Wishing Your Dreams Come True

Taken in my neighborhood with my cell phone

Taken in my neighborhood with my cell phone

I wish for you a life of simple abundance; an abundance of necessary tools to learn to bend with the wind, stand strong against the tide, and forge trails across life’s arduous mountains.

I wish for you the gift of time, moments of explicit joy with those you love. I want you to open your hands wide and let time escape and settle in your heart. I wish for you time to touch the morning; to feel the cool wetness of dew as it clings to the grass beneath your feet. I wish for you the time to see birds in flight; to notice the perfection of each single feather that gives lift and how they join a myriad of others to create formation that soars the vast blue skies. I wish for you the stillness of time to hear that voice; the one that calls deep within and guides you among the living. I wish for you the opportunity of time to taste the salt of the ocean so that you may enjoy the sweet pungency of earth. I wish for you the time to smell the fragrance of daily living; the bittersweet scent of disappointment so that you may savor the aroma of fulfillment. I wish for you time to know the value of living.

I wish for you the gift of vision so that you might see the colorful rainbow of your life; the possibility of who you can become and the immeasurable value of who you are.

I wish for you the ability to take sorrow and weave it into a basket of hope; that you might know strength is developed through adversity, and character is built by conquering fear and overcoming obstacles.

I hope you will learn to accept defeat as a rung on the ladder of success. I wish you the wisdom to recognize success as you walk along its terrain and know the valleys and peaks are not measured upon the opinions of others.

I desire patience for you to wait your turn, to know your timing is not always yours to choose. I wish you to be able to let go of control and allow your life to flower of its own accord.

I wish for you prosperity; to know it does not always come in material form and the intuition to feel the richness laden within the layers of your soul.

I wish for you faith not only in times of distress; but to know you are always loved in every moment and in every situation.

I wish for you mercy upon your own mistakes and forgiveness toward others. I wish for you a grateful spirit; an appreciation of those around you and all you are offered in this life. I wish you grace to pave a life of love.

I wish for you a generous heart, compassionate soul, good intentions, and a life of positive influence.

I pray for many moments of happiness in your life, but more importantly joy because joy is not merely a feeling but a condition of existence. More than that I wish you peace, a comfort which resides deep within and transcends all understanding.

I wish you conservation of your own well-being: I pray for your good health that you will make wise choices and reap the benefits of walking in comfort to enjoy every step of your journey.

I ask that you know the difference between being alone and being lonely; that you will find comfort in yourself and strength in knowing you are never truly alone.

I wish for you trust in trying times and compassionate hands to reach out and pick you up when you are down.

I wish for you to know the importance of limitations but also the freedom and power to step outside of self imposed boundaries.

I wish you the desire to let go of anger and shame and replace them with a calm spirit and self-worth. I wish you acceptance of your past as it has created your beautiful soul of today.

I wish you work to challenge your being, play to enjoy life‘s pleasures, and rest to recharge your faculties. I wish you the opportunity to teach your craft and to serve others and the poise to receive the same. I wish you balance among your many interests and harmony in your life.

I pray your struggles are few and far between and never more than you can bear. I also pray you grow from your experiences and  your healing be fully restored.

I wish for you clarity in times of chaos and discernment in times of doubt; that you will continue to reach when you feel nothing within your grasp.

I pray you recognize the many gifts in life that are free to those who reach for them. I pray you will continue to dance among the wildflowers while you reach for the stars.

I pray you will not feel you are entitled to life but blessed to live it.

I pray you will view the power of surrender as an act of acceptance; that you will both give and receive daily as needed.

I wish you immeasurable love and continuous light in all you encompass.

Whether your needs are physical or spiritual I pray your thirst might be quenched and your hunger satisfied all the days of your life; that you know your visit here is not absolute but life and love ring eternal.

May you find a piece of heaven in all you touch on earth.

May you may always live your life as poetry in motion.

****These are the same New Years wishes I had for you last year, but they still ring true! Happy New Year!

Reblogging my Christmas post from last year as I still wish the same wonderful things for each of you this Christmas and always! Much love to you and yours!

The Water Witch's Daughter

Whether your décor is elegant or effortless,

your celebration extravagant or simple,

I wish you a Merry Christmas

and a Holiday Season spent with the people you love.

