The Calm Before The Storm

A soft cicada hum fills the air as a warm breeze travels through the hundred foot pines. The grasp of autumn is apparent in the oak and maple leaves; shades of red and gold shimmer and sway beneath the brightly shining sun. Distant clouds are quickly approaching.  Squirrels scurry securing their food supply. Blue jays peck about the ground while sparrows flutter in the bushes.  Bird chirps and squirrel chatter blend into the low grumble of an airplane. With the exception of nature’s display all is still and quiet in my neighborhood. Soon the rains will pour and the wind will howl. Here on the east coast we are expecting both a hurricane (Sandy) and a nor’easter.  I suppose I need to get busy and make like a Boy Scout and be prepared. I pray for safety for all of you within the path of these severe weather storms.


34 thoughts on “The Calm Before The Storm

  1. Batten down the hatches! The littlest one of us is concerned with the effect this is going to have on Halloween. I told her that just in case, I would lay in an extra supply of candy along with the bottled water, beer, wine and coffee.

    • Hmmm…we can always get into our Halloween treat supply is we get a sweet tooth though I did bake a cake. We do have beer/wine/water, but perhaps I should buy more. The one thing I don’t have is canned soup. Maybe I should make a huge pot of chili… I hope Edie gets to trick or treat!

  2. Ah, Suzi, please take care — looks like a wicked one. I’ll say some prayers for your safety (and that of your entire region). We had a COLD front blow thru last night, and today looks waaaay different from yesterday.

    • It does look rough. The predictions are 10% the worst storm we’ve ever had, 80% hitting us but not fared as the worst, and 10% of drifting out to sea. I like the drifting away one best though it’s probably the least likely. We weren’t supposed to start getting rain until tonight but it started just a bit ago. Since the winds will be picking up soon I’m sure the beach front will be inundated with surfers hoping to catch the perfect wave.

  3. It hasn’t hit us just yet, but I heard we’re getting it on Sunday thru Tuesday.

    ” I pray for safety for all of you within the path of these severe weather storms.”

    Thank you, my friend. And to you too.

    Take care…..X

    • It just started raining here. We’re supposed to have rain for about a week as the hurricane is predicted to hit and then turn back on us with effects along with the nor’easter. Definitely weather to stay inside. Although I might not have internet or even electricity.

  4. I pray for your safety, and the safety of all of you – and I see I parroted your words – I parroted your words without direct intent, but they are good words so why the heck not?! Does this portend a difficult winter, I wonder? With enough beer, wine and chili, I might survive the lack of internet. But I doubt it.

  5. Beautiful picture. Stay safe. From what I am seeing you have a few days to prepare, but it sounds like it is raining pretty hard. I have seen it being called “Frankenstorm.” Halloween themed at least. Hopefully it will be like the last big storm that the media made such a stink over . . . that one turned out to be nothing. So maybe this will be a lot less than they are saying. We can only hope and pray!

  6. Suzicate, we thought about you and your family as soon as we learned that your area was in the path of the storms. Stay safe, Honey. And get those supplies you might need. This is no joke, I know.

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