A Year Of Living Creatively

An artist is an explorer. He has to begin by self-discovery and by observation of his own procedure. After that he must not feel under any constraint. ~Henri Matisse

Butterfly quilt

Butterfly quilt

New Year’s resolutions set me up for failure. I generally choose things I want to do but also know I won’t approach as a way of living. With this in mind, last year I chose to focus on something to incorporate into my daily life. I chose attentiveness. It has somewhat become a way of life now.

Sometimes art involves mistakes...it took three scew ups before I realized I needed to put the embroidery foot on the machine!

Sometimes art involves mistakes…it took three scew ups before I realized I needed to put the embroidery foot on the machine!

Every day is a gift of exploration and creativity though many times I go through the motions of the day without realizing the art of living. This year my focus will be on the art of creative exploration. I plan on creating something every day even if it is simply a meal or writing a jingle in my head. We each are creators of our worlds and contribute daily whether we acknowledge our involvement or not. My goal is to be aware of the creativity of my daily life.

An artist’s soul must be nurtured to produce. Nature feeds me, so I intend to spend as much time as possible hiking, canoeing, and taking photographs of the great outdoors.

I plan to get into living creatively which will drastically cut down on my internet time. I’ll be busy but less vocal out here…no set schedule…no pressure…

"Arpatia in Winter" - Panel two in series of four

“Arpatia in Winter” – Panel two in series of four

The Spin Cycle has suggested we make missions instead of resolutions and to come up with five doables. Here are mine:

  1. Take a one on one lesson for my new embroidery machine.
  2. Make the third and fourth art panels for my Arpatia series.
  3. Take an online art quilting class.
  4. Complete the first draft of my novel.
  5. Finalize organization for my two nonfiction books and make an effort to publish.
  6.  Spin Cycle: 5 Missions for 2013 
  7. Apologies for the number 6 and 7. It won’t let me delete the bullets. (Are they called bullets? I’m a techni-idiot!) Hope your 2013 is creative!

47 thoughts on “A Year Of Living Creatively

  1. I love your resolution to create something everyday. I think of creativity as a good well. The deeper you go, the more you draw out, the better and easier it flows.

  2. Oh, you are so right that fiddling on the computer drains all the creativity out of life. Unless you’re writing on the computer I guess. I think you have a truly artistic spirit anyway, by the end of 2013 I expect big things out of you! Excellent missions all.

    You are linked! And it’s so nice to have you back to the Spin Cycle!

      • I have been so busy lately that my blogs are not being kept up very well and I am way behind on visiting my blogging friends. Hopefully in the blogging world .. quality is more important than quantity.

      • I haven’t been posting much or commenting as much either.
        And yes, quality is much more important than quantity….your posts are always top quality!

  3. Love both your missions of last year and those of this year because they are conscious and doable.

    Attentiveness and creativity. Brava!

    Suzi, that panel series is AWESOME!!!!!

    “An artist’s soul must be nurtured to produce. Nature feeds me, so I intend to spend as much time as possible hiking, canoeing, and taking photographs of the great outdoors.”

    You GO, girl!


  4. Wow, SuziCate, you’ve accomplished a lot. I’ve done needlepoint and some knitting and enjoyed both a great deal – back in the old days when I watched TV.

    My life in retirement is deliciously free – to the extent that my day seldom unfolds the way I thought it would. In my work days, I would have frowned at such a thought…but I see how rewarding it is to be open and inclusive. It nourishes my soul.

    So, I hope you find your “release” rewarding and fun.

    • I like that! I will try to remember to call them unique approaches, sounds so much better than mistake or failure. I always say mistakes turn creative work into one of a kind masterpieces!

  5. I am in the process of finishing a quilt I started last year. That is one of my missions for 2013, but I didn’t include it in my Spin! It seems like 5 missions wasn’t quite enough! Your butterfly quilt is beautiful! Good luck with all your missions for 2013!

  6. I like your “mission” approach as well SuziCate, and cutting back Internet time will be a rewarding experience. I hope you do get those books published; I have enjoyed reading your creativity here.

  7. Good luck in all your creative endeavors! I’ll miss seeing your posts but I hope you have a fulfilling time working on your projects. I love the embroidered tiger – it’s just the kind of thing I’d have worn on my clothes back when my husband worked for the Memphis Tigers.

    • You have been one busy lately. I love how you seem to be able to not only do so many things but you do them so well…I should have made my mission to be more like you!

  8. I like how you describe your focus. Creativity is an excellent way to carry out your “missions.” What I enjoy about creating and thinking creatively is that the feeling and fulfillment it produces continues even after the project is finished.

  9. Your missions are definitely doable, Suzi! I, too, think concentrating on just five things frees us to tackle the important stuff, rather than scattering our energies everywhere!

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