I pray you enjoy every moment and create wonderful memories.

I hope you are graced with the joy of giving

while exercising the capacity to receive.

May you be the Christmas spirit to strangers

and the Christmas light to those who know you.

May you be both generous and sensible.

May you have the wisdom to know what really is important

and feel the joy in the tiniest of gestures.

May your blessings be abundant.

May your time be well spent.

May you have all you need.

May you experience the true grace of this season.

May you know that you are loved beyond measure.

May you know you are blessed a million times over.

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The Day Mama And I Were Glamour Queens

Shopping in town was an all-day event. Usually it meant Mama and I bought groceries and had lunch out. She would buy me Teenbeat magazine or some record I was dying for and occasionally she would treat me to a new top, shoes, or pair of jeans.

Mama was funny sometimes. She’d get excited and giggly and do something totally out of character for her. This particular day stands out for me. She didn’t complain when I switched the radio station from her country crooners to classic rock nor did she fuss about the wind messing up her hair when I rolled the windows down. We never argued once or rolled our eyes at one another for the entire forty-five minute drive.

We arrived in town slightly before lunch. She pulled up to High’s Ice Cream.

“We’re getting double dips of chocolate ice cream,” Mama said with a mischievous grin across her face.

“Really?” Now Mama likes her chocolate. And boy does she love her some ice cream. And I was so her daughter. I jumped out of the car before she could change her mind. I was thinking it was going to be a great shopping day. Visions of new clothes danced through my head.

I licked my ice cream while Mama tore into hers with her teeth. Brown puddles dribbled down my hands and sopped the tissue around the cone, sticking the paper to the cone. By the time I took the first bite out of my cone Mama was throwing her tissue in the trash can.

“I’m thirsty. What about you?” I nodded. She shoved a five at me and told me to get us some sodas. We took those with us. I assumed we were going to the grocery store or to Kmart. Instead she parked in front of Merle Norman.

“Want to?”

“Want to what?”

“Get make overs.” Surely I’d died and gone to heaven. First of all, I wasn’t allowed to even wear makeup until I was sixteen. I used to swipe Mama’s orangey Cover Girl foundation. And then I had to wash it off before she got home. Once I was allowed to wear makeup it was still drugstore stuff not the expensive salon stuff.

The door jingled when I opened it. I was instantly enveloped of the smell of beauty. Everything was shiny. The lighted, mirrored displays invited me to touch them. Mama introduced herself to the woman at the counter. Her makeup was flawless and she was dressed in a tailored dress surely bought from Leggett or Miller and Rhodes. I was thinking we’d never be able to afford anything in the store but heck I was going for the ride anyway.

“You’re right on time. Let me put you two at this table here.” What? We even had appointments? Mama planned this out? I just couldn’t believe it.

I traced the edge of the table while I answered the questions about my skin, cosmetics, and skin care routine. I was a little embarrassed to admit I used plain soap and water, no moisturizer, and cheap makeup. The lady didn’t seem fazed by my answers. She dripped bits of cleansers into little plastic cups and gave us tissues and cotton balls. She instructed us in how to remove and apply makeup. She showed me how to use concealer beneath my foundation to cover my freckles. When we were finished she pushed the mirrors closer to us. I was in love with my glamorous self. I wanted everything. I sighed because I realized it was certainly a dream that was not going to happen. At least, I could be pretty for the day. I hoped we’d see people I knew from school while we were shopping the rest of the day.

The lady lined up the myriad of bottles in front of each of us. Mama and I had different skin types so we couldn’t use the same products. Then she lined up the colors we’d each chosen. I couldn’t even imagine how much all it would cost. Though I didn’t hear the estimate I knew it was more than Mama made in a week.

“We’ll take it all.” What? Where was my mother? Who was this person hanging out in Mama’s body? And where did Mama possibly get the loot for it? Of course, I wasn’t one to question…I smiled all the way to the counter, and hung tightly to my bag all the way to the car.

We ran a few more errands, and Mama asked, “Want a pizza from Barnaby’s?” Duh, it was only my favorite pizza place in the world, and I love me some pizza just as much as Mama. She sent me in with a twenty and instructions to get a large loaded one.

