Truth Of The Matter

The Truth is more important than the facts. ~Frank Lloyd Wright

The truth is:

Listening is important but hearing connects us.

Touch validates us but hugs help us heal.

Sight is a matter of perception as our views are to a degree based on our beliefs.

Taste is more than sustenance. It is an emotional experience with the power to transport us in time and space.

Scent can distort or enhance our observation of a situation.

The truth is our senses deeply affect our thoughts and behaviors. We use these faculties to assess and view our world in order to form beliefs. Our exposure to the world is why truth varies from person to person.

The truth is we must speak what we need in order for our needs to be fulfilled.

Truth is the heart of all matters as it empowers and frees us to live the life designed for us.

32 thoughts on “Truth Of The Matter

  1. Lovely, deep thoughts! Yes, our senses are connected to how we view the world around us. Perhaps that’s why two people can relate different versions of the same story?!

    • You are welcome. I just started a 40 day study with a book by Iyanla Vanzant “One Day My Soul Just Opened Up”. Yesterday’s theme was truth. Today’s is trust. I’m having a bit more difficulty with this one!

      • You know at the beginning of our journey, it was a hard thing for me to do. Trust. I think sometimes I want to hold tight to things and work them out myself. But I have really had to learn to trust in others to see us through the hard parts. But now I think I have learn to let go and trust that others will come through. I can’t say I am 100% on with it because it is just human to want to be in control, but I think I have made some great advancements in trusting.

  2. Oooo…I so enjoyed this post, Suzi!

    “Listening is important but hearing connects us.”

    That is sooooooo true, especially when it comes to writing a post on our blog. Everyone reads the same words, but can hear it differently because they’re influenced by their individual sense.

    Loved that first quote!


    • When I saw those flowers growing through the splinters of the old barn I knew I had to get a photo! Being “heard” is a wonderful feeling….gives our voice validation.

  3. Love your imagery and thoughts on Truth. These days, I wish the truth was easier to find. I tend to be a mediator when it comes to family disputes … dealing with strong “views” based on past pain which are opposite for each person seems to be impossible … finding the real truth is in the middle and not always attainable for people to see because our emotions and “views” taint it. Finding that real truth is difficult and necessary sometimes.

    I agree … Truth is the only way to live free.

  4. Yes, we must speak the truth. I believe the scripture, “the truth will set you free.” You’ve expressed it well here; tying in our senses which are necessary to express ourselves in the correct manner.

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