What Rocks Your World?

art quilt panel, Arpatia in Autumn 002

We all have things or people who rock our worlds, make us feel alive, or just really move us. It’s like a magic potion is sprinkled upon us when we are passionate about something. Perhaps it gives us purpose in life or simply soothes our souls.

Creativity surges through each of us. It runs the tracks of our veins and explodes upon release. The urge to create is intrinsically human. When we hold back we stifle ourselves. Let loose, there are no limits.

While I’m passionate about writing, I’m also a perfectionist. I edit and critique my words unto their death upon the page. (Will I EVER complete any of those novels or get the nerve to send the other two books to publishers?) When it comes to art quilting, it is entirely a different matter for me. See, I always sucked at art. I was afraid of failing….as a matter of fact, I’m the same way with writing, but the difference is mistakes are obvious in written word. Sewn stiches can blend, and even when they don’t I know that mistakes birth art. Art quilting provides a freedom of expression for me which I don’t fear in the same way I do writing. I still release my soul whether I write my story in words or fabric…and that alone rocks my world.

What rocks your world? Is it music, art, food? How does it make you feel? Do you both fear and love your craft?

*****I was a very good girl this year so Santa came early with a new sewing machine. This is the first piece I’ve created on it. This panel is the first of a series of four. This is titled “Arpatia in Autumn” which is based on my great great grandmother, Arpatia.

38 thoughts on “What Rocks Your World?

  1. I love your art quilt!…it’s wonderful! I’d love to try making/creating one…I actually bought a good sewing machine, but haven’t had the courage to give creating an art quilt a try! What wonderful colors, textures and images you’ve created! Wow!

  2. This is lovely! I have made quilts by hand, though they have all been tied, not quilted. I have a fear of sewing machines. But I’d so love to make something like this. It feels very “you”.

  3. What a beautiful piece you made on your new sewing machine! You sound very much like me, Suzi. I, too, edit and re-edit until I’m nearly sick of making changes in my novels. But with my jewelry beading, why, mistakes are hardly noticeable at all! In fact, if I make something and it doesn’t please me, I simply tear it all apart and make something else. Why can’t I be as “free” when I’m writing?!!

      • You are so sweet to think I’ve been published already! Sorry, but I’m still searching for that elusive goal. I have a couple of “throw-away novels” taking up space on a shelf, and I’m working on the second of a planned suspense fiction trilogy, which I hope to get published some day. How about you? What’s your genre of choice?

      • I have three of those throw-away novels!
        I suppose my genre is literary fiction though my current WIP has a mystery though it isn’t obvious so I’m trying to figure out how to work it in and possibly put in some paranormal aspect to it. One that I’ve put away for awhile I’m considering gearing more YA, but not positive.

  4. My feelings of fulfillment come from various forms of “arts” – and I think I don’t fear them, but they often frustrate me. For a few years, I painted with oil paints – then tole painting – painting ceramics. Knitting. A wee bit of crocheting. Digital painting – but I do not draw well, and I tend to want to much realism. Photography. Stringing jewelry. My problem always is that I have a vision of how whatever I’m doing is to turn out – and too often I cannot create that vision.

      • I used a program called Painter – which Corel ultimately bought and I’m not even sure it’s still around. Photoshop allows a certain amount of the same thing – you “paint” your picture on the computer using the program’s brushes, paints and papers, then print it on a good quality photo/art paper if you wish.

  5. How I’d love to see and touch that sensational quilt. The photo does a great job of giving the general gist, but IMO, it must be touched to be fully appreciated. Touched, smelled, ogled om close proximity.

    Obviously this quilt tells a story. Have you written the story? I’ve recently realized that the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words,” really means that the picture deserves the thousand words required to explain it!

    Godspeed on the other three.

    • The only story of Arpatia is heritage…the stories I depict are of my own interpretation. I made a doll a while back of her. There are no photos, only that she was Indian. I’m using my imagination to honor her in my own way….perhaps I should write my own story of her though I’m doing it in fiber….somehow seems safer than writing.

  6. WOW! AWESOME quilt, Suzi!

    *two thumbs up*

    For me, what rocks my world, is the ‘journey’ of learning something – the research, the trial and error – the ‘process’ of getting there.

    I think the most I ever felt totally FREE with abandonment, was when I was acting because it was the thing I was the most afraid of at the time, yet loved.

    Therefore, acting has taught me to do that with anything I try new – abandon myself to the fear of failure. Because really, there is no failure if I try.

    Great post, my friend!


  7. What? You made this (the picture?)??? Wow! I am soooo impressed. It is amazing. Truly a work of art.

    When Christmas presents are giving “early” it is always great when they get used before Christmas. Makes it so worth it!

  8. You are very talented – that quilt piece is beautiful! I wish I had that kind of creativity. I know what you mean about writing, it’s hard to leave it alone and let the imperfections stand…but I think sometimes the imperfections are what makes a piece interesting.

  9. Suzicate, this quilt you’ve crafted is beautiful and so detailed. I certainly hear you about the novel/writing process. It’s definitely hard to see the finish line, but I keep trying to remind myself it is in the process where I will learn the most. Somedays that is harder to remember than others.

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