Creative Genius Or Creepy Conspiracy?

creativity tribe candle 002

I have an active imagination. There are times simple silly things creep me out.  Hmmm…looks like a tiny bloody footprint on my sink. Ok, there are a few obvious scenarios here.

One, a tiny flat footed, three toed Barbie bled on my sink. Possibly she’s bloody because a few of her toes were chopped off when she stubbed them on the shards from the saucer I broke yesterday…And she’s after me. Problem we have no Barbies in our household. Let’s move on to the next one.

Two, the hubby had a creative urge or a devious desire to spook me and painstakingly dribbled the pasta sauce on the sink in the shape of a tiny foot. Yes, it is marinara sauce. No,  I did not lick it to prove it. Ahh, doubt this story; not the part about my licking it but the part about my hubby’s creative urge. However, the part about spooking me is entirely possible.

Three, an evil water sprite lives in my kitchen drain system. Now really, I was researching fairies for an art quilt and ran across a site about them. And I thought all fairies were sweet and cute. I was going to put a fairy on the mermaid quilt panel for my goddaughter; better rethink that one.

Four, the powers of the universe just happened to drip the pasta sauce into the shape of a mini three toed flat foot, and I just happen to have a weird creepy imagination that had to take a picture and conjure a story rather than just wiping it off and forgetting about it. If nothing else numbers one and four make good plots for a horror story. Perhaps I should change my writing genre.

So what do you think, creative genius or creepy conspiracy? Either way, somebody’s out to get me!

And let’s not talk about the dirty sink, ok?

33 thoughts on “Creative Genius Or Creepy Conspiracy?

  1. Hmm, it seems as if you might want to look at your writing genre again — you have a knack of capturing attention with your creepy plot conspiracy theory! But did you notice the little white dots just to the left of the footprint? Those look oddly like a Hanukkah Menorah. Just something else for you to ponder!

  2. Gotta be creative genius, for certain sure! I would think creepy conspiracy, but I think if that were it you would have found more signs – coming out of the drain, or perhaps going back in, odd spots on the floor – you know, creepy things like that. Or evil fairy feathers laying on the counter.

  3. Suzi, this post is HILARIOUS!

    I’d have to say that a Barbie broke in, ate your spaghetti leftovers, and left you to clean up the mess.

    Btw, I think it was the Barbie that Peg gave me because she’s been on vacation for the past week and she told me she was going to stop in VA on her way to Florida – HA!


    • That totally makes sense, Ron. She probably told that Barbie it was me (I was innocent as I just received her damaged goods!) when it was her who blackened their faces and cut off their hair. I liked my Barbies pretty but when Peg finished with them they were no longer beauty pageant material.

  4. I don’t think they are out to get you. I think they just needed to wash the pasta sauce of their wee foot. See, these are those creatures that steal the one sock out of the dryer. 🙂 Ha.

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