, and would still take a loss per book with expanded distribution. I want it affordable and accessible.

The first book is titled Stepping into the Wilderness. It is book of sixty affirmations. Each has an accompanying photograph and is followed by a set of five questions for pondering or journaling to promote inner growth and a set of five writing exercises/prompts to enrich the writing experience. Here’s the link to the Kindle version.

The second book is titled Swimming the River. It has the same premise of sixty affirmations, photographs, questions and exercises. This one will be published within the next few weeks.

These books are part one and two of a series called Responsible Living. In all, each book contains a total of six hundred questions/prompts/exercises for the reflective person.

The print version of Stepping into the Wilderness will be available in a few days. I will post the link when it becomes available as well as when the second book hits the market. Here is the link to the Kindle version of Stepping into the Wilderness.

Update: Link to paperback version.

It feels good to get my feet wet. Sink or Swim…I guess we’ll see.

43 thoughts on “Sink Or Swim

  1. I am SO proud of you! Words can’t express how proud I am. I knew you had it in you all along. You are so talented in EVERYTHING you do. You GO girl! You ROCK and you ARE my rock!

  2. “It feels good to get my feet wet. Sink or Swim…I guess we’ll see.”

    Yahooooooooooooooooo! I am soooooooo happy, excited and proud of you, Suzi!

    You GO, girl! I just clicked on the link you share to the Kindle version and had a peek. It looks AWESOME Suzi!!!

    You did GREAT, my friend!

    (((((( You ))))))


  3. WOW! You are a busy woman!

    This is awesome. Your pictures are published —- yay! I have to carve out sometime (from somewhere) so that I can really give this the attention it deserves. So excited for you!

  4. Absolutely thrilled for you, Suzi! You are so brave to grab the bull by his horns and turn your dream into reality! GOOD for you! I can’t wait to see and read your opus!

    • Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I’m so sorry about that…I guess I can blame my slip on my excitement! I updated the post and added the link there and also put in the paperback link as well.

  5. Congratulations!!! That’s so exciting. If I can ever make myself rewrite the ending of the silly manuscript I wrote in Costa Rica… Proud of you for taking the plunge.

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  8. So many congratulations to you! I meet you over at Nancy’s Spirit Lights the Way. ..and her post today directed me here.:)
    Your book sounds lovely…did you do it through Create Space on Amazon? Did you format it yourself for Kindle? I self-published a parenting book in 2010…but did it through a regular small press printing company…and the book is on Kindle…..but for that I had someone else format it and all I had to do was upload it. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there…kudos!

      • I lived in NYC and CT before moving to Colorado 16 years ago. My husband and I drove cross country several times and loved driving along the eastern seaboard and into the Great Smokey Mountains (which is W VA I think). The cover speaks volumes about what must be inside the book.:)

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