When I got in the car I immediately changed the radio station back to Mama’s country station and I crooned right along with those lovesick singers. Mama and I swayed in unison while she drove. Within minutes she told me to open the box and give her a piece. We chewed and laughed with sweet tangy tomato sauce smearing our pretty pink lips.

Mama said we’d save two slices of pizza for Daddy. When we got to the last two slices she said, “Let’s eat those and we’ll toss the box in the garbage before we get home. I handed her a piece before she had second thoughts. Sure enough she drove to the dump just before we got to our house. I swung my arm high and far and sent that box flying over the heap of trash.

Daddy said he wasn’t hungry, nor did he have any idea of what we’d done that day. Mama and I smiled every time we looked at each other that night.

I stared in the mirror long and hard before washing my makeup off.  I sure loved the way I looked. But a beauty queen indeed needs her beauty sleep…and it did take energy to keep secrets, especially if they were with Mama.

The icing on the cake came on Monday at school.  The boy I liked told me I looked like a movie star.

What Rocks Your World?

art quilt panel, Arpatia in Autumn 002

We all have things or people who rock our worlds, make us feel alive, or just really move us. It’s like a magic potion is sprinkled upon us when we are passionate about something. Perhaps it gives us purpose in life or simply soothes our souls.

Creativity surges through each of us. It runs the tracks of our veins and explodes upon release. The urge to create is intrinsically human. When we hold back we stifle ourselves. Let loose, there are no limits.

While I’m passionate about writing, I’m also a perfectionist. I edit and critique my words unto their death upon the page. (Will I EVER complete any of those novels or get the nerve to send the other two books to publishers?) When it comes to art quilting, it is entirely a different matter for me. See, I always sucked at art. I was afraid of failing….as a matter of fact, I’m the same way with writing, but the difference is mistakes are obvious in written word. Sewn stiches can blend, and even when they don’t I know that mistakes birth art. Art quilting provides a freedom of expression for me which I don’t fear in the same way I do writing. I still release my soul whether I write my story in words or fabric…and that alone rocks my world.

What rocks your world? Is it music, art, food? How does it make you feel? Do you both fear and love your craft?

*****I was a very good girl this year so Santa came early with a new sewing machine. This is the first piece I’ve created on it. This panel is the first of a series of four. This is titled “Arpatia in Autumn” which is based on my great great grandmother, Arpatia.

Creative Genius Or Creepy Conspiracy?

creativity tribe candle 002

I have an active imagination. There are times simple silly things creep me out.  Hmmm…looks like a tiny bloody footprint on my sink. Ok, there are a few obvious scenarios here.

One, a tiny flat footed, three toed Barbie bled on my sink. Possibly she’s bloody because a few of her toes were chopped off when she stubbed them on the shards from the saucer I broke yesterday…And she’s after me. Problem we have no Barbies in our household. Let’s move on to the next one.

Two, the hubby had a creative urge or a devious desire to spook me and painstakingly dribbled the pasta sauce on the sink in the shape of a tiny foot. Yes, it is marinara sauce. No,  I did not lick it to prove it. Ahh, doubt this story; not the part about my licking it but the part about my hubby’s creative urge. However, the part about spooking me is entirely possible.

Three, an evil water sprite lives in my kitchen drain system. Now really, I was researching fairies for an art quilt and ran across a site about them. And I thought all fairies were sweet and cute. I was going to put a fairy on the mermaid quilt panel for my goddaughter; better rethink that one.

Four, the powers of the universe just happened to drip the pasta sauce into the shape of a mini three toed flat foot, and I just happen to have a weird creepy imagination that had to take a picture and conjure a story rather than just wiping it off and forgetting about it. If nothing else numbers one and four make good plots for a horror story. Perhaps I should change my writing genre.

So what do you think, creative genius or creepy conspiracy? Either way, somebody’s out to get me!

And let’s not talk about the dirty sink, ok?

Today’s Bit Of Advice!

I thought it was funny to find these three signs in the same vicinity and figured they must relate to the same topic! (These are actually on the porch of my father’s work shop. The first two he placed, but the third was placed by one of his friends, lol!)


Fall leaves 2012 064



Fall leaves 2012 065



Fall leaves 2012 063