A Little Girl With A Big Dream

Charlotte, the little girl with a big dream!

I was honored to be friends with a phenomenal lady, Charlotte “Dianne”. She was a loving and generous woman. She was the daughter and granddaughter of Methodist preachers. Dianne spent her life caring for the needs of others. She passed away a few weeks before her daughter married. She was blessed to have witnessed the trickle of giving ministry through her daughter’s efforts in her church and community. She would have been so moved to see it extend to her grandchildren (my god children) as well. These children have been Christmas elves for the past few years, giving gifts and spreading cheer at their local nursing homes and homeless shelters.

Her granddaughter not only carries a portion of my friend’s name, Charlotte, but she has the same twinkle in her brown eyes. She has the same sweet smile and spunky spirit. This year Charlotte had a vision. She wanted all the children in her area to be able to have toys at Christmas. She told her mother she wanted to open a place where their parents could shop for free. Her mother spread the word to her friends and Charlotte’s First Annual Toy Drive was birthed. When parents come to the soup kitchen they will be able to select gifts for their children.

While the toys poured in locally and from other states, the number of shoppers to the drive doubled. Word has gotten around through FaceBook. Charlotte’s cause made her local newspaper and evening news. We have faith all these local children will receive toys this Christmas; we remember Jesus fed the multitudes with five small barley loaves and two small fish.

For more information Charlotte’s First Annual Toy Drive on Facebook

Spin Cycle: Memoriam

I can’t think of a more beautiful legacy for one to leave behind. I know Dianne is smiling.

32 thoughts on “A Little Girl With A Big Dream

  1. Beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul, Suzi!

    “I can’t think of a more beautiful legacy for one to leave behind. I know Dianne is smiling.”


    That photo of Charlotte is beyond precious. She’s beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend!

  2. The true spirit of Christmas personified in this little girl – what a wonderful reminder of what the season is about – giving, loving, passing on the blessing that we’ve been given.

  3. This week’s Spin Cycle contributions have left me surrounded by wet tissues. This post is different only in that it is so full of hope. Your friend’s granddaughter’s dream and actions shows the effect of how persons we never knew can have such an impact on lives today. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have the honor of knowing Charlotte and her momma Belynda as well. I am honored to call her momma my friend and do not know a single person who is more selfless and thoughtful of others then her. Diane definetly passed on the kindness to others in her daughter and that same selflessness is passing on to both of her grandchildren. It is amazing what a great role model can do to shape the life of a child. I count my self lucky and know God has blessed me w/ a kind loving and selfless friend in the Kirby’s.

    • The Kirbys are blessing to many!Belynda’s mama would be so proud to see her teaching her children how to love others and give in the same ways she taught Belynda and her brother.

  5. Thanks Susan we are so proud of our little girl and her big heart. Today is the big day and I have about 100 more toys in the back of my truck to deliver before the event starts. Thank you so much for passing along the word about what she is doing, we will start at the beginning of the year next year and since she has collected over 1000 toys and books in just about 3 weeks we are very optimistic for next year. We love and miss you guys.

    • I’m so proud of her, too! You and Belynda are doing a beautiful job raising loving children who care enough to do for others. So excited how well this went! And yay for next year. We love and miss you guys, too!